Saturday, February 28, 2009

Slide Fun!

In all my new mom frustration last weekend, I forgot to mention the lovely time we had with Logan before the tantrum throwing.

Since the weather was actually fairly decent last Saturday, we spent a few hours that morning walking around the neighborhood. We visited Fry's, a nearby park for Logan to stretch his legs at, and then to a taqueria for lunch before heading home.

Logan LOVED the slide at the park - of course! It took a couple tries before he realized his superhuman abs could hold him up in a sitting position to slide down. :)

On Sunday it started to rain again but we were still itching to get out of the house, so we went to the mall, where we bought Logan a new chair of his own as well as his very own Cars telephone to play with. It's actually a real phone but we just don't have it plugged in. He loves it much better than the fake toy phones, being smart enough to know the difference.

In fact, the minute he saw it in the store, he actually picked it up, put it to his ear and started saying something that sounded like hello (without a single prompt from me).

What parent is going to resist buying it after that?? ;-)

(I also just uploaded the Mardi Gras pic series, if you wanna take a peek)

Building Sand Castles

Jenn and I took the boys to the Dance Zone this morning - which did not impress them at all. Turns out all they need is a little sunshine, a few buckets and shovels, and lots and lots of sand to make them happy (and wear them out)!

See the intense look on his face? He's working HARD!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Top Molars are In

Miss Kim has been telling us for the past few days that Logan's molars are pushing through - and we know they've been working their way out for awhile now but we just haven't bothered to torture Logan enough to look.

Last night, Nathan wanted to see the teeth, with his LED Head Lamp and all (poor Logan). So, we three sat peering into Logan's mouth and finally found two sharp little molars answering back to our probing fingers. I have to say, I'm so glad they are finally through.

Next up, the bottom ones....

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mardi Gras

Logan did a few shameless dances to get these from me.

Like shakin' his booty.

And showing off his big belly while bearing his chest.

He wishes he could have joined his Uncle Zane in New Orleans this year! We know it would have been loads of fun! :)

Stacking Blocks

Many mornings I'm multi-tasking.

Oh hell, who am I kidding. I'm always multi-tasking.

So generally my mornings are filled with a little (or a lot, depends on the day) of work, reading emails and what not, while also changing Logan, getting him dressed, feeding him breakfast and packing his lunch for school (Jon also usually checks in with work while helping me out with the chores). We also have to feed the dogs and cats, and give Sanka and Lola their meds for the day. It's usually pretty busy.

But this morning Daddy left early and I had to get a few more things done at work before we took off. So, Logan was on his own to play. He never strays too far, and sure enough, this morning he decided to bring his toys into the room to play near me. He would stack the soft blocks about 4-5 high and then WHAM! knock them all down with a single swing and start over again.

Luckily, my camera happened to be sitting near by so I was able to grab a couple quick shots before heading out the door.

On the mend

I took a few pics of Lola when she was down for the count last week. She basically stationed herself on one of our couches for 48 hours straight.

Luckily, however, she's definitely back on the mend. The visit to the vet on Friday was exactly what she needed. And after a couple days, she was back to her jumping, hyperactive, crazy self. :)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Patience is a Virtue

Since we were in Milpitas to pick up Jon's truck from the shop, I thought it would be nice to catch an early dinner at one of our fave restaurants that we don't eat at too often. So, we grabbed a table and high chair, ordered a huge meal and while waiting for our Roti Prata to arrive, I distracted Logan with some applesauce and a few snacky foods I happened to have in the diaper bag (we hadn't planned on going anywhere except the dealership when we left the house, so I didn't have much on me).

I think I've previously mentioned Logan's new game of throwing everything he can get his hands on. It's gotten to where any meal is a test of patience with us, since he'll generally take a bite or two before tossing whatever he has in front of him, out onto the floor.

Actually, it's not so much a toss as it is a chuck, an overhand fastball straight at your chest.

And let me tell you, as much as my friend Amanda (Hi Amanda!) says it's fun and his way of learning how gravity works, there comes a point when you start to consider whether his understanding how gravity works is more important than say, his life. Because, there have been a few moments where I want to strangle his cute little neck.


So, I suppose it shouldn't come as much surprise that he began throwing anything I set out in front of him at the restaurant. Each time, I'd quietly hiss a firm NO, pick up the scrap or object from the floor and put it on the other side of the table out of arm's reach.

But Mom! This is FUN! Look at how it just falls down to the floor!

