Monday, May 31, 2010

Loganism of the day

Pointing to a man smoking a cigarette across the street.

"Look Mommy! He has a lollipop!"

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Husband Fail

When Jon got home with Logan yesterday evening, Logan was feeling a bit under the weather. So, he was in a more-than-usual cuddly mood, wanting to sit in the rocker with his Mommy. I had just gotten Callum to settle down and fall asleep, so he was still conked out on my chest. I told Logan to just climb up into the rocker and sit with us together - a picture perfect moment. Right?


Only, come to find out, Jon had taken my camera up to the city with him to show it off to a co-worker and LEFT IT UP AT THE OFFICE.

Complete husband fail.

What's worse, our good friends Eric and Jill (and their adorable daughter Amelia) were arriving that night to visit with us all weekend long. A weekend full of fun picture opportunities amongst the kids, no doubt.


I was annoyed, but what can you do?

It's going to be an iPhone picture weekend, I'm afraid.

Notice the collection of trains on my lap. Logan would not sit with me unless his trains accompanied us.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A pathetic sad face

Logan says this is his sad face. I've seen way worse.

He also says he wants to watch Dinosaur Train because it will make him feel better. *sigh*

Mohawk in the making...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Or, jazz hands? Callum fell asleep like this in the swing tonight. Too cute!

A Dry Diaper

When picking Logan up today, Miss Kim announced Logan had a GREAT day with potty training, and that he was still wearing his diaper that we dropped him off with that morning.

WHAT?! So. Rad.

He's doing soooo well with potty training, it's amazing. I think he did better than usual without any "accidents" today because they spent a lot of time indoors due to the weather (rain). So, he could just run up to the toilet whenever he wanted to, and he was also reminded to go potty anytime he'd see the other kids go. But still, it's such a great milestone.

We're going to wait another couple of weeks before attempting actual underwear, sans diapers.

YIKES! Wish us luck. ;-)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Big Helper

I can't wait until he's able to chauffeur Callum to soccer/football practice. ;-)


I don't know about this Mom....

Huh, not bad.

Hey, it's like spaghetti. Only, not really.

My dad's been wanting to try a Japanese restaurant out that's near our house, but we never get around to doing it. So, Thursday after our day up in the city, we drove back home to pick up Logan and decided to grab some dinner since Jon was going to have a late night at work anyway and I could use the help with the boys.

The food came out and let's just say I was shocked. As in S-H-O-C-K-E-D at how much Logan ate and how well he did!! We've tried feeding him Japanese food before, but without any luck. This time, he was all game and it was awesome. He ate a ton of edamame, two inari (sweet tofu and rice sushi), a tiny bite of agedashi tofu and then a bowl of udon noodle soup. WOOHOO! I'm hoping to go again really soon so he can remember everything he liked and ate and so we can keep up this trend. :)

As dinner was winding down, so were the boys. Throughout dinner I was sitting on one end of the table with Callum while Logan was at the other end, in between my parents. But, after our meal, Logan was really interested in sitting with me. So, because he'd done so well, we decided to swap kids - having Logan move over to my side of the table and me handing Callum over to my dad.

Logan immediately got upset! It turns out, apparently, he not only wanted to sit with Mommy, but he wanted to sit with his baby brother too! So, I took Callum back and held him while Logan - all on his own - wrapped his arm around Callum and leaned into me hugging us tight. My dad tried getting a few shots but they're all with my iPhone, so they aren't the clearest.

It's moments like these that I just love being a mom of two.

The Connally Clan

Can't you tell I'm trying to catch up? I have so many old pics to show you, so many stories I've been saving. And, instead of working out while Callum is napping, which is what I should be doing, I'm sharing them all with you now. ;-)

As I mentioned in a past post, my Uncle Jim (my dad's brother) and Aunt Vickie visited from New Mexico and met the little dude. While here, my cousin Shawn (Uncle Jim's oldest) and her two boys Kindy and Arlo (who Logan admired), also visited.

