Monday, March 31, 2008

Daddy Go Bye-Bye

Early this morning Jon left for Miami on a business trip. Logan and I are going to join him on Thursday, but until then, we are on our own! The day, so far, has gone by pretty well. We slept in, took a walk in the morning and ran errands and played on the activity mat this afternoon.

The real test, however, will be how we fare on our own tonight - when I normally have Jon around the house to lend a hand. Even though I'm used to Jon being away during the day for work, it still feels different today. I guess because I know he's clear across the country! :( I definitely miss him already - and am a little nervous about how these next few days will go by..... but I'll do my best.

Wish me luck!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Texans Visit

Nolan and Doy (Jon's dad and step-mom) came to visit Logan these past couple of days. We had a really great time! :) Logan's been a star - on his best behavior for his Texan grandparents. We just saw them off this morning, on their way to see Logan's cousin Luke down in LA next. We also saw my grandparents Nana and Clock off this morning -- my parents are escorting them back to New Mexico, via train! It should be a fun, but an exhausting trip, I am sure.

I was able to capture a number of different pics during Nolan and Doy's visit. Click on the picture to the left for more!

I should note that we had an unusually bad night last night. :( Logan seemed to be really restless all night long. He wasn't wearing his brace (Daddy forgot to put it on when he put him down for the night) and I wonder if that made a difference - because he was kicking and squirming a TON! So much that, every few hours, he made his way to the other side of the crib (even while swaddled). I had to keep dragging him back to the center of the crib so he wouldn't smash his head against the siding, but it didn't seem to help. He woke up a few different times throughout the night, his head up against the side of the crib and his arms/legs cold as ice because he had kicked off all of his blankets and wrestled his arms and hands free of the swaddle. So, I was up several times feeding, comforting and trying to get him back down. It was exhausting! How quickly our minds and bodies seem to forget those sleepless nights we had to deal with just months and weeks ago!! ;-)

I almost forgot! I also took some random pics of Logan playing with his musical worm toy, courtesy of our good family friends Stu and Robin. And, some pics of Logan hanging out on the bathroom floor, where Daddy set him down while he finished his business. *sigh*

It was actually pretty damn cute (yeah, he's totally NOT shy) so I went photo crazy..... see for yourself!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What a sleepyhead!

I can't wait to see how much Logan has sprouted. It's got to be a lot. He was out almost 12 whole hours last night if you can believe it (we sure as hell can't)!! He's still eating quite a bit, and even after 12 hrs of sleep - you'd think he would be wide awake all day long but not so..... he ended up taking several long naps all through the day today as well.

We got the dreaded tax visit with our accountant out of the way this afternoon - 2007 was quite a wild year for us tax-wise. We refinanced our old home, bought a new home, had a child, and turned our old home into a rental. Oh, and if that weren't enough, both of our employment situations changed (Jon left eBay for YouTube and Tellme got bought by Microsoft) which affected some of our stock status. Let's just say, TurboTax doesn't have enough fields for us anymore and the accountant is going to have fun with our papers this year. *sigh*

Anyway, my point was, the visit went way longer than we had anticipated - about 2.5 hours! Yet Logan was a champ the whole way through. From there, Jon met up with our new renters to fill out some paperwork and Logan and I met with the Jodoins and Hicksons for a Diaper Date night movie (Horton Hears a Who). The movie was very entertaining and Logan stayed awake the entire time; wide-eyed staring at the big "TV" screen in front of him. hehehe

Of course, he conked out cold the minute we put him in the car to drive home. What a sleepyhead! :)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Growth Spurt?

I think our little guy is going thru another growth spurt. It'll be interesting to see what he weighs and measures at our 4-month check up (in just 2 weeks!).

I say this because he's been sleeping and eating like mad again. Last night he downed about 6-7 oz and nursed for an entire hour. He pooped up a storm before finally falling asleep -- and then slept uninterrupted for about 10 1/2 hours! He then nursed a bit this morning, took a small nap, then ate about 9 oz before falling back asleep again. I can't imagine how hard his little body is working right now but it's clear something is going on. If he continues to keep up this rate of eating, I think I'm going to have to move us up to the bigger bottles. I'll wait to see how things go later today/tomorrow....

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday

well, I debated between a silly bunny rabbit Easter egg type of post or a serious somber religious overtones kind of post. I found this and felt it was just right -- a bit in between the two, don't you think? Enjoy :)

Logan wasn't as cooperative as usual with our impromptu Easter photo shoot today - but we still got a couple nice ones I think.