He smiled at me and just continued with his little game. Only, when the parents with the two well behaved little girls sitting next to us start giving us the stink eye, it's no longer cute anymore. In fact, he's gotten much worse about ignoring us and doing whatever the hell he wants. And, because he's been praticing, his aim is getting much better too. So guess who was his target tonight? Good ol' Daddy, straight across the table from Logan. He threw a pretzel stick straight at Jon's face, a spoon, some bread, oh - and a couple crayons that almost landed in Jon's drink.

It was all I could do NOT to slap my kid across the face.

When I had finally taken everything away from Logan to stop the throwing, what did he do next? He started yelling and pulling up on the table cloth, shaking it back and forth, tempting the soup bowls full of steaming hot soup to just tip on over into our laps.

We finally decided it wasn't worth it to continue the game. Since we had the two cars, I quickly scooped up my son and stormed out of the restaurant, whispering death threats in his ear "patience is a virtue" to myself, while Jon called the waitress over to pack our food up to-go and pay the check.

I'm starting to think we've hit the "Terrible Twos" just a wee bit early. What do you think?

Friday, February 20, 2009

What do you do when you don't have a scanner?

Why, you take a picture of the picture with your iPhone, of course!

I know it's not the best quality - but I REALLY liked this picture of Logan playing in the sandbox at school and since we don't have a scanner (I know, a totally high tech family yet we lack a scanner. It pains me too.) this was the best I could do for now. Miss Kim has been great about taking pictures of Logan at school during the day and then every now and then she drops one in our mail slot as a sweet surprise when we pick him up. I could go on and on about how much I love Miss Kim - but I think you get the picture. She rocks.

In other news, we had a pretty bumpy day yesterday and then rough night last night.

Our grand plans were to leave for Tahoe yesterday to join the Hicksons for some good ol' fashion sledding, snowman contests and snowball fights. But, bad luck hit with a vengeance - and Jon discovered the sunroof in the truck is broken, permanently in the OPEN position, which doesn't exactly bode well with the expected rain and snow we're going to have this weekend. So, he left it at the shop last night, they called today and unfortunately they won't be able to finish fixing it until tomorrow morning (after a new part comes in). *sigh*

However, we probably couldn't have gone to Tahoe today regardless (we were thinking last night that if they had fixed the truck this morning we might still drive up today). Because, when we got home yesterday we found Lola had puked in her crate and then proceeded to throw up about 5-6 more times through the night. :( I think she finally stopped around 2am. It was brutal (especially because, by about the time she started to calm down, Logan woke up pretty upset and needed some consoling himself). She was throwing up so much she couldn't keep the anti-nausea meds down nor wanted any sort of food we'd offer (even Logan's dinner scraps or her favorite: peanut butter!).

This morning she seemed a little better - in that, she was no longer throwing up thank goodness - but she's been super depressed and just laying on our bed, not moving, not eating, nada. Totally unlike Lola of course, which makes it much worse for us (and her).

At any rate, Jon took her to the vet this morning - they gave her some anti-nausea and anti-diarrhea meds, as well as some fluids, via IV and then sent us home with some stronger anti-nausea meds to continue giving her over the next few days. I'm hoping this week was just a rough one for her because we still have several more chemo sessions to go before we're done with her treatment. :(

And, one of these days, we'll get up to Tahoe yet. Logan has yet to touch snow with his own two hands and I can't wait to see him laughing like crazy while sledding down a mountain. :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A late night talk with my son

We were first woken up by our sickly diabetic cat puking up all over our bedspread at 4:00am in the morning. Lovely, isn't it?

After changing the bedspread and cleaning up the floor and Logan's tent (which was on the floor near my side of the bed, where I essentially threw Sanka the minute I heard her gagging on top of me), we settled back into our deep sleep - only to then be woken by little Logan next.


Jon covered the first shift - feeding him a bottle and putting him back to bed pretty quickly. But at 5:00am, he woke up crying again and wasn't able to fall back to sleep himself. So, I took this shift, and went in to pick him up and console him. I didn't arm myself with a bottle because I thought, he JUST had an entire bottle of warm milk like 20 minutes ago, he couldn't possibly need any more.

Boy was I wrong. And what's more, my crying son let me know.

He kept signing "more" to me in between his sobs and then pointing to the (closed) door of his room. I asked him, more? You want more of what? And he furiously nodded "yes", tears streaming down his face.

