Monday, March 21, 2011

11 months old

DOOD.  Callum turned the big 1-1 this past weekend.

Next month, I will be a Mommy thinking back to that epic day one year ago, a Mommy in denial, a Mommy in tears, because her little baby has turned one and is officially, no longer a baby.

So this month, I will cherish my baby more than ever!  ;-)

Callum continues to do what he does best - charm the socks off any man, woman, or child, that gets near him.  He's such a super duper happy baby - there's really not a whole lot that gets him mad.  If he's getting whiny and impatient - it's generally one of two things.  He's either tired and needs to sleep or he's STARVING.

Speaking of STARVING.  Let's talk a bit about my baby boy's appetite.  The kid is a beast.  No really.  HE. IS. A. BEAST.  He eats, and eats, and eats some more.  Our doctor advised us to just stuff him silly before bedtime to try and get him to start sleeping through the night.  And I replied, Ummm, I do.  I feed him and feed him and feed him.  He's got an endless pit of a belly.  He's a bigger boy overall, I think, than Logan was, but he's not hugely fat or has multiple baby rolls like some babies do.  He's just an enormous eater!  (And, it doesn't matter how much, or how little, I'm able to feed him before bedtime - he generally still wakes up in the middle of the night - hungry for more.)

He LOVES music and LOVES to dance.  He can't stop jiggling and jumping and moving actually.  He will generally bounce while standing and playing with his toys, or knock his head from side to side and wiggle his entire body.  Whether you're blasting the tunes or not.  The happier he is, the more he shakes, rattles and rolls.  :)

This last week or so, he's had a few more "firsts" that I haven't yet mentioned.  He's babbling more "Mamas" and "Dadas" which is exciting (although, I'm not sure he equates them with us necessarily - instead, it may be a title for all adults).  He still says "Bup" and just today he has started to say "Uh-oh".  He recently started waving hi/good-bye, and also gives me the sign for "all done" when he's (finally) full from eating.  He's been discovering how gravity works, dropping whatever he can off his highchair tray, or side of the changing table when he's laying on top of it.  Which is most certainly where he learned "uh-oh" from. 

We did think, given how much Callum loves to stand (and almost always on his own - the kid is well balanced!), that he'd be walking by now.  But, he's still only taking a handful of steps at a time, on his own.  I think he could do it physically - but psychologically, it's still a big hurdle his mind is clearly trying to leap.  We're excited to see him start walking of course, but also cherishing this more "limited" mobile stage he's in now.  ;-)

Callum has also recently started to "share" - he loves this little game of give and take.  He'll take a toy and drop it in my lap.  If I don't give it back to him, he gets a little impatient and grunts and wiggles and makes a face.  Naturally, I've picked up on the game pretty quickly.  He does it with me, with Jon, with Logan, you name it.  He'll do it with toys, with food, with pretty much anything he can get his grubby little hands on. 

And, he expects you (or his brother) to share just as much back.

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