Sunday, October 31, 2010


I've received several requests to explain what the heck happened with the car accident/pic I posted a few nights ago.

I guess I should first start off by saying no one got hurt and we're all fine. In fact, the boys and I weren't even with Jon when the accident happened, he was by himself. When I posted that pic, I was mostly doing it to tease Jon, since he's always bragged about how he's never been in a single accident (where he's driving anyway) himself. I didn't quite realize it could alarm folks into thinking any of us might be hurt! DUH. :)

So anyway - it's nothing major, the car actually looks worse off than the accident itself. Jon was pulling out of a parking lot and ran into another car while turning left. He didn't see her coming at all - there's a bit of a blind corner just before, and given how much damage her car and ours took, I think she was probably speeding around that corner. But, it doesn't really matter.

Jon called the cops just to be safe - they didn't write out a report, just checked to make sure both drivers were fine, told them to exchange insurance info, and go along their merry ways. Jon actually continued onto rugby practice after the accident - so that should tell you how much he was not injured at all!

Now we're just waiting to schedule a time to take the car into the shop to get it fixed. Thankfully, we have the two other cars so we don't really need to worry too much about it. But, since I'll be incapacitated for the next couple of weeks, we'll probably take the car in early tomorrow morning to get the work started and so I can help Jon with dropping the kids off at school, picking him up from the shop, etc.

Thanks to everyone for checking in and making sure we're all right! :)

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