Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Outsider

In the car today I asked Logan if he'd share some of his snack with me. He said "No, this is for boys only."

WTF! You can bet I made him share plenty after that. ;-)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Peas and other things

I left work early and unexpectedly today - poor little Callum seems to have caught a head cold, but the school was worried because after waking up from his nap, his eyes were super swollen and goopy. :( I wasn't completely surprised since I noticed his eyes were a little red around the edges and tired looking last night, he had a really difficult time sleeping through the night, and he was really congested and clearly having sinus issues this morning.

So, I took him to the doctors and the good news is, it's nothing serious but totally treatable. We got some antibiotic drops for his eyes which I started tonight so that his eyes will (hopefully) start improving immediately. His congestion is all in his head, not in his chest, which is good and means he's got a simple head cold that should go away very soon.

I'm not sure why, given how crappy Callum's feeling, but I decided to try out another new food tonight - peas - which he seemed to be okay with. Not thrilled, but I think that has more to do with him not feeling well and not having much of an appetite than anything. We'll see in a few days once he's back to his old self, if he continues to eat the peas or not.

Amidst the extra coddling of a crying weepy sick baby, Logan was being particularly snotty to me tonight and I had very little patience with him throughout the entire evening. However, there was one little part of the evening that made me laugh. We had just got home and I was trying to calm Mr. Callum down so I asked Logan to let Grover out of his crate (which he often helps me out with when we get home each night).

Logan wasn't interested and said "No."

That, of course, pissed me off. I told him again, with a much firmer tone and stink eye to go with it - Let. Grover. Out.

Logan replied, "No Mom, I'm too busy!"

I wasn't expecting this response and lost it, unable to keep a straight face after that. ;-)

Human Anatomy 101

Recently, Logan informed Jon of the following:

Logan has a penis.
Callum has a penis.
Daddy has a penis.
But Mommy doesn't have a penis!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Parenting fail #2587

Jon and I were both rushing around the house getting ready for work this morning. As always, we were juggling both kids at the same time, sharing responsibilities in getting them fed, changed and ready for school. While I was in the bathroom, I had laid Callum down on our bed with a couple toys to play with, like I always do. I could hear Jon come in and out of the room, talking and cooing and playing with Callum every time he stopped by. A few more minutes rolled by with Callum grunting and cooing and doing his normal chatty ritual and then all of a sudden I heard a loud and heavy THUD.

Followed by some pretty loud cries. :(

Both Jon and I came running - exclaiming "Oh God!" in the process (Jon beat me to him, as I had been sitting on the toilet when it happened). Poor little Callum had fallen off the bed! It was an immediate deja vu and reminder of the time Logan fell off (me and off) the bed. Ugh.

Apparently during one of Jon's cooing sessions with Callum, he had placed him on his tummy. Callum is pretty squirmy and strong - pushing off on anything he can get a hold of - yet we hadn't seen him make it all the way across the bed before. But, I guess those days are now over - since it appears he was able to scoot all the way across the bed before falling off the edge.


Jon was doing a great job at calming him down, but I really wanted to make sure Callum was ok and wasn't heading into concussion territory. So I nursed him (which helped calm him down even more), then gave him a bottle after that (which he gladly gulped down). He seemed to be totally normal but I still had Jon do a quick "follow my finger" test to make sure he was watching and tracking with his eyes fine too (he was). At any rate, through all of this, Jon thought I was being a little too overprotective and worried about the whole thing - telling me Callum was fine and not to worry.

When we dropped Logan, it was VERY upsetting (granted, it was in the middle of the night and he was only a month old, but still). It was a pretty traumatic experience for both of us - being brand new parents, we felt like we had COMPLETELY failed our child. :(

This time around, however, we were much more methodical and, dare I say, less emotional about it. It was still traumatic for everyone (poor Callum had it the worst I think) - but I don't think it affected us quite the same as with Logan. Jon even commented how it didn't feel like it was as big of a deal this time around.

