Sunday, October 31, 2010

Class pictures

I just scanned Logan and Callum's class pictures, which they took at school a couple of weeks ago. I decided to skip the individual pics since we have been doing those in the spring time, and I didn't really see any reason to do them twice a year.

The two boys to the right and left of Callum (also in the teachers' laps) are the younger brothers of two of Logan's friends! It's been kind of cool to see Logan and his buddies grow up from the infant class to preschool class together, and now we get to see it all over again with the younger brothers too. :)


I've received several requests to explain what the heck happened with the car accident/pic I posted a few nights ago.

I guess I should first start off by saying no one got hurt and we're all fine. In fact, the boys and I weren't even with Jon when the accident happened, he was by himself. When I posted that pic, I was mostly doing it to tease Jon, since he's always bragged about how he's never been in a single accident (where he's driving anyway) himself. I didn't quite realize it could alarm folks into thinking any of us might be hurt! DUH. :)

So anyway - it's nothing major, the car actually looks worse off than the accident itself. Jon was pulling out of a parking lot and ran into another car while turning left. He didn't see her coming at all - there's a bit of a blind corner just before, and given how much damage her car and ours took, I think she was probably speeding around that corner. But, it doesn't really matter.

Jon called the cops just to be safe - they didn't write out a report, just checked to make sure both drivers were fine, told them to exchange insurance info, and go along their merry ways. Jon actually continued onto rugby practice after the accident - so that should tell you how much he was not injured at all!

Now we're just waiting to schedule a time to take the car into the shop to get it fixed. Thankfully, we have the two other cars so we don't really need to worry too much about it. But, since I'll be incapacitated for the next couple of weeks, we'll probably take the car in early tomorrow morning to get the work started and so I can help Jon with dropping the kids off at school, picking him up from the shop, etc.

Thanks to everyone for checking in and making sure we're all right! :)

I'm in heaven.


Our weekly Sunday tradition. Jon and I had a night alone last night and are hitting up our fave, Stan's, for breakfast. Deeeeelish!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Daddy no longer holds an accident free record.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


While I was at another doctor's appointment today (I've been stacking up quite a few doctor appointments this week in preparation for my surgery next week), Jon took Callum to his follow up appointment. His ear infection is much better now so he got the all clear for his shots. He did great, as always! :) Two different shots (vaccines) as well as his flu shot. Which means, once again, Jon is the last one left in this family who STILL needs his flu shot taken care of! *sigh*

Last week, in the middle of the night, I started a post about how ridiculously crazy my days are lately, due to working two jobs (since I haven't yet transitioned my old job off my plate). Now, I'm beginning to think it's just my new job! :) It's going well, however rough my days actually are right now.

Let me give you a glimpse into my daily schedule:

7:00am: wake up, cuddle with boys in bed
~ rush around and get everyone ready for work/school; check emails to make sure there are no fires at work ~
8:00am: run out the door
8:30am: drop Callum off at school (and/or Logan, depending on the day)
8:45am: wait in Starbucks line for much needed caffeine
9:00am: hit ground running at the office
5:30pm: leave office to pick up kiddos
5:50pm: race to boys' classrooms to pick them up prior to 6pm, as every minute thereafter costs a pretty penny (or several dollars, in actuality)
6:30pm: arrive home
~ rush around feeding animals, cooking/feeding dinner to the boys, changing diapers/pj's and settling everyone down for bedtime ~
7:30pm: bedtime bottle and rocking with Callum
8:00pm: check a few more emails before some quality time with Logan
9:00pm: bedtime stories/backrub for Logan
9:30pm: furiously cram in work I wasn't able to get done during the day
12:00am: bedtime for mama
3:00am: wakeup call from Callum (Jon is gracious enough to help out IMMENSELY on this one)
3:30am: back to sleep
7:00am: start the day all over again. whee!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

6 months old

Callum turned 6 months old last week - which sorta just came and went, without me quite realizing what a big milestone he's reached, until it was too late. Work is still pretty hectic, so that's definitely partly to blame. But having two kids is just way more work and craziness than having one (duh Bree). I'm starting to accept the fact that I may always be behind on my monthly updates for poor Callum. *sigh*

So what's new with Callum? Other than gobbling up any food we give him, I'd say his other biggest change this past month is being able to sit up on his own. And, he's getting better and better at it every day! He still can't balance for TOO long, before he topples over, left or right, or slams his head straight back. But, he's doing better each day that we practice. I'm looking forward to the day that I can set him down and know that he'll be fine just hanging out, sitting in one spot, playing with all the toys around him.

But for now, he's still pretty demanding of our time - he LOVES to be held, and isn't afraid to show it. He likes to sit on his own too, but he gets tired after awhile and that's usually when he topples over. He's a kicking fiend as well - and can't stop kicking his legs out straight and locking up his knees. Which means, he's great at standing on his tree trunks for long periods of time (with one of us to balance of course), just watching the world pass him by.

But, when he's been sitting and then just habitually kicks those legs out, WHOMP, his whole body flies backwards and he slams his head on the ground behind him.