I thought, well what could he possibly want more of? He's just tired and upset and needs to sleep, as I dismissed the signs and continued to rock and cuddle with him.

He PUSHED me away and signed "more" again, much more deliberately. I thought, well, he just had a bottle, perhaps he wants more milk? So, I asked him, are you hungry? He nods an emphatic "yes" and then signs "hungry" followed by "more" and additional head nods.

I was amazed at how much he was communicating with me, even in the most distressful situation it seemed. I called out to Jon to get me another bottle, and wouldn't you know it, that's exactly what Logan needed. He polished the bottle off and then snuggled back into my arms, totally content and singing to himself as I rocked him in the dark (and not waking up on his own in the morning until we came in to get him ready for school!).

I was still in disbelief at what had just taken place - exactly *how* much Logan was growing up and communicating on his own. It's truly amazing.

And, who knew? Listening to your baby and watching for the signs is all you really need to succeed at this parenting thing.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Lovey Weekend

Hope everyone had a wonderfully lovey Valentine's weekend! (Jonathan sent me some beautiful roses on Friday to make all the other girls in the office who didn't receive flowers jealous) hee hee

Jon and I celebrated our Valentine's a day early and went out Friday night to dinner and a movie (Coraline - pretty good!). My parents babysat Loganito for the evening and THIS time, he did great, sleeping through the night thank goodness. I'm sure it had something to do with my dad chasing him around the house all night long to tire him out! ;-)

Saturday we took care of a few chores, and I went to a neighbor's "Valentine's Tea Party" while Jon went out to a late lunch with my parents and Logan. That evening, the Jodoins came over to visit - we had a nice dinner and then hung out at our house while the two boys played until bedtime. They had a GREAT time, particularly sitting in Logan's wagon together or pushing each other (mostly Robert pushing Logan) around the house. Before we knew it, Jenn and I had chatted away the night while our two husbands had fallen fast asleep on the couches! :)

Today we visited Odin's breeder at a local dog show to say hi, have her meet Logan for the first time (and see the doggies of course) and check out the new pups she's showing these days. Other than getting totally drenched to and from the show, it was actually a pretty nice outing for all of us - since it got us out of the house, but the show was all indoors so we didn't have to worry about the pouring rain too much. Logan loved running around the rings, checking out all the fascinating different dogs nearby (whereas I was a little more focused on making sure he didn't try and lunge after a huge dog who wasn't used to kids). No more than 5 minutes in the car on our way home, and he was fast asleep, napping for another 2.5 hrs before waking up again!

I've included a few snapshots from the weekend to enjoy. I couldn't really capture it on camera, but Logan has just recently figured out how to walk backwards and was really struttin' his stuff all weekend long, showing off his mad skills to anyone who'd watch.

In addition to the moon walking, he's also taken to throwing EVERYTHING (often times at you, which is really annoying) these days. The only way I have patience to deal, quite honestly, is to look forward to the day we can put that energy to some use - like, plopping him on a pitcher's mound, or teaching him to serve an ace, or cheering him on as he quarterbacks a game-winning play.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Digging for gold

I suppose I should be proud that when I asked Logan to touch his nose, he actually understood me and did it. But picking his nose? Where exactly do you draw the line? ;-)

Today Logan received his first valentine from a classmate, and suddenly it dawned on me that I now need to start sending him to school with cards for the teachers and other kids too. Whoops!
Totally missed the boat on that one.

In other weekly news, yet ANOTHER tooth has broken through (bottom front lateral incisor)!! Hot damn!

Had to deal with a terrible crisis mid-morning yesterday where he literally was screaming in pain for about an hour. It was awful. At first the teachers thought he was constipated, but I think finally he may have just had some really bad gas, since he never actually pooped but his super hard stomach finally turned back to the normal soft baby belly after cuddling in my lap for 30 minutes. :( All I thought was, this is parenting crisis number 8 of many? ;-)

Navigating through traffic and pouring rain as I type, so that's it for my weekly update. (Logan did find my umbrella quite interesting I might add).

Happy Friday the 13th!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

14 months old

I literally had to stop and think for a minute before titling this post.

Let's see..... 12 + January equals 13, + February equals 14.

14 months old!


Why is it parents track kids' ages in months for like 28 months or something? Can we move onto the years marker yet?

And yet, I'm going to make you read about all the fun changes in Logan we've noticed over this past month anyway. So there.