We hope everyone had a Happy Easter and a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Toys Galore

I thought I'd do some "tummy time" with Logan and play on his activity mat. He did a great job, playing for a full 30 minutes on both his back and tummy, reaching for toys, talking to me a little bit, holding his head high and kicking his legs as always (we must've worked up an appetite since he downed about 5oz and then passed out right afterwards).

I had remembered we had gotten a couple toys from friends that I hadn't yet opened so I started pulling them out and laying them on the mat with Logan -- and they just kept coming! I took a few snapshots of our session -- this isn't even all of them! I think we'll be giving some away to Goodwill -- there's no way he will ever use or need this many toys.... :)

Click on the pic below for more:

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

An Active Baby

This morning Jon and I woke up before Logan did and had to double check the clocks a couple of times to make sure. We still disagree on the number of hours Logan slept - but let's just say Mommy got at least 8 hrs of sleep -- so it was a great night. ;-)

Logan and I visited with my old NetApp colleagues (Judy, Christine and Tom) for lunch today and had a wonderful time. As usual, Logan was super well behaved and no one ever believes that this cute little kiddo could *ever* be pissy like Mommy swears. Oh well. ;-)

After lunch, we headed over to Dr. Safir's office for our fighter's weigh in. And, we have good news to report! In just two weeks, Logan has gained over a pound!! (for you folks that don't yet have kids, this is A LOT). He's now weighing in at 12lbs, 14oz (50%). Yay! :) His head measures at 41cm. His length is a little confusing however -- two weeks ago he measured at 24 3/4 inches long. Today, they measured him at 24 1/2 (75%). Clearly, one of the nurses made a mistake. :-P But, they always have a hard time with his length because his legs don't straighten out naturally like most other babies, so who the heck knows.

Whatever the case, Dr. Safir isn't too worried. He believes a couple visits ago, there was probably an error when we weighed him. He also said it's clear Logan is an active baby -- he's more muscular than most babies, with very little fat, and thinks he's probably just going to always be a little tall and thin, blessed with a high metabolism. I'm not surprised with all the squirming and wiggling and fidgeting this little guy does. You'd think he's related to Jon or something (that's right, Mr. A.D.D. who shakes his legs so much it feels like there's an earthquake happening right next to you). Dr. Safir also commented on how advanced Logan is neurologically, seeming to be very aware of his surroundings and gaining quite a personality. I'll take credit for those, thank you very much. ;-)

So - false alarm! We're glad it's all good news and the doctor is no longer worried. Honestly, I think his weight just had to catch up to his crazy growth spurt (he grew over 2 inches in 1 month!) and we just happened to weigh him in the middle of it all. But, what do I know. *shrug*

This evening Jon and I went out to dinner with a bunch of our friends (Kim, N, Jenn, Jarrod, Julie, Jeff) at Azumas - sans kids - to celebrate my birthday (Azumas is special to us since they catered our wedding a couple years ago.) As always, we had a roaring good time with excellent eats and the night ended too soon. Jon, Kim, Nathan and I took advantage of the sitters and went to catch a movie afterwards (The Bank Job).

Three words: Jason Statham rocks.

Well, right after Sean Connery and Jet Li of course.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Éireann go Brách!

Leprechaun, leprechaun, fly across the sea
And fetch an emerald shamrock for you and me.

Do not bring a nettle or a thistle for a joke,

But bring an Irish shamrock, for we are Irish folk.

And you and I, my leprechaun, will wear the shamrock gay,

And match it with an Irish smile upon St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day My Little Leprechaun!

As many of you may or may not know, today is my birthday, so I decided to do nothing but lounge around in bed with Logan and watch the Sopranos all day long (I haven't finished the last season yet so don't spoil it!) :) During the first episode I popped in, I was finally getting Logan to fall asleep when a scene comes on where Tony and Bobby, are checking out Bobby's present to Tony for his birthday -- a new semi-automatic rifle (touching, isn't it?). They decide to try it out and boy if Logan didn't startle and get SCARED. He didn't cry, he didn't smile or giggle, he didn't even pout his lips and get mad. His eyes got bigger than I've ever seen before, and he stared at me for a few seconds trying to read me, with a seriously genuine scared look on his face! I realize he doesn't yet know what the sound was, to associate fear with it, and most likely it was me that flinched and he was just reacting to that, but it was interesting nonetheless. It's a good reminder for me -- not only to be careful what emotions I show since he was most likely looking to me to decide how to react to the gun noise. But also perhaps, to dial back on the Sopranos while nursing my newborn son. ;-)

We've had a few other "firsts" in his development that I thought I'd take a moment to report. Today, he noticed himself in the mirror (in the past he just looks away and doesn't pay attention to what's in the mirror) which was a fascinating game for him and mommy. He's also starting to blow a few bubbles which is pretty funny. He's staying on his stomach for longer periods of time, is SUPER talkative in the mornings and is even pulling forward to sit up!