Oh, how times have changed! ;-)

I told Callum's teacher when we got to school (which she was shocked about - that I would actually admit and tell her about it, not that it happened), mostly because I wanted her to keep an eye on him just to make sure he didn't act strange the rest of the day. I'm happy to report he did just fine and was his old normal self the entire day.

And, since we're on the topic of parenting.... thought I'd leave you with this little gem. Quite the entertainment, particularly since I know we've met parents like one or the other and/or have demonstrated some of these qualities ourselves! Enjoy. :)


There's something wrong with this picture; especially when you consider Halloween costumes are on my mind and to-do list. I'm beginning to wonder if the costumes I chose will be too hot for the boys! :(

Monday, September 27, 2010

5 months and 33 months old

I started this post a week ago and am barely now getting around to posting it! Bad blogger Bree, bad blogger Bree. ;-)

I'm still adjusting to life back at work - so I decided to cut myself some slack and combine two posts into one. We'll call it the monthly update on both boys. ;-)

I briefly mentioned earlier how Logan has turned into a defiant little punk this past month. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, is No. I don't want to. Nope. (accompanied by running away from me as fast as his little legs can carry him). He's even gotten so ballsy as to yell "NO!" directly to our faces.

Not cool.

We're working on him but I know it's going to take some time. Perhaps 25 years, but we'll get through eventually. Because that's how stubborn Jon and I really are.

Seriously though, there are times when saying "No" is unacceptable. Like, Mommy has just asked you to stop hitting your brother. "No" is not an acceptable response in that scenario. He's learning that there aren't too many scenarios where "no" is acceptable when responding to Mommy or Daddy - but there are a few times where I'll accept it. Even then however, I'm trying to teach him to respond with a "No, thank you". It's hard enough for him to remember to say "thank you" but "No, thank you"!? FUH GETTABOUT IT.

He's also starting to "scold" us from time to time, which is pretty funny. Apparently he's not taking his big brother role lightly, and often lets us know. I've been trying to use that to my advantage (per a tip from my own mom), showing him what a great responsibility it is to be a big brother, and that we need him to help us out with... well, pretty much anything. He'll help cook dinner (and offer some to his brother), he'll help climb into the car and snap himself into his seat while I'm getting Callum ready. He'll help keep his brother happy - cooing to him and making him smile (particularly handy when Callum is on the verge of bursting into a shrieking fit).

And, one I'm really happy about, especially when you think how far we've come, is his responsibility in looking both ways when crossing a street, and pointing out any cars that he might see (if you'll recall, just a few months ago, when I was still pregnant, Logan had started this habit of running away from me, often getting dangerously and scarily close to a parking lot or street). The only thing that's backfired on me about this little perk is now he doesn't want to walk across the street if he sees a car AT ALL. As in, one that's parked three blocks away. He points it out and screams, Mom! A Car!!! Don't go!!

When we returned from Hawaii, all of the teachers in Logan's class commented on how much more he's started talking. I felt like he had picked up his conversational level quite a bit myself, but it's always nice to hear that affirmation from others that aren't directly related to your shining star. Right? ;-)

As for Callum, he's changed tremendously as well. He turned 5 months old last week and it's just amazing when I think that my round squeezable pinchable munchable little baby is almost a half year old. As in, we're rounding the corner and soon approaching ONE! I know, I know, let's not get ahead of ourselves. But, for all those parents out there who know and can understand this one - it's just incredible how the time flies. And, I'd say, PARTICULARLY in the first year of your child's life.

We had thought Callum had started teething toward the end of our Hawaii trip - with all the slobbering and biting and gnawing (and fussiness) that we were dealing with. However, at his last checkup, I asked the doc about it and he said nope, not yet.

I was like HUH!?? (just goes to show, us second, third and so on parents still don't know jack when it comes to another!)