Actually - we've noticed quite a bit. This past month has been momentous for us, mostly because, it feels like Logan has really "grown up". There are so many new things he's picked up that FEEL like they should belong to a 3 yr old toddler and yet our little kid works at them, his mind clicking away at rapid speeds, no problem.

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, his school has moved him onto the toddler schedule. He's transitioned to one nap a day, and has taken to feeding himself with a fork or spoon as much as possible. And, if you forget to give him his fork, he'll make do spearing his cheese cubes with his pretzel sticks instead.

Good luck feeding him on your own - it's a constant struggle as he gets pissed off that you are trying to sneak a piece of pasta in his mouth without HIM putting that piece of pasta in his mouth. He'll mush it in his mouth, contemplating if it's worth eating, and usually spit it out. Then he'll look down at the same mushed up pasta piece on his tray and proceed to spear it with his fork AND THEN - yes, you guessed it - put it in his mouth to eat.

It can drive the most patient person insane.

So just imagine how Jon and I are doing right now.

He has picked up his walking speed a fair number of clicks - to the point that, I have to double check to make sure his classroom door is closed and not wide open when picking him up for the evening. It's happened on more than one occasion where I'll be packing up his stuff only to find he's bolted out the door and down the hallway. He's not yet running, but he's definitely quick and nimble on the feet now.

But, I think the biggest marker of him "growing up" for us, has been the incredible improvements with his fine motor skills. It's amazing to watch his little brain spin while his teeny hands work at solving the mystery that is Mom's water bottle cap. And within minutes he has figured out how to screw the cap on and off, entertaining himself for some time while on Mama's lap. He's quick to untie his shoes - even when I've double-knotted them! He even tries to put his shoes back on once they are off, but of course, gets very frustrated because he can't.

And, his favorite of all time, are his buckles. He helps me buckle himself into his stroller, his car seat, the airplane seat, his high chair. Unfortunately, he isn't strong enough (nor quite figured it out I don't think) that he needs to pinch the clasp together to release the buckle - so he gets extremely annoyed when the buckle won't release by just pulling apart the two ends. Although, it's probably better he doesn't figure out how to undo the buckles for now anyway.

To us, all of these developments feel so much more advanced than a 14 month old should be doing. Yet, he still doesn't talk or utter much of any word at all to be honest (except for perhaps "dog", "dada" and "mama"), so it just goes to show, what you read online is totally true (every baby truly is different and develops at their own pace). ;-)

Even though Logan hasn't started talking yet, he still is a very social and communicative little kid. Just the other night when we were having dinner with the Jodoins and Chouns, Jenn and I noticed Logan and Robert playing "footsie" underneath the table. And afterward, the two buds ran around exploring, hugging, chattering and overall interested in one another and what each was doing. It's great to see that sort of social activity from Logan - and luckily, we observe his outgoing nature in any sort of setting, day after day.

As for his communicative style - though he doesn't speak much at all, he gestures in volumes. He throws his hands up in the air or out to anyone he is interested in greeting. He'll rub his hands together when I get the lotion out, to help me lather him up. But more than anything else, he's really taken to signing lately, and because he's picking it up so quickly, we're trying to encourage it at home even more.

The three main signs he uses the most are 'goodbye', 'more' and 'all done' - but he's also learning 'yes', 'no', and just today, 'hat' (they were playing a game at school where they were trying on several different hats). He also understands 'up', 'down' and 'help' - although he's still having trouble doing those signs (inevitably, if he has trouble, everything becomes 'more' to him) :) And, I'm also working on the sign for 'dog' since he seems to know the word well, and once he gets that down, I think I'll focus on 'cat' next (since, at this point, he thinks all furry animals are 'dogs').

But best of all, Jon has taught him the word 'kiss' - so that our cutie pie will lean in with pursed lips close to our face to peck us on the cheek.

What more could you ask for?

Monday, February 9, 2009


Saturday night my parents did us a HUGE favor by watching Logan so that Jon and I could steal away for some much needed couples time, and a full nights rest. After the crazy past couple of weeks I really welcomed the downtime. It was awesome!!

We actually had a pretty late night since we didn't plan it very well :) But, we still managed to have a scrumptious dinner at our favorite Ethiopian restaurant (Zeni) and then caught a movie afterward (Taken). The movie was really good and I'd highly recommend it. I think it was even more entertaining now that we're parents - both Jon and I were rooting for the Dad big time (played by Liam Neeson) and practically jumped out of our chairs cheering anytime he'd kick a bad guys' ass. What can I say, I'm a sucker for the action flicks.

