Monday, September 28, 2015

Hotel Transylvania 2

We checked out yesterday morning and grabbed brunch at a little spot in Burlingame (just south of San Francisco). Afterward, we grabbed an early afternoon showtime to see Hotel Transylvania 2, to finish up our fun "weekend getaway".

Jon and I weren't as impressed with this one but the boys enjoyed the movie, and that's what matters! :)

Saturday, September 26, 2015

The end of a great first TwitchCon

We stayed for the Twitch Hall of Fame ceremony at the end of the evening tonight, where Jon was one of the award presenters.

Callum wanted to know, when he becomes a Daddy, if he has to go up on the stage like that.

I asked him if he wanted to?

And he adamantly said, NO.

We'll see if he changes his tune after a few years. ;-)

The boys had a really fun time. Logan asked me if Twitch would have another TwitchCon next year and I told him I thought they would. He then asked if we could go again next year and I said, I bet we can.

A day of gaming!

We wandered all over the exhibit hall in the morning to check out new games coming out or watch others play.

This first pic was one of their favorites. It was a very simple game, so perfect for Logan and Callum to play. And they caught on pretty quick. Some young teens came up to watch them play and commented to me, they're playing better than we did! I guess gaming is in their genes?!

The next pic is of Logan trying out a game called World of Warships, which he really liked. He was VERY serious and in deep concentration playing that game!

The last two pics are from the arcade alley. I tried to get the boys to play Tetris with me (my favorite!) but neither of them liked it and said it was too hard to play. :(

Instead, they had a blast with Street Fighter, and then later in the evening (after we left mid day, for lunch and a break back at the hotel, since the boys had hit their breaking point and were falling apart), another oldie called Gauntlet.


TwitchCon 2015

Twitch is throwing their first convention at the Moscone Center in the city, so Jon has to work all weekend long. The boys and I drove up after school last night to stay at the hotel and check out all the excitement. We thought the boys might enjoy it given every booth and exhibit is game related. ;-)

Sure enough, we didn't get past the first exhibit without stopping and lounging in the provided bean bag chairs, to watch a few gamer/broadcasters play a fun and silly game. The boys were in heaven and would not stop cracking up! :)

I think we'll have a bunch of fun today. :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

It's that time of year again!

We pass by this local ranch every day now, and usually multiple times a day. They've just started setting out all of their pumpkins (and bouncy house) for Halloween, so Callum made me promise we'd stop this week. It's a gorgeous day today with no one around so I said ok why not!?

And here we are. :)

Continuing to explore our new 'hood

Logan had an orthodontist appointment this morning, and wanted to go to "the coffee shop" (aka Starbucks) after. I've been wanting to try some of the local places out but Callum is usually with me and he's so set in his ways that I'm never successful. :/

My adventurer Logan, however, is usually up for something new! So we walked into a small looking place labeled Ann's Coffee Shop from the outside - but lo and behold, when you walk in, it's this (large) old timey cute diner!! Yummmm!

Logan approves and has suggested we come back with the family. I agree. :)

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Our daily routine

Every day, I pick up Callum from his bus stop and he asks to go to the sandwich shop (Subway) for lunch. Almost every day we go to the same one (the closest) and he inhales a sandwich, bag of chips, and a chocolate milk.

While I'm not at all crazy about the same damn lunch spot every day, I'm happy it's a decent meal (I know it could be a lot worse!). And, his appetite has waned these last few weeks, so I'm glad he's eating a lunch at all. :/

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sound asleep

The boys wanted to sleep together tonight, which I allowed, thinking I'd have to split them up a few minutes later. Surprisingly they stayed quiet and conked out. :)

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Happy Birthday!

This past Thursday was Jon's birthday, and Saturday was Eric's birthday, so I booked a reservation at a very nice restaurant (Baume) to celebrate. The four of us don't get to go out much at all (without kids), let alone get gussied up like this, so it was pretty special. We had a fantastic meal but more importantly, a great time with good friends. :)

Happy birthday to the guys!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Wednesday is Library Day

Both of the boys' library day at school is Wednesday. So yesterday they excitedly came home from school telling me about the books they checked out from the library that day.

Callum was particularly tickled because he found the same book that Logan had checked out last week. :) He also gets a 3rd Grader "Buddy" who reads him whatever book he checks out from the library during his library time - so cute!!

When Logan heard this, he decided he also needed to be Callum's "reading buddy", so the two of them sat quietly, wonderfully behaved, while at the bank! - Logan reading to Callum a new book he just checked out earlier in the day. :)

Happy Labor Day!

I forgot to post these earlier but I caught a couple of fun moments this Monday on Labor Day. Our new neighborhood (and recreation center) put on a Labor Day Carnival for all of the families and young kids. Jon and I volunteered at a couple of booths (Jon made cotton candy and I made snow cones!) while the boys played a bunch of games and collected tickets for prizes. :)

Besides the games, there was a water slide, dunking booth and electronic bull ride! So fun. After the carnival "formally" ended, the Rec center opened up the pool for kids to stay and cool off. The boys played in the water for another hour before we had to drag them away (they were unhappy about leaving but it was super hot out and we were all tired and hungry).

We grabbed a late lunch nearby and then tried out a fancy schmancy ice cream shop, where the line was several store fronts long! Callum passed out while we were waiting but perked up once it was our turn to grab a yummy cold treat. ;-)

Hope everyone had a nice 3 day weekend!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Monthly visit

We just had our whirlwind of appointments at the hospital today for Callum's monthly check in. I picked him up from school and we jammed over to the hospital. We didn't have any time to grab lunch since the pulmonary department asked us to come a little early for his pentamidine (they had double booked our appointment time!).

So we headed to that first and then walked over to our normal clinic. I told the gals there to postpone his labs a little bit since I didn't get a chance to put on his numbing cream until after his pentamidine and wanted to make sure there was enough time to numb his skin. During that time I ran down to the cafeteria and grabbed him his favorite cheeseburger and chocolate chip cookie which he munched on in the waiting room for his lab work.

He had a little trouble with his port access, mostly because it's just been awhile since his last access and we end up taking a couple steps back when there's a gap like that. But otherwise the access was fine.

We had his monthly exam after that - he was in a great mood but super fidgety and ticklish (which didn't go well for the exam - jeez!). The best part is that his counts are great so we continue with his chemo at home, like always, and have an all clear until his next visit in a month! :)