He said Callum's teeth have been moving - for sure - into position. So in that sense, Callum's definitely been feeling something. But, his teeth probably won't cut through for another month or so.

All I could think was, SHIT. If he's been having this much pain and discomfort by a little movement, what the hell do we have in store for us when they actually start pushing through!?

Callum's becoming much more interactive which is so much fun for me. He likes to watch and laugh at the dogs wrestling or running by. He "helps" with his feeding - grabbing his bottle to shove it in his mouth, or grabbing his spoon and biting on it ferociously. He lights up and smiles big and bright the minute he sees me enter the room.

What has been the most fascinating of all is his interest in his big brother. Logan has become his world, the center of attention where nothing else matters (Logan has noticed, and seems to like, his move up in position too). I have to admit that sometimes this can be frustrating - since Logan is so distracting that Callum won't eat or fall asleep as easily.

But most of the time it's just absolutely darling to watch the adoration that is already growing between my two boys. :)


Not sure what Jon was thinking when he dressed Logan in jeans and a long sleeved shirt this morning. He must've been reading the SF weather report instead. ;-) (luckily we had a short sleeved shirt in Logan's cubby that the teachers changed him into today).

In other news, Callum tried bananas yesterday. He doesn't seem to have a preference (yet) but gobbles up anything I give him. :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sweet Potatoes

Last night I decided to try out sweet potatoes with Callum. He didn't seem to notice the change from carrots to sweet potatoes - as he continued to wolf them down just as fast as he's been eating the carrots. He's been a really healthy eater, polishing off 2 jars of food each night for dinner in addition to his bottle of milk! He's also still waking up once in the middle of the night to down another bottle - I feel like we can't keep up nor get enough food into him! (I recall feeling this same way with Logan too).

The good news is, he's adjusted back to a more "normal" night time routine this past week and hasn't been as awful on us throughout the night like he was doing over the weekend, now generally just waking long enough to polish off his bottle and then pass out again for another few hours before morning. Jon has also started helping out more, waking up and covering the middle of the night feeding most nights this week, since I'm down to nursing 1-2 times a day (usually morning and bedtime). Thank goodness too, because with the ridiculous work week I've been having, I've needed all the help I can get just to keep from toppling over each day!

And don't get me started on what a challenge it's been just getting out of the house early enough to get into the office at a decent hour! Let's just say I'm still adjusting to being back to work full time.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Guppy Class 2010

Yesterday Logan attended his first swim class without me in the water with him! I was a little nervous he wouldn't go in without me, so I talked it up a lot beforehand. Which seemed to help since, during the ride over to class, he let me know that he was going to go swimming all on his own and I wasn't allowed in the water with him. Alright!

We got to the pool and he immediately got in on his own without a blink of an eye. I'm sure having Robert there with him was also a nice distraction! ;-)

Both boys did GREAT! I was super proud to see Logan take to the water so easily and have such a wonderful time. He was laughing and smiling and having a blast the entire time. I think being able to touch the bottom of the pool by himself definitely helped. And of course having Robert to goof off with also helped.

In fact, I felt pretty bad for the poor kid of a teacher who was constantly keeping Logan and Robert in check, trying to get them to pay attention, not wander off, sit down and listen to the instructions, etc. At one point Jenn and I joked with another parent that it was like herding cats.

And I told Jenn we should have warned him what he was in for with our two boys. We'll see how he does for the next few months, but I might just have to get him a "Congrats - you survived my son!" gift after it's all over. ;-)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mini Maniacs 2010

Today was the first day of soccer practice for the season. Logan and Robert are on the same team and were very excited to see each other (bright and early) this morning. :)

The practice was a lot of fun and I think the boys really enjoyed themselves. They're too young to actually have competitive games, but the coach has already started with the basics of field rules and had the kids run around doing a few drills (with the assistance of their parents).

