Sunday, May 2, 2010

It feels like Christmas!

Thursday was Jon and my fourth anniversary. We had an easy going day, taking in another movie with Callum (Kick-Ass) which we both thoroughly enjoyed.

The traditional 4th year anniversary gifts are fruit or flowers - so I got Jon a delicious Edible Arrangement. Logan and I chowed down on the fruit Thursday night (interestingly, Logan preferred the plain strawberries to the chocolate-dipped ones, asking me to "take off" the chocolate from the dipped ones for him). :)

This pic isn't as good since it was night time and I only had my phone with me, but you can see how he enjoyed eating the strawberries off the "skewers"... :)

Jon was a kind man and got me a new Coach wallet, something I've been wanting for some time (because my current wallet is too small, black, and doesn't match my brown purse!). I didn't complain that it was neither fruit nor flowers - it's a perfect gift in my eyes.

We also received a gift from Jon's work. And when I say "we", I mean Jon, since it was a humongous box full of several pounds worth of Texas BBQ from Salt Lick. He was jumping for joy. I was all ewwwwww, go put that in the freezer and get it out of my kitchen, stat! ;-)

Callum also received a gift, from his Abuelita and Abuelito Riedy - a "Baby Bunch" bouquet! The presentation was awesome and the idea is so neat, something neither of us had seen before. The clothes are still too big for our tiny delicate Callum, but given the way he's now growing, he should be able to fill them out in no time. Thanks again Ita! :)

Logan was not to be forgotten. While Daddy and Callum were out getting me my new wallet, they stopped by the Disney store to pick up a couple pairs of pajamas for Logan too. So Thursday night he got to choose between the two pairs - his choice for the evening, Buzz "Iteyear" (he still can't pronounce his "Ls" well). :) He ran around the house calling out super hero names, with his arms flapping and flying, high on strawberry sugar juice.

Abuelita and Abuelito also got Logan a cool stuffed dinosaur to add to his growing collection of stuffed animals that join Logan on the bed each night. It arrived on Friday and he promptly took it with him to my parent's house (while Jon and I enjoyed a date night Friday night). So, I'll have to snag a pic of him with the big dinosaur another time. It is definitely a new favorite for him to carry around every morning, noon and night however!

And since we're talking about gifts, I would be remiss to mention the Welcome Home gift that graced our house when we returned from the hospital last week (good God, was it just last week?!?). When Logan was born, you might recall my parents decorated the entire house with beautiful bright red poinsettias. They were gorgeous and, at the time, I teased my parents that they were trying to kill off my cats, since "everyone knows" that poinsettias are poisonous. My mother did some research however, and proved that it's actually just a big myth. PHEW. Bullet dodged, said my cats.

This year, being Spring, my parents decided to decorate the entire house with beautiful wild Asian Lilies. And again, they were gorgeous and a wonderful surprise.

But, I couldn't ignore the fact that lilies are in fact, poisonous to cats. Sadly, we had to move them all outside.

I think my parents might have a secret side deal going with Jon, to see how quickly they can kill off our cats whenever we're gone. Wouldn't you? ;-)


Kim said...

Uh, won't your indoor/outdoor cats still have access to the flowers when they go outside? In fact, now you could be accused of trying to kill all the cats in the neighborhood. Or was that YOUR evil plan all along?

Mama Bree said...

heehee I actually thought about that later myself. But, the neighborhood and our own cats rarely sit on our front porch, they like the backyard and rooftop instead. So, I think we're ok. Plus, my mom ended up taking half of them home with her too. :)

Unknown said...

Nice blog on Christmas. May you be blessed with... His love and protection, guidance and grace.

Grandma Riedy said...

I love lillies but can never have them in the house because of the cats. But they look beautiful outside, too. What a wonderful tradition your parents started. So glad the presentation was nice on the clothes and that Logan loves his dinosaur.

Elizabeth said...

Oh hey, I'm a rocket scientist. I just commented on the poinsettia post instead of this one. The poinsettias were awesome, but the follow up with the second round of flowers is BONUS.

Mama Bree said...

@Elizabeth - no worries, I knew what you meant. ;-) Thanks! I really loved that they did it as well, I just like to tease them about the flowers they chose. Interestingly, they had actually wanted to do tulips for Callum, but apparently it was already a bit late and out of season for them. They should have had you bring some back from Seattle I guess! ;-)