We also tried out our soft baby carrier for the first time last night, which he wasn't too happy about. It lasted a good, oh, 30 seconds ;-) But he was also in a bad I put him in it again today and we lasted about 10 min. before he got tired of it and wanted out. I'm going to keep putting him in it for longer periods of time each day to get him used to it since I know it'll come in handy down the road when we start traveling more (or even to just have my hands free as I do chores!)

We had a nice dinner out at a local Thai restaurant with my family tonight to celebrate my birthday. Four generations at the table -- Logan, me and Jon, Zane and Claudia, my parents and my grandparents. Wow!
(Click on our Little Leprechaun to see more pics from tonight's dinner)

Éireann go Brách!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Well Behaved

Today I went to the Burke Williams Spa for Julie's baby "shower" (small get together to celebrate her 2nd baby) with several girlfriends. We had a great time! It was super relaxing and I can't wait to find another excuse to go back again. Perhaps a Mother's Day treat? ;-)

While I was gone, Jon got to have some Daddy time with Logan. Logan also got to spend time with his Aunt Catherine and Uncle Danny for the day too. I received reports that he was super well behaved while I was gone -- no real fits or anything!! :) When I got home from the spa, I nursed him right away (I was bursting and really hurt!) and we hung out for a bit together before my Aunt Pam, Uncle Mike and cousins Tim, Gigi and their two kids Jordan and Sophia stopped by for a visit. This was the first time they all got to meet Logan and see our new home which was super cool. It's also the first time I've seen Sophia since Logan's birth and she has gotten so big! She was born the day before Robert (my friend Jenn's son) and is about 7 months old. Of course, the minute the relatives arrived, Logan finally conked out and pretty much slept through their whole visit (he hadn't really had a good nap all day Daddy told me).

We then all drove downtown to meet my parents and grandparents at a nice little Italian restaurant called Bella Mia for a big family dinner. And again, Logan was on his best behavior all through dinner! (He woke up just before taking off to the restaurant) He didn't even cry before going to sleep -- even though he was super tired. We were all very impressed and I was one proud mama. :)

None of us thought enough ahead of time to bring our cameras to the dinner unfortunately, but I did take a few pics with my iPhone. I've uploaded them onto the iPhone page of our photo album along with some of the pics I took of my and Logan's visit with Aunt Pam yesterday afternoon.

Enjoy! :)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Mr. Bean

I feel like I haven't posted in ages, so I'll do a real quick update of this past week before I head to bed :) Jon weighed Logan this morning and we estimate he's about 12 lbs, 8 oz now. We'll see if that's enough come next week's doctor visit!

For Logan's 3 month birthday on Monday, the government issued him his passport early. He looks pretty dorky in his passport photo -- Jon says he's a spitting image of Mr. Bean. heheehehe I'll see if I can scan it later to post online for everyone to see. :)

Tuesday my parents took Nana and Crystal up to the city for the day -- so my brother Zane went over to my parents to watch Clock. Logan and I visited to keep them company for the afternoon and help out where I could. Clock is definitely a handful, and sometimes it felt like he required MORE attention than Logan! But, we survived. Still, I don't think Zane is quite yet ready for parenthood. ;-) That night, Jon and I did another "Diaper Date Night" at the movies. We had a nice time, the movie was good (The Other Boleyn Girl) and Logan was wide awake for most of it -- bouncing on dad's knee and actually watching parts of the movie as scenes flicked by!