Jon and I both noticed that our team has one of THOSE parents that wishes he were a coach, perhaps even THINKS he's the coach, but is really just an annoying nerdy non-sports Dad, yelling at his kid to "Drop the ball son! You do NOT touch the ball with your hands! Do not ever touch the ball with your hands again!"

I'm serious. He called him "son".

I had to use every ounce of self restraint to keep from commenting. Of course, that doesn't stop me from saying something here.

Dude. Give your kid a break. He's T-H-R-E-E.

And oh by the way, wiseguy, there are certain instances in the game where they CAN actually pick up and touch the ball with their hands.


Anyhoo - in the car after practice, Logan said to me, "Mom, that was really hard work". He cracks me up sometimes. Actually, a lot of times.

He also said he had a lot of fun and even asked later on tonight "Mom, can I play some more soccer ball?" I'm so glad to hear Logan's into it and am really looking forward to the rest of the soccer season! :)

Little Bro Spectator.
The other Little Bro Spectator. :)

Loganism of the day

Overheard as he's playing with his trains, in a singsong voice:

Fucka, fuck, fuck.

Logan, what does that mean?

It means fucka, fuck, fuck.

I see.


Today I suggested Jon feed Callum some jarred food, to see if that would satiate him a bit more and help him sleep through the night (he's been doing great with the rice cereal but frankly, we're at that point where we'll try anything to get him to sleep a bit longer!). So, we decided on carrots as his first real "solid" food!

Callum seemed to enjoy the new taste. Jon was able to get through a little less than a jar before Callum had enough - he was QUITE the mess afterward! But, he was all smiles. Later this evening, I gave him the rest of that jar, plus TWO MORE JARS. The kid was a fiend and just kept on going. I was thinking this would be GREAT news for tonight - however, after he was done, he proceeded to have a massive poop which spilled out all over his high chair seat (incidentally, Logan was yelling to me from the bathroom about the massive poop he just had himself. Jon was conveniently NOT home but at a rugby game....) *sigh*

Callum passed out soon after and now I'm wondering if that big poop just made some more room in his little tummy which I was hoping to fill with the carrots. Hopefully he won't wake up so hungry and wide-eyed tonight. *shrug* I guess we'll see.

Friday, September 17, 2010


The last two weeks have been a blur, on top of the previous two weeks (in Hawaii) which were also a blur.

I have so many pics to upload I don't know where to begin. And each day I'm just creating a bigger and bigger hole to dig myself out of.

I've been super sick since the weekend - took Monday off to literally sleep ALL. DAY. LONG. which seemed to help but unfortunately not quite enough. Still recovering.

Had Callum's checkup and interviews all day Tuesday and then my work offsite Wednesday and Thursday.

Last night was a rude awakening and welcome home - as both Callum and Logan woke up several times throughout the night, staggering their wake up calls, so that Jon and I were only ever able to sleep about an hour tops at each shift. No one ever mentions that little gem about parenting two kids. It was brutal.

I decided to work from home today so I could rest. Haven't yet done that, but thinking I may go lie down now before it's time to pick up the kids from school and tackle the 6-8pm Chaotic Evening with a Skosh of Uncontrollable Delirium.

Thankfully, Jon's work schedule has lightened up so he's done (for now) with the late nights.

I'm really looking forward to some downtime with Jon tonight as well as a quiet weekend! :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shark Attack!

Compliments of Amanda and the rest of my coworkers. ;-)

Home bearing gifts

Whoa! What's that? A cupcake?!?

(For those not in the know, it's a Caramel and M&M covered apple from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in Monterey). :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How romantic!

A fireplace in my bedroom but no one to share it with. *sigh*

Offsite in Monterey

I'm at an offsite in Monterey today and tomorrow. Just arrived - this is the view from my balcony. Right over Cannery Row! :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

4 month check up

While not a great pic overall, I find this one funny since I'm looking goofy trying to get Callum to smile in the mirror and instead all he's interested in is the phone in my hand.