Or, as was the case this past weekend, when I had him sitting in his car seat on top of the dining table, he kicked so hard, arching his back at the same time, that he managed to kick himself OUT of his car seat and, sad to say, had his SECOND fall to the floor. :( It was soooo awful. I saw it happening in slow motion and ran toward him to catch him but didn't make it in time (I did happen to make it in time to catch the car seat before it smacked on top of him though).

Long story short, I had situated him there temporarily, so I could more easily feed him his antibiotics without fighting/holding a wiggly baby as I tried to get him to swallow. I went to the kitchen to wash out the syringe and get a bottle, to get ready for nap time. As I'm walking back to the table to get him, that's when I see him falling.

Poor guy fell face first on the hardwood floor and, while he was totally fine (thank goodness), he was pretty upset (naturally).

So yeah, need to start buckling him into EVERYTHING. And, watch out for those damn bucking legs of his. :(

He's also getting better at reaching and grabbing anything in sight. He's gotten much better at his coordination, so he's generally pretty successful at picking up or grabbing whatever it is that he's after. And, it definitely means we have to keep a more careful eye out for anything within arm's reach around us these days!

He's becoming more chatty as the days pass by and I can't help but look forward to the days when he's Logan's age now - to see what kind of weird conversations and vivid imagination that will come out of two young boys. :)

Although no teeth have yet popped through, he's biting and chewing and teething like crazy. I'm a bit hopeful that his teeth will break through soon, since I think it might provide him a bit of relief. On the other hand, I know that will be the start of the end of my baby, as he loses his beautiful toothless smile, which breaks my heart to think that will be going away soon.

Callum remains a happy charming little baby. He smiles at pretty much anyone who approaches him to say hi. And, he doesn't just smile small. He smiles BIG. He smiles with his entire body (as he bucks and kicks and wiggles, stretching out his arms). He beams sunshine and brightens our day. What a beautiful kid in the making.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Sesame Street on Wii

Logan is playing his new video game, Elmo's A to Zoo Adventure. He also has Cookie's Counting Carnival to try out. :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Silent Treatment

"I don't want to talk to you. I'm busy right now."

Okay. No prob. :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Connor!

As we were getting ready for Connor's 1st birthday party this afternoon, Logan said, "*another* birthday??" The funny thing is, we actually had a third birthday event to go to that we ended up missing due to the weather and naps, etc.

Since it was raining, there was a last minute change in venue to hang out inside, at Bouncy Land, instead. Both Logan and Callum had a great time with all the friends, food and activity!

Wyatt's 3rd Birthday

Logan's BFF from school had his 3rd birthday party this morning. It was pretty cold (it was outside at a park) but also a lot of fun! Logan was just insisting he didn't want to go home and take a nap. About 5 minutes before this shot. ;-)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Gone for 36 hrs; out to the East coast and back.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

6 month check up

Today was Callum's 6 month check up. He was scheduled to get several shots, as well as take care of his flu shot, however just last night he started coming down with a minor cold. When Dr. Safir checked him out, we were both surprised to find out Callum was dealing with a nasty ear infection. :( so, I got a prescription of anti-biotics and rescheduled our shots for next week instead.

The good news is, Callum's doing great and growing big and strong. He's still in the 90th percentile for height (27.5"), and 60th percentile for weight (17lbs, 4oz). Dr. Safir commented on how sturdy his thighs and calves are - they're like tree trunks! :) He's (finally!) teething and has a bit of a lazy eye, something I've actually noticed for some time but had forgotten to ask about in earlier visits. I'm glad I remembered this time, since Dr. Safir feels it's strong enough to refer Callum to a pediatric ophthalmologist.

Otherwise all is well! Once Callum's ear infection clears, Dr. Safir wants us to try and work him "out" of his habit of waking up in the middle of the night, since he isn't yet sleeping thru the night completely. We'll see how that goes! I think it's just going to take him longer to grow out of it, similar to his brother.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Costumes done? Check!

Now all we need are two little boys with spiky blue hair. ;-)

Loganism of the day

When I told Logan I left his juice cup in the back of the car (in his swim bag) and couldn't get it for him, he responded:

Don't do that again! I'm mad. I'm tired of this!

That last remark made me laugh. I just couldn't help it. He's surely picking up more from Jon and I than we're aware of.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Meet Fred

Just leaving Turlock, where we spent the afternoon with an old boss of mine. Logan had fun playing in a bouncy house and hanging out with all the horses and calves. As we were leaving, Logan said, "Goodbye horsies! I'll ride you next time!" :)

Soccer Time


34 months old

Logan woke up the other night crying. Normally he's actually having some sort of bad dream, but this time he was asking for his spider (a toy he got from Molly's birthday party last weekend, which we had hung up on the porch with the other spiders/web/Halloween decorations).

He wanted the spider to join him in bed for the night.


Another month has passed, and we've definitely had our hands full. It's not even due to the recent activities in our lives, although those certainly add to the chaos.