Wednesday was a big day. Logan got dolled up and we set off to visit my work (Tellme) for the afternoon. We spent about 3 hrs there, just hanging out and visiting with all of my old co-workers and team. Everyone absolutely loved Logan -- he being on his very best behavior. He fell asleep toward the tail end of the visit (as some of my teammates rocked out to Rock Band, blaring in the background). He didn't actually have too many naps during the day, so by late afternoon and into evening, he was a mess. He was super upset and tired as ever but couldn't fall asleep. I suppose it didn't help that I was trekking him all over town! ;-) We had a family dinner at my parent's house planned that night -- I spent the first half of the dinner walking him around to get him to fall asleep, and the rest of the dinner holding him while eating with one hand. I have definitely gotten skilled at doing things with only one hand and balancing the kiddo with the other! ;-)

Because he didn't get much sleep on Wednesday, or perhaps because of the hyper stimulation from my work visit, he slept a great deal that night. And, the majority of the day on Thursday. We met up with Kim and her daughter Molly (5 mths old) in Los Gatos to have brunch and see a "Diaper Day" movie at the theatres (Penelope). Unfortunately, the projectionist totally forgot about the Diaper Day, and 20 some-odd moms standing outside the theatre were disappointed at a canceled showing. The lady at the theatre *was* kind enough to give us free tickets to come back another time tho. So instead, Logan and I spent the afternoon at Kim's house where we both napped while she and Molly watched a movie. :-P

Today Logan and I lazed around the house for the majority of the day - he napped a little and we just hung out. We then stopped by my parent's in the afternoon to see my grandparents and my aunt Pam who was in town visiting. Logan seemed to enjoy her animated faces and funny talking, as he stared and smiled big at her every time she caught his eye.

Every day he's getting better at balancing himself while sitting or standing, and is starting to reach out and touch more things. Kim got him the same toy that Molly has in her car seat and he's really interested in it (thanks Kim!!). He's also getting into the habit of pulling any blanket or diaper cloth that might be near his hands or belly, up to his mouth to chew and suck on. His rash seems to have gone away again - I stopped using the steroid mousse earlier in the week after a few days, but have continued to lather him in lotion every few hours during diaper changes. He's still having his meltdowns when he gets cranky and tired, but there seem to be less of them, coinciding with his rash going it's quite possible that part of his extra crankiness and crying may have been because of the rash coming back. *shrug*

The most exciting news of the week tho, is his consistency in sleeping longer nights, which I'm really loving. I've noticed he tends to sleep for longer periods of time if I put him down in his crib rather than the co-sleeper/bassinet next to our bed. So, I've been working on that this week -- where I put him in his crib when he first goes to bed, and if he wakes up in the middle of the night, we then bring him into our room to feed him and get him back to sleep (where he then goes in his bassinet). I've read that babies will sometimes sleep longer when they are in their own bed because they don't smell or sense mom right next to them, so they aren't as apt to wake up as often. I think it's been hardest on ME, more than anyone in the family, by putting him in his own crib in his own room, because I have really come to love having him so close to me at night. But, I need to sleep myself and am better rested to care for him during the day. I also figure I'm going to have to start doing it eventually since I'll be returning to work soon! So, I just focus on more mommy time when he wakes in the morning -- usually bringing him back to bed to snuggle up between us and snooze for another hour or so before the day begins. :)

Monday, March 10, 2008

3 Months Old

Today marked Logan's 3 month birthday. I feel like every time I write a new post I say "My, how time flies!" but seriously, it does. In some ways it feels even longer than 3 mths -- his birth seems so very far away now. And, I hardly remember what it feels like to be pregnant anymore! Funny how fast your mind, body and memory adapt and change! It must've all been a dream. hehehehe

Logan's unbelievable sleep record has continued throughout this last week. He hasn't slept an uninterrupted 10 hrs again, but he's been sleeping for really long periods each night. When he wakes from a nap, he eats like he's starving, generally downing about 4-6 oz each time *after* nursing, which feels like a lot to us. We joke that maybe he heard Dr Safir's concerns about his weight gain and is all of a sudden now trying to catch up! ;-) I'm sure it's just me but I feel like his cheeks have puffed out and his face looks much fuller just in the last few days. At any rate, it definitely seems like he's going through another growth spurt. We shall see!

The bad news is his rash came back over the weekend. :( But, I think I know the culprit. When I gave Logan his bath Friday night, I used a non-baby shampoo (one that Dr Safir had advised we use to help get rid of his cradle cap). I can only assume it's not as gentle as the baby soaps and his ultra-sensitive skin is having a bad reaction to it. At any rate, we've started with his steroid mousse again and hopefully the rash will subside. Whether because of the rash or something else all together, he's also been more cranky and fussy than usual these last few days... literally had a couple meltdowns where NOTHING worked to settle him down, for a long long time. :( It takes a lot of patience and is very exhausting for us.

