Monday, May 24, 2010

The Connally Clan

Can't you tell I'm trying to catch up? I have so many old pics to show you, so many stories I've been saving. And, instead of working out while Callum is napping, which is what I should be doing, I'm sharing them all with you now. ;-)

As I mentioned in a past post, my Uncle Jim (my dad's brother) and Aunt Vickie visited from New Mexico and met the little dude. While here, my cousin Shawn (Uncle Jim's oldest) and her two boys Kindy and Arlo (who Logan admired), also visited.

Here are a few shots from my dad's camera, that I really enjoyed.

Kindy is 14 years old and already 6'2" people. Six fucking foot two!

Da Boys: Kindy (holding Callum), Arlo and Logan.

My dad's two (of three) great nephews and my uncle's two great nephews. :)

I realize it's a blurry shot but I still like it. The only one we got of the two brothers together.

Look at my Dad holding Callum.

Now look at Uncle Jim holding Callum.

Think those two old men might be related? You should hear them talk or see them roll their eyes. It's like they came from the same mother. It's uncanny.

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Arlo said...

Love those pics!! What a handsome bunch of boys! ;-)