Unfortunately for my parents, Logan wasn't the easy-go-lucky kiddo that he usually is during his sleepovers - and woke them up not once, but twice, in the middle of the night. :( I felt awful - and it is exactly the reason why I don't like having him sleep over!!

Anyway, my parents were really great spirits about it (thanks mom and dad!!) and enjoyed hanging out with their grandson, at least -- during the waking daylight hours. ;-)

Zabuton took a few pictures of Logan's stay yesterday morning - take a look! (click on the pic for more)

The weekend now behind us, Logan had a really great day at school and impressed his teachers with the new signing he has picked up. Daddy, on the other hand, went home early for the day - as it seems he's now caught the stomach bug that I had last week (at least, we think it's probably the same one).

And with that said, I'm logging off early to take care of my other baby. :(

Sunday, February 8, 2009

8 down, but 12 more to go...?!?!

I decided to bake some yummy sticky buns this evening - it felt like the right thing to do after a nice long walk. Not to mention, it has started raining a good deal, explaining the chill I've been feeling all day. Toward the end of the bake, Logan was letting me know, under no uncertain terms, that he was READY for bed MOM.


So, to try and distract him some while the sticky buns baked their last few minutes (Jon was not home), we sat on the floor in front of the oven with the light on, watching the oozing buttery sugar goodness bubble around the bread. I thought it was mesmerizing. Our hyper-active son, however, didn't. He liked that game for oh, about 6.8 seconds. Nice try MOM.


At any rate, he DID like sitting in my lap - but because he was SO tired, he kept scrunching his whole body down down down, until he was basically LAYING half on my lap and half on the floor; belly, legs and feet flopped in all different directions. And, he kept looking up at me with his big beautiful gray-brown eyes, laaaaaaaaaughing up a storm (at what? I'm not sure. I probably had a few nose hairs sticking out making faces at him.)

Anyway, I took the opportunity to check out his gums and new teeth that have been coming in. He's REALLY persnickety about letting you check his gums, I guess because they are so sore. But with this position, I could easily see down into his mouth without poking him too much. And, wouldn't you know it, I didn't yet see the back left molar that I have been expecting to see for a few days now.

Instead, I found another tooth has just cut through. It seems to be either his upper right canine or 1st molar. It's hard to tell since he was getting squirmy.

But, my point is, that's the 2nd tooth that's popped through over the last week - that has NOT been the one we've been expecting!

It seems like these damn teeth will never end. My boss (the one without any kids) recently asked me how long teething lasts - and I told her about 2 yrs or so, depending on the kid. Which, to most (without kids) wouldn't seem that bad. Logan's a little over one, so you're more than halfway done!

But, then you stop to think about how many teeth he has left to cut (TWELVE! people), four of those being his molars. And, in response to that thought, I simply stuff a buttery sticky bun in my mouth.

What can I say. It helps ease the stress called parenting.

What should I eat?

This is dedicated to all the bacon lovers out there. But more specifically, to Daddy.....

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Training for future pie eating contests

Logan discovered he could hoist himself up in his high chair to stand
above the table and then eat his rice direct from the table with no
hands. I guess he figures he was getting more in his mouth this way?

It was quite hilarious. :)

Super Tall!

Out for lunch and a walk to a nearby playground with my parents...

Friday, February 6, 2009

Bruddah Iz

Normally I will find Odin hanging out on Logan's rug, while Iz is curled up in Logan's crib. There's something about his room that the animals just can't stay away from.

But this -- this is a first. I came in to put Logan down for a nap, only to find Iz curled up sleeping on Logan's changing table!

Logan seems to be doing a little better as of this evening. We had a really tough night last night - he woke up a couple of times in the middle of the night burning up a storm (hitting at least 102.8 during one temp reading) and we struggled to cool him off enough to get him back to sleep. He was miserable and clearly just wanted to be with us, but no one could get comfortable and I'm afraid we all lost a lot of sleep because of it.

I called the doc's office today to check in and make sure I was giving him the right dose of Tylenol and the nurse said it's quite possible the fever is due to a molar or two coming in - apparently they can hit pretty high temps, more than normal teething, when the molars come in. I asked, how high? She said, nonchalantly - eh, up to 103 for a few days at least.

You have GOT to be kidding me.

