Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Lovey Weekend

Hope everyone had a wonderfully lovey Valentine's weekend! (Jonathan sent me some beautiful roses on Friday to make all the other girls in the office who didn't receive flowers jealous) hee hee

Jon and I celebrated our Valentine's a day early and went out Friday night to dinner and a movie (Coraline - pretty good!). My parents babysat Loganito for the evening and THIS time, he did great, sleeping through the night thank goodness. I'm sure it had something to do with my dad chasing him around the house all night long to tire him out! ;-)

Saturday we took care of a few chores, and I went to a neighbor's "Valentine's Tea Party" while Jon went out to a late lunch with my parents and Logan. That evening, the Jodoins came over to visit - we had a nice dinner and then hung out at our house while the two boys played until bedtime. They had a GREAT time, particularly sitting in Logan's wagon together or pushing each other (mostly Robert pushing Logan) around the house. Before we knew it, Jenn and I had chatted away the night while our two husbands had fallen fast asleep on the couches! :)

Today we visited Odin's breeder at a local dog show to say hi, have her meet Logan for the first time (and see the doggies of course) and check out the new pups she's showing these days. Other than getting totally drenched to and from the show, it was actually a pretty nice outing for all of us - since it got us out of the house, but the show was all indoors so we didn't have to worry about the pouring rain too much. Logan loved running around the rings, checking out all the fascinating different dogs nearby (whereas I was a little more focused on making sure he didn't try and lunge after a huge dog who wasn't used to kids). No more than 5 minutes in the car on our way home, and he was fast asleep, napping for another 2.5 hrs before waking up again!

I've included a few snapshots from the weekend to enjoy. I couldn't really capture it on camera, but Logan has just recently figured out how to walk backwards and was really struttin' his stuff all weekend long, showing off his mad skills to anyone who'd watch.

In addition to the moon walking, he's also taken to throwing EVERYTHING (often times at you, which is really annoying) these days. The only way I have patience to deal, quite honestly, is to look forward to the day we can put that energy to some use - like, plopping him on a pitcher's mound, or teaching him to serve an ace, or cheering him on as he quarterbacks a game-winning play.

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Kimmy said...

You know, he seriously has about the most adorably contagious smile.