Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Stacking Blocks

Many mornings I'm multi-tasking.

Oh hell, who am I kidding. I'm always multi-tasking.

So generally my mornings are filled with a little (or a lot, depends on the day) of work, reading emails and what not, while also changing Logan, getting him dressed, feeding him breakfast and packing his lunch for school (Jon also usually checks in with work while helping me out with the chores). We also have to feed the dogs and cats, and give Sanka and Lola their meds for the day. It's usually pretty busy.

But this morning Daddy left early and I had to get a few more things done at work before we took off. So, Logan was on his own to play. He never strays too far, and sure enough, this morning he decided to bring his toys into the room to play near me. He would stack the soft blocks about 4-5 high and then WHAM! knock them all down with a single swing and start over again.

Luckily, my camera happened to be sitting near by so I was able to grab a couple quick shots before heading out the door.


Kim said...

LOVE the blocks! ;-)

heather said...

hahaha, super cute :) boy is he getting mature looking!