I worked from home today (Jon came home by about noon to lend a hand for the rest of the afternoon) and by mid-day it seemed his fever had finally broken. He started walking around and playing with his toys which was a huge improvement, thank goodness! He's still been pretty clingy, whiny and basically just uncomfortable and doesn't know what he wants, but much less than yesterday so I think we're finally on the mend. He even ate a few bites of mac n' cheese, some pretzels and a few graham crackers before going to bed for the night - woohoo! :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Logan's school called me about noon today to let me know he was running a fever (101.3). It was the last thing I wanted to hear :( After getting over my horrible stomach bug a couple of days ago, I've been running working nonstop attending early morning client launch calls, mid-day management updates and evening through late hour risk analysis presentations, all to start up again bright and early the next day.

Luckily, I have a wonderfully understanding husband who's been pulling most of the kid-duty weight in our household this week, so that I could take care of these pressing work issues that won't quit.

Still, there's only so much he can cover, and he's gotta work too! So, I took off shortly after I got the call to pick Logan up. He was clearly miserable. :( He was burning up and just totally not himself, immediately clinging to me and not letting go (it's always a "bad" sign when he voluntarily lays his head down on my shoulder and breathes laboriously, all the while completely silent and not saying a peep)....

We got home and I immediately got some Motrin in him, changed him into his pj's (I figured if I were sick, I'd want to be in my pj's so why not him, right?) and gave him his juice bottle (filled with Gatorade to keep him cool and hydrated).... all the while bouncing and cuddling him in my lap while I juggled frantic work phone calls, IMs and emails flying across my screen. Thank goodness I'm able to multi-task!

He fell asleep in my lap an hour or so later, probably feeling better from the Motrin and Mommy-love. I put him down to nap, while then taking advantage of the free hour to do a couple client calls. :)

He's still been feverish (running up to 101.8 last time I checked) most of the afternoon and extremely clingy and whiny, just wanting to cuddle and lay his head on my chest while I work. He fell asleep in my lap for a second time about an hour and a half ago - which I'm now wondering will be for the night.....

Fun times.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Teeth Marks

So many things to report on, but I've got a nasty stomach flu and am going to try and make this quick so I can get back to laying down and feeling sorry for myself.

Anyhoo - I mentioned this last week Logan's been teething. We think, in fact, that he's probably been teething for a couple weeks now - and it's been taking FOREVER. But, we thought, well it's a pretty big tooth coming in (bottom left first molar) so it should take forever, right?

Then, Saturday (just before Jon returned home late that night - yippeee!), I noticed a little shard of white poking through on his bottom FRONT lateral incisor. And I thought, well shit. No wonder he's been a complete maniac for me lately - he doesn't have just one tooth coming in, but another one in the front too! *sigh*

So for the last couple of days I've often times found him standing up, facing his bedroom door, gnawing vigorously on his crib railing like a starving little rat - or perhaps - like a teething baby in pain. It's really hard to say.

(Jon can probably get a much better pic with his macro lens, but I was in a hurry and didn't want to bother with framing a "nice" shot) ;-)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday 2009

We enjoyed Super Bowl Sunday at our friend Jeremy's house and it was CRAZY INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE.

Think 40-50 thirty-somethings who love to watch football, but more importantly, like their hard alcohol and their 1st quarter, 2nd quarter, 3rd quarter, 4th quarter shots. So with each passing quarter the party gets a bit louder and more out of control. We arrived a little late, after the 1st quarter shots, and let's just say we had no trouble finding Jeremy's house, since we could hear the roaring screaming waves of hootin' and hollerin' about 2 blocks away.

Let's just say this was Jon's kind of Super Bowl party.

Logan did surprisingly well - he walked all over the place, grabbing people's legs and asking to be held by every beautiful woman he could flirt with. He was a HUGE hit. Any time there was a roaring cheer, he'd look up with wide eyes wondering WHAT THE HELL and then back down to his cookie, or proceed on his walk around the house and out the back door.

It wasn't an atmosphere for most babies, in fact, we were the only ones there with a kid. And, I spent the majority of the party chasing him around and smiling my "sorry, please excuse my kid who's trying to grab your butt" smile, while picking him up and diverting him to another part of the house. But we still had a great time.

30 minutes or so before the game was over, he finally started to melt down (and mean Mommy and Daddy were instead just glued to the TV and begging him to hold on just a little longer). Thankfully, he was a great sport and hung on for us to see the end of a really exciting game. When we got home the poor little guy crashed, no problem.

Here's Logan on his first Super Bowl Sunday (2008):

And here he is today (what a difference a year makes, right?):