Today I set up Logan's activity mat and we played in it for a bit while he was still in a good mood. He seemed a bit overwhelmed with all the dangling toys and colors but also seemed interested, reaching out his hand to grab (more like swat) the little stuffed animals. Very cool. What's more, tonight he actually reached for, and grabbed, my face while nursing, giving me a big wide toothless grin while doing it! It was the highlight of my day. :) Jon often says it's a good thing he's so damn cute otherwise we would have strangled him long ago. I'm sure there's something to be said for that. Nature's way of protecting and nurturing our future generation.

No pics to post today. Daddy stole the camera for the day to take pics of our other house that we just put up on craigslist to rent. I'm happy to say we've already had several interested people contact us in less than a 24 hr period! So, hopefully one of them will work out and we'll get it rented very soon. :)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Spring Forward, Fall Back

Early this morning we rolled our clocks ahead one hour. In the past I've always looked forward to Daylight Savings since it means longer days where we can do more at night. I never really payed much attention to the hour of sleep you lose because of it. This time, however, it killed me giving up that one precious hour, when every minute of sleep counts! ;-) Plus, I've still been feeling a little under the weather. Nothing I'd call sick but just a slight tickle in my throat that's been bothering me.... and seems to be making me more tired than usual. Thank goodness it was Sunday, so Jon could take a shift and hang out with Logan this morning while I slept in for a bit! :)

Yesterday my grandparents arrived into town after a pretty crazy ordeal traveling all the way out here from Carlsbad, New Mexico. My grandfather (Clock) had a stroke a few years ago and unfortunately never regained full control of the left side of his body. His paralysis means a wheelchair and pretty much 24x7 assistance to transfer him from the bed to a chair to a couch, to help him eat, and bathe him, etc. My grandmother (Nana) is getting up there in years herself -- so traveling out here is no small feat even for her, let alone with my grandfather. She'd never be able to come out here with him by herself so my parents went out there to get them, along with my grandfather's nurse (Crystal), to help make the long voyage here to visit their great grandson. :)

It meant a lot to me when my grandparents made the long trek out for Jon and my wedding a couple years ago. But it means even more now that they are here to meet Logan. I'm thrilled that they will be here for the next three weeks to visit and get to know their great grandson. And of course, so Logan can get to know them too! :)

Click on the pic below to see more of their visit today...

Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Movie Star is Born

Here's a collection of recent videos of our little movie star. :) The first one is one that I took in Tahoe about a week ago. Not a great video -- he was totally interested in the camera and forgot he was chatting, but he was kicking quite a bit so you can see how active he likes to be when hanging out with mom.

Since my video captures up in Tahoe weren't that successful -- I tried again early this morning . Logan's been in a better mood these days (particularly in the morning when he wakes up -- amazingly, he's not crying or screaming but instead just wide awake and looking around!!) so I thought I might have more luck.

At any rate, here they are. The first one is of him sitting up in his boppy in the co-sleeper just chatting out to no one while I was up doing laundry, feeding the dogs, etc. He finally got a little tired, as you can see, and started to cry and then yawn at the end. hehehe

The second one is a little longer -- I had him lying in the boppy in front of me on the bed and he was fairly chatty, but not as much as usual. The minute I bring the camera out he seems to be more interested in the black box staring in front of him than at me -- I made some feeble attempts, as you can see, to try and get him more interested in talking to me again. ;-)

And finally, here's a quick blip of Lola "breaking in" Logan's new rug! The rug just came in yesterday so I set it up in Logan's room last night. For whatever reason, Lola loves rubbing herself all over it the minute it's laid out (she did the same thing to our new rug in the living room). I suppose the newness smells good or maybe she's marking it somehow. Not sure, but it's entertaining. :) You can hear Logan coo'ing in the background, watching as Lola gets her freak on....

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Logan slept for a record TEN hours in one stint last night. I'm still not sure if it's real! What's more, after waking up (at about 5am), he hung out with me for about an hour and then went BACK to sleep for another THREE hours! I thought surely after 10 hrs he'd just stay awake the rest of the morning and I'd be doomed. But no, he was nice to me. ;-) I was in so much shock I literally kept checking in on him every few minutes this morning to make sure he was still breathing since it felt like something was wrong! :)

I'm sure this was a one time fluke but I'll take it anyway!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Eczema Bye Bye

Good news! Just got back from our check up on Logan's eczema and his skin looks great! No need to see a dermatologist or to continue applying the steroid mousse at night -- just if his skin flares up again down the road. Dr. Safir commented on how much of a personality Mister Logan is developing, saying Logan has one of the most expressive faces he's seen in a long time. Oh, if only he knew how true that really is! ;-)

Since we were at the dr's office I took the opportunity to have him weighed and measure his length. He's grown leaps and bounds in his length -- in just one month he's grown over 2 inches and is now 24 3/4 inches long! His weight however, did not increase much at all. :( He gained a measly 3.5 oz over the past month, weighing in at 11 lbs, 9oz.