Here are a few shots from my dad's camera, that I really enjoyed.

Kindy is 14 years old and already 6'2" people. Six fucking foot two!

Da Boys: Kindy (holding Callum), Arlo and Logan.

My dad's two (of three) great nephews and my uncle's two great nephews. :)

I realize it's a blurry shot but I still like it. The only one we got of the two brothers together.

Look at my Dad holding Callum.

Now look at Uncle Jim holding Callum.

Think those two old men might be related? You should hear them talk or see them roll their eyes. It's like they came from the same mother. It's uncanny.

Grover's Den

There are two main spots you'll find Grover hanging out, or rather, hiding.

One is under Logan's toy train table. It's perfect for evading screaming growling toddlers while at the same time, being near Mama who's working at her computer (we've moved my computer hutch to the main living room to make room in the office for Callum's crib).

The second is under the bed (mostly our bed, although he's been known to hide under Logan's bed as well, when I'm in the room changing one of the boys).

These pics were actually taken a couple of days after we got him, so it's clearly been a favorite since the beginning. We keep thinking one of these days he's going to discover he's too big to fit under and get stuck, but so far that hasn't happened. Instead, he DIVES under there for cover, the minute he knows he's in trouble (like when Mama discovers he's chewed up one of Logan's dinosaur toys that she. just. bought. goddamnit.) or when he knows we're all going out and need to lock him up in his crate for a few hours (which he hates, not as bad as day one, but still doesn't like).

This hiding spot can be particularly frustrating since it's very hard to grab him when he's smack in the middle underneath our bed (especially when I was big and pregnant!).

What's interesting is that Logan has observed this frustration of mine/ours, to the point that he will now (also) crawl under our bed if he wants to hide from Mama.

He's not as stealth as Grover, since he usually giggles and laughs and yells out "I'm hiding! You can't see me!" or "Mommy, I'm stuck!" but the point is, when it's an hour past Logan's bedtime and we still need to change him into pj's and get him to bed, and Callum is crying attached to my hip, and I haven't yet eaten dinner and am just a tad bit tired, it's a VERY frustrating hiding place indeed.

Which means, there are nights where I may or may not have been known to drag my son out from under our bed by an ankle or two.

Grumpy Sunflower

I think this is my favorite piece of artwork from Logan yet. It probably speaks volumes that I am most fond of the artwork that has a grumpy face rather than the smiling cute happy go lucky kid most parents want to see. But this is SUCH an expression of his! How can I not like it? Plus, it goes perfectly with the sunflower background. ;-)

Yesterday, out of the blue, Logan started asking "Why not?" at dinner. But, what cracked us up was his incorrect application of the question.

Here are some snippets of the conversation between Logan and Jon.

Logan - finish your sandwich.

Why not?

You can have some apples and chocolate milk after you eat your sandwich.

Why not?

It's late. It's almost your bedtime.

Why not?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Why we like Toyota

You've gotta have a great sense of humor to create something like this for your ad campaign. :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Auntie Kimmy Rocks.

Yesterday we found a pleasant surprise gift box waiting for us on the front porch. Our good friend Kimmy, who moved back to Kansas a year or so ago, made a BEEEEEE-UTIFUL quilt for baby Callum. It really is magnificent - and given Jon and I are both quilt lovers, it couldn't be a more perfect gift. THANK YOU KIMMY!!

Callum loved it (he immediately took a nice long nap snuggled up in it, after this photo shoot).

It's so fucking awesome, I couldn't stop taking pictures of it. And check out the back! You guys. LOOK. AT. THE. BACK. (or is it the front?) ;-)

It was meant for a linguist like me.

Callum's ready for his nap now Mom.

And, if that's not enough to choke you up, she made a wonderful tribute to Lola, writing her name on the quilt since Callum won't ever get to know her special crazy.

Like I said. Auntie Kimmy Rocks.

