Thursday, February 5, 2009


Logan's school called me about noon today to let me know he was running a fever (101.3). It was the last thing I wanted to hear :( After getting over my horrible stomach bug a couple of days ago, I've been running working nonstop attending early morning client launch calls, mid-day management updates and evening through late hour risk analysis presentations, all to start up again bright and early the next day.

Luckily, I have a wonderfully understanding husband who's been pulling most of the kid-duty weight in our household this week, so that I could take care of these pressing work issues that won't quit.

Still, there's only so much he can cover, and he's gotta work too! So, I took off shortly after I got the call to pick Logan up. He was clearly