Dr. Safir is concerned about the small weight gain.... he said it's possible the scale was off last time we weighed him (I guess they had some problems with one of the scales) so we're going back in 2 wks for another weigh in to see. *sigh* I really hope we just had a mistake on the last weigh in and that all is good, since I'm not sure what else we can do! I'm still breastfeeding and then offering formula after, which he'll take if he's hungry and needs it (Dr. Safir says if he needs more he should be taking it...). As I write this, Logan just downed 5 oz of formula after nursing which is quite a bit, so who the heck knows.

On a lighter note, Logan and I also had lunch with my friends Amy and Becky today and had a great time! Logan was very well behaved, falling asleep on Amy half way through lunch. He has a thing for soft boobalicious chests I've decided. ;-) Here he is hanging out on our new dining table, just before we took off to meet up with the girls.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


We just got back from Tahoe last night - had a great time. Jon got a day of snowboarding in with Nathan while Kim and I just hung out at the cabin with the babies and dogs. Jon returns to work tomorrow (he only used one week of leave this time) -- it's amazing how quick you can get used to someone being back at home with you. Logan and I are really going to miss him!

I had mentioned Logan has taken more notice of his hands, inspecting them for brief periods of time. Yesterday morning I had set him in Molly's car seat while I made breakfast and placed her toy on his lap to see if he'd play with it. In the past he's never really been interested, but this time not only was he staring at the little black and white patterns, he actually grabbed for one of the rings to pull it towards him! Here's a shot of him holding onto the toy. :)

This morning I had a sore throat and wasn't feeling too hot so I asked Jon to take care of Logan while I rested. When I woke up a couple hrs later, Jon brought Logan into the bedroom and played with him while I got dressed. While playing, Jon got Logan to giggle for the first time! It was so much fun to watch him giggle every time Jon went for his belly (he was repeatedly giggling in response to Jon's playing). I would have got a video of it except the furniture guys called to deliver our dining table (yay!) so we had to stop playing and clear out the dining room to make way for the new furniture. Next time I guess! :) Instead, I've posted some pics of Logan practicing his sitting with Daddy up in Tahoe (click on the pic).

Saturday, March 1, 2008

They say Chicago is the windy city?

Well we trekked it up to Tahoe for a long weekend and though the sunny blue sky has no hint of rain or snow hitting us anytime soon, the crazy gusty cold winds all night long sure do say otherwise! :) Our ride up was pretty uneventful -- Logan's taking to his car seat MUCH better these days. Probably a combination of no more brace, some adjustments we made to the seatbelt for his growing body and removal of the infant insert for his growing head ;-) So, he pretty much slept the entire ride up. And, fun fact for Mommy and Daddy -- no toll at the Benicia-Martinez bridge since Logan makes three for the carpool lane! :-P

It's unbelievable how much Logan is cooing and talking these days! Wonder which parent he gets that from....Could it be both? ;-) I think we're going to be screwed once he starts to actually talk with words. *sigh* Early morning time seems to be his most talkative state at the moment -- probably since he's well rested from the night -- tough on Mom but it's still fun to chat with him. I tried to capture some of that on video this morning but I was using Kim's camera (ran out of battery life on ours and Mommy-brain totally forgot to bring the charger!) and it only takes 30 sec at a time. So, of course, the minute the 30 sec time is up, then Logan starts babbling up a storm! Ah well :) I'll post the pics and videos up later once we get back home.

I've also noticed him taking an avid interest in his fists these last few days. He's still trying to shove them in his mouth, usually missing and punching himself in the process, but now his eyes are actually focused on his fists and he spends a few seconds inspecting them. I've also been practicing sitting up with him, which he seems to like and is pretty strong, already showing signs of trying to pull himself up to a sitting position on his own and *sorta* holding it there for brief seconds! ;-) But, he still hasn't quite gotten the hang of it, and kicks out his legs like crazy -- so then we move to standing, which he also seems to enjoy, until his legs buckle under. :)