1 month checkup

Callum had his one month check up today and everything is looking fantastic! He's gained a hefty amount of weight (catching up to his brother's weight at this age), now weighing 9 lbs, 5 oz! His head measures 37.5 cm round and he's 21 3/4 inches long (again, just about the same as Logan!).

We did get some prescription drops for his left eye since it's been getting a little goopy from a clogged duct. But otherwise, Dr. Safir couldn't be happier about his development. :)

Tonight we had an impromptu first bath after a diaper blow out. I know, I know, it's been a month and we haven't given Callum a bath yet?!? Pathetic is the only right answer here. But, in my defense, I wanted Jon to be there with me (I'm still a bit sentimental about "firsts" even with our second) and he's been getting home anywhere between 9-10pm every night this week. Not to worry, I've been cleaning Callum with Mustela's "No-rinse" cleanser in the meantime. :)

Today, Jon actually worked from home since he had a very late night last night (coming home around 2am) and since his parents and grandparents were coming into town this afternoon. It felt like the weekend already, even though our weekend hasn't even begun! :) Given the surprise blow out, I wasn't as prepared as I would have hoped for pics. But, I did snag a couple that I like (look closely and you'll see his dimple!).

Check out how similar the two kiddos look; Logan's first bath.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Birth of Impressionism

My parents and I headed up to the city today to check out the 'Birth of Impressionism' exhibit at the de Young Museum. Several masterpieces from the Musée d'Orsay in Paris are on special loan to de Young right now (debuting this Saturday), making for an AH-mazing (and rare) opportunity to see some fantastic works of art!

This was the only photo I took while up there, the back of my mom's head and her odd choice in hair accessories. :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

1 month old

Wait, what? I have a one month old now? How the hell did THAT happen? And WHEN exactly?

Wowza. Crazy. Time is flying by! You can really see how much Callum has changed this past month too. He no longer has that newborn look (at least, not to me), but is filling out in his arms, legs, face. Look out world, he's now a BABY!

I mean c'mon! What newborn has monster hands like this?!?

He's staying awake for much longer periods of time which is nice to see. He loves to examine and watch the world all around him. I notice he's started to track and follow me through the room which is a good milestone to see. He's VERY sensitive to my smell or voice or presence - pretty much perking up the minute I walk into the room (even from a dead sleep) and whimpering or crying for attention from Mom. It's so bad that I actually napped in Logan's bed one day (while Callum was napping in our room) just so he wouldn't wake up and so I'd be able to get some rest! :)

Blanket in background courtesy of Microsoft, who sent a care package to Callum with all sorts of fun things!

He sleeps A LOT. I mean, I know that babies sleep a lot. But, we're just not used to how WELL he's sleeping, considering how young he is, and compared to Logan! He's not yet sleeping through the night but doing AWESOME as far as I'm concerned (I feed him about midnight, we all go to bed, he wakes up again in the middle of the night for another feeding and then sleeps until morning when his rowdy brother wakes up the entire house). Don't get me wrong. I'm still tired every day, losing steam just about the time I have to go out to pick up Logan from school. But, I feel much more rested than I ever felt with Logan at this age. And I keep thinking how lucky we are that it happened this way with Callum rather than Logan. I couldn't imagine the tables being turned and having to deal with both a rambunctious chatty toddler and restless colicky newborn, all at the same time.

I'm continuing to remember what it's like having a baby in the house - one that does not yet know how to sit up, roll over, crawl, walk, run, jump or GROWL. I can get chores done. I can workout. I can eat my meal in peace without shoveling it down in 2 seconds flat while holding down a toddler who's trying to figure out the fastest way to jump out of his high chair. I can take a walk or run to the store without worrying about tidying up the shelves and racks after the shit-storm that is my (older) son.

Caring for a baby? Well, it's fantastic.

