Monday, May 24, 2010


I don't know about this Mom....

Huh, not bad.

Hey, it's like spaghetti. Only, not really.

My dad's been wanting to try a Japanese restaurant out that's near our house, but we never get around to doing it. So, Thursday after our day up in the city, we drove back home to pick up Logan and decided to grab some dinner since Jon was going to have a late night at work anyway and I could use the help with the boys.

The food came out and let's just say I was shocked. As in S-H-O-C-K-E-D at how much Logan ate and how well he did!! We've tried feeding him Japanese food before, but without any luck. This time, he was all game and it was awesome. He ate a ton of edamame, two inari (sweet tofu and rice sushi), a tiny bite of agedashi tofu and then a bowl of udon noodle soup. WOOHOO! I'm hoping to go again really soon so he can remember everything he liked and ate and so we can keep up this trend. :)

As dinner was winding down, so were the boys. Throughout dinner I was sitting on one end of the table with Callum while Logan was at the other end, in between my parents. But, after our meal, Logan was really interested in sitting with me. So, because he'd done so well, we decided to swap kids - having Logan move over to my side of the table and me handing Callum over to my dad.

Logan immediately got upset! It turns out, apparently, he not only wanted to sit with Mommy, but he wanted to sit with his baby brother too! So, I took Callum back and held him while Logan - all on his own - wrapped his arm around Callum and leaned into me hugging us tight. My dad tried getting a few shots but they're all with my iPhone, so they aren't the clearest.

It's moments like these that I just love being a mom of two.


Grandma Riedy said...

What an endearing picture! He is such a loving big brother.

Elizabeth said...

Great. Now I want agedashi tofu.