It's Logan's persistence at being himself. He has to wear his running shoes. He has to have his red socks. He insists on his dinosaur shirt. No, his Buzz Lightyear shirt. No, his monster shirt. He wants his underwear on ONLY. Where is his shark hat? (all of which can make for an exhausting morning ritual, let me tell you).

He flips out if I open his granola bar packaging BEFORE we get into the car. He wants to feed the dogs their dinner and screams at me if I do it without him. He wants to watch a movie while laying in our bed, not on the couch. He wants to play ball outside and wants me to play with him. He has to open his lunch box all by himself even if it takes him an HOUR. He wants the window up, no down, no up, now the sunroof please.

Basically anything and everything. He has his own mind about how something should be done and if it's not done just so, his world falls apart. It's a constant guessing game too, because every day he changes it up.

Because he's become so demanding, I've been working on his manners more and more. I don't allow every little demand he makes, but I will be more forgiving if he's polite. "Yes please" or "No thank you" or the biggie, "Can I be excused from the table?" He's making some progress but there is still work to be done.

Lots and lots and LOTS of work.

Which is okay. Since we're enjoying this challenge immensely. Every single day.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I really like the big ass vanity plate message on the little ass Smart car. :)

Overheard at the local Subway today while waiting in line for my sandwich: "I have a very dainty mouth" (said by a pretty big burly guy to his lunch mate).

Saturday, October 9, 2010

It's 2am

Most people are just heading home after a fun Friday night out drinking, dancing and partying.

I'm up at 2am synching my iPhone (with a few new apps to play with), while waiting for my baby to fall back to sleep.

Ahhhh yes. Our days (and nights) sure have changed over the years.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Second Loganism of the day

Can we win?

Logan says this when he actually means "Can we play [a game]?" The competitor in me loves this, of course. ;-)

Loganism of the day

Logan pulled me to the game closet and pointed up to the top shelf where I keep his play-doh kits and asked me to bring them down. It was getting late and he's got several other toys already strewn about the dining table to play with so I told him no, he had enough to play with for the night and we could do play-doh another night.

He heaved a big sigh, walking back to the dining table to return to his toys.

But I like play-doh. Don't say no to me!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


The good: I got the job! We're working on the exact start date now, but I'm really excited about this new opportunity and move in my career. (I'm not leaving the company, but taking a new role within my organization)

The bad: The last time I nursed Callum was one week ago (after he fell off the bed). I tried a few more times after that but he'd scream and fight me every time. :( It wasn't a pleasant experience for either of us. I had really wanted to make it to (at least) 6 months, like I had with Logan. So I'm really disappointed in myself that I couldn't keep it up. :( If there's any silver lining to it all however, it's that I'm now able to get rid of all the ugly nursing bras and tops and return back to my regular ol' lingerie!

The ugly: Last Friday I had a follow up with my GYN/fertility specialist who I last saw during those first few scary weeks of my pregnancy with Callum. He examined me and did an ultrasound to "confirm" (as much as you can with this illness) that I have endometriosis. We're pretty certain this is what has been contributing to my pelvic and lower back pain over the past few years.

The next step, for a true diagnosis as well as treatment, is laparoscopic surgery. I scheduled the surgery for early November (so that it's after Halloween with the boys - how sad is it that Halloween is a higher priority?!?). I've never been put under before, if you can believe it!!, so the control freak in me is a wee bit nervous. :( Luckily, I'm seeing one of the best surgeons in the country, and feel completely safe and reassured that I will be in good hands. And, since medicine has come so far these days, I should be walking the same day (or within a couple of days at most), with a relatively short recovery time, thank goodness.

"I said no more pictures Mom"

It's a shark day

Shark hat, shark shirt and shark shoes (not pictured). ;-)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Parenting at its finest

A few days ago, I was at the table with Logan, battling out another mealtime negotiation when I muttered under my breath, "You're a pain in my ass".

To which Logan replied, "No, you're a pain in my ass!"

Whoops. ;-)

Jon had a work event he needed to be at all day Saturday so after soccer, pictures and lunch with my parents, I left the boys in their capable hands and took the train up to the city. We actually didn't stay too long after I got there, since the party was dying down and Jon was getting pretty tired from being there all day, so we headed home soon after.

While driving home, we looked up movie times, to see what was playing and when, since it was a rare kids-free night for us. Unfortunately, we were in that awkward "in between" movie times where we would've had to wait a good hour or so before the next movie time started. The more and more we talked about it, the more and more Option B sounded like an awesome plan.

Option B you ask?

Grab some frozen yogurt, watch a few episodes of True Blood (which we're kind of addicted to now) and crash early.

I felt like we had just played out the "You know you're a parent when...." series.

Today Callum got to try apples for the first time. As always, he did a great job eating them - although interestingly, it seemed like he gobbled up his peas much faster! Could we have a veggie in the making? :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

More than just relaxing...

I guess swim class (or the screaming, yelling and crying) took more out of him than I realized. ;-)

Mommy Baby 1:1 Time

Out for a walk with Callum while Jon watches football and Logan relaxes to Ratatouille. :)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Loganism of the day

After waking up this morning, Logan informed me:

I have the hiccups. I need to go to the doctor again.