Callum has also just started to coo. And that, my friends, is doubly fantastic.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Hollow

Last Friday was an in-service day at Logan's school. Jon worked from home and watched Callum while I took off with Logan for a little 1:1 time with my older son (I've been feeling like I haven't had as much time to spend with Logan lately so the outing was definitely fun for both of us).

Happy Hollow Park and Zoo (a place I used to go to as a kid) just recently remodeled their entire park - so we met up with Kim and Molly, and Bev (Jenn's mom) and Robert and Connor for the day to check it out.

Logan rode one of the car rides that he seemed to like quite a bit, but was a little scared of the others. Almost all of the rides at the park are small enough for him to ride though, so we'll definitely be back for more very soon (in fact, we ended up going AGAIN on Saturday, meeting up with the Jodoins and Chouns for the day!).

Because I really wanted to spend my day with Logan, I purposefully left my camera at home (that and, it's getting harder and harder to snap shots of Logan while keeping him contained!). I also knew someone else, like Kim, would bring a camera to document all the fun. :)

You can see more pics from the day at Kim's full gallery (thanks again Kim!!) as well as read her recap of the day's events.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Peas in a Pod

I've been soooo lazy about blogging these days (case in point, I started this post several days ago and am just now getting around to publishing it!).

I have been walking every day and it's hot hot HOT out, which means when I get back to the house I'm totally worn out, sweaty, tired and just want to prop my feet up, drink an ice cold lemonade and catch up on all the TV I missed from the previous night when I passed out on the couch at the god awful hour of 9:00. *sigh*


Last Friday night, a friend of ours was kind enough to extend his company's invitation to see Iron Man 2, on them! Who can pass up a free movie?! Not us.

My parents babysat both kids (actually the second time they've now babysat both boys for us - the first was a week prior, when Jon and I went out to a nice dinner and movie to celebrate our anniversary). We didn't make it out early enough to enjoy dinner with our friends, but we did find them at the theatre and were able to catch up on everyone's lives before taking in the flick. It was a really great movie that we both totally enjoyed. :)

Saturday morning, because Kai was in town, we had brunch with the family and then went back to our house so that Kai could get to spend some quality time with his new nephew.

Logan enjoyed seeing his Uncle Kai as well, demanding some 1:1 time with Kai, showing him how to water his plants. Again, it was precious. :)

Because Saturday was actually my mother's birthday (Happy Birthday Zafu!), we all met up again that evening, at a really fancy little Italian place in Burlingame.

As we were rounding the corner, about four different cars with tinted windows parked along the street in front of us. Out of each and every car stepped a pudgy old Italian man and his glitzy Italian done-up wife. It could have easily been a scene from The Sopranos. Jon was oblivious (as usual), instead asking me "Where the hell is this restaurant?"

I pointed to the mafia crew and said, I'm going to guess it's wherever those wiseguys are going.

And hey, whaddyaknow, I was right.

The restaurant was a farther drive than usual but totally worth it. Every dish was delish and we all stuffed ourselves silly.

A horrible pic of both Jon and Callum but it's the only one I got of Callum (he slept most of the night). So, just posting as proof that he was actually there with us. ;-)

As a birthday gift for my mom, I got her these really cute earrings (you may notice she's wearing them in a few of these pics). I told her the three pearls are for her three kick-ass awesome kids (not to toot my horn buuuuuuuut, we are pretty kick-ass and awesome). I actually got myself a pair as well, but with four pearls representing our now family of four. I just couldn't help it! :)

On Sunday, Zane met up with us for lunch since our buddy Eugene was in town visiting (from China). We had a blast hanging out and catching up. Then that afternoon, my Uncle Jim and Aunt Vickie came over to visit, meet Callum, etc. (they've been in town all week, visiting from New Mexico). Again, Logan demanded Uncle Jim's time out on the front porch to show him how to water plants (unfortunately I didn't get any pics to capture the preciousness, but it was still precious!).

And oh yeah, Sunday was also Mother's Day - how could I forget! ;-) My two beautiful boys: