Wednesday, May 19, 2010

1 month old

Wait, what? I have a one month old now? How the hell did THAT happen? And WHEN exactly?

Wowza. Crazy. Time is flying by! You can really see how much Callum has changed this past month too. He no longer has that newborn look (at least, not to me), but is filling out in his arms, legs, face. Look out world, he's now a BABY!

I mean c'mon! What newborn has monster hands like this?!?

He's staying awake for much longer periods of time which is nice to see. He loves to examine and watch the world all around him. I notice he's started to track and follow me through the room which is a good milestone to see. He's VERY sensitive to my smell or voice or presence - pretty much perking up the minute I walk into the room (even from a dead sleep) and whimpering or crying for attention from Mom. It's so bad that I actually napped in Logan's bed one day (while Callum was napping in our room) just so he wouldn't wake up and so I'd be able to get some rest! :)

Blanket in background courtesy of Microsoft, who sent a care package to Callum with all sorts of fun things!

He sleeps A LOT. I mean, I know that babies sleep a lot. But, we're just not used to how WELL he's sleeping, considering how young he is, and compared to Logan! He's not yet sleeping through the night but doing AWESOME as far as I'm concerned (I feed him about midnight, we all go to bed, he wakes up again in the middle of the night for another feeding and then sleeps until morning when his rowdy brother wakes up the entire house). Don't get me wrong. I'm still tired every day, losing steam just about the time I have to go out to pick up Logan from school. But, I feel much more rested than I ever felt with Logan at this age. And I keep thinking how lucky we are that it happened this way with Callum rather than Logan. I couldn't imagine the tables being turned and having to deal with both a rambunctious chatty toddler and restless colicky newborn, all at the same time.

I'm continuing to remember what it's like having a baby in the house - one that does not yet know how to sit up, roll over, crawl, walk, run, jump or GROWL. I can get chores done. I can workout. I can eat my meal in peace without shoveling it down in 2 seconds flat while holding down a toddler who's trying to figure out the fastest way to jump out of his high chair. I can take a walk or run to the store without worrying about tidying up the shelves and racks after the shit-storm that is my (older) son.

Caring for a baby? Well, it's fantastic.

Callum has also just started to coo. And that, my friends, is doubly fantastic.


Jennifer said...

Wow! I can't believe Callum is already a month old! When did that happen? It is amazing how much he has changed in just a month! I think this is the best stage. AS you know, once they start talking and become mobile, it is all over. ;)

Stella Shipman said...

We never realized how easy the newborn/baby phase was until we had Stella....throw Luke into the mix and it is all over. I miss maternity leave for just that reason of being with "easy" baby while toddler is at school.

Grandma Riedy said...

He is beautiful like his brother. But looks so tranquil.

Kimmy said...

Oh man, how has it been a month already?

Kim said...

What, you don't want to take Logan out of school and soak up every minute with both boys? Come on, think of all the play dates we could have. ;-)

Your one month old is tanner than I have ever been in my entire life.