Anyway, Callum had his 4 month check up today and he is looking great!! His lungs sound fine, which meant he got the "all clear" for his two shots, poor guy. He handled it really well but I'm sad to say he was burning up this evening when I picked him up from school. We took his temp and it was at 101.6! :( I had woken him up from a nap and I know he runs a little hot while sleeping, but still. I gave him a dose of Tylenol before we left and by the time we got home he seemed to be doing better. We'll check him again in the morning but I'm hoping it was just a temporary reaction to the shots and nothing more.

As for his checkup, Dr. Safir is really impressed with how strong Callum is and how much he's grown, which I have to agree! He weighs 15 lbs and his head is 42.25 cm round. What's astounding however, is his height. He's 26.25" tall, falling into the 90th percentile! Looks like he's got some of the Connally height in him. ;-)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I feel naked.

This is all I'm carrying on my person. Granted this was a super fast trip, but it sure makes a difference when you're traveling with kids, or not. :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010


We had a terrific time tonight. Now time for a wonderful night's rest!! :)

Extraordinary Carrot Cake

And happy birthday to my babe. :)

Dinner Cruise

Eric and Jill have chartered a gorgeous boat for a small dinner party to celebrate Eric's birthday. So fun!! :)

And we're off!

Flying on 9/11. A little spooky. Nice thing is, the airport's practically empty. ;-)

Friday, September 10, 2010

A few things to share

I need to post this quickly because it's ridiculously late and Callum will be waking up soon.


Today is my honey's birthday. He turns 12. Or 13. Or something like that. He's a young kid so I can never remember.

We, unfortunately, didn't get to do anything for his birthday today. The week - due to me returning back to work and Callum being sick and Jon having to work late every night (including tonight) - was too frenetic and crazy for us to even think about it. Perhaps next weekend. Or something.


Today is also Uncle Kai's birthday. I think he turns like -5 or something like that. Damn kids these days.

3) 33 months old!

Today Logan turns 33 months old. Which is like -85 years old in relation to the above two numbers. Or something like that. I plan to write a dedicated post later for Mr. Logan but let's just say the theme of the post is going to go something like "My little one has turned into a defiant little punk who's primary vocabulary now consists of screaming NO to my face".

4) Callum had a follow up appointment with the doctor about his bronchitis and things are looking great! The doc says his lungs are 75-80% better (how do they come up with these numbers? seriously.). He can still hear a bit of congestion and wheezing but it's not nearly as bad and he thinks after we finish up the doses on both meds through the weekend, we'll be good to go. We actually have his 4 month shots and check up scheduled Tuesday morning - which will be a perfect time to do a final check on his lungs to make sure everything really has cleared out.

His daycare has definitely noticed a difference these last two days as well. He's had MUCH better days at school - crying less, eating and sleeping more - slowly getting back to his old self. We still battle a bit in the middle of the night - I think he's most miserable after just waking up when his congestion is probably the worst after sleeping on his face all night. But, again, it's slowly been getting better with each day so I'm hopeful we've turned the corner.

5) What else. First week back to work is behind me. YAY. It took me 2.5 days to get back onto our corporate network and connected to the tools I use day to day. Apparently if your account isn't in use for 30-45 days, they shut you down. Which makes TOTAL sense for all the hundreds of people in this massive company who are taking leave every day. Right? Right. I'm slowly going through my thousands of emails and filing them away never to be seen again. And I've applied for a new job which I'm now interviewing for because this week just couldn't get any busier.

6) Jon and I are off to San Diego tomorrow for a quick 24 hour trip to celebrate Eric's 5th birthday. Or something like that.

They're chartering a boat complete with open bar, beautiful dinner and sinfully delicious birthday cake for dessert. But none of that is as cool as the fact that it's an adults-only evening. Which means, for the FIRST TIME EVAH, we'll be leaving town without our kiddos, who will be spending the night with my parents. Wish them luck. I'm nervous for them.

But, not nervous enough to not look forward to a full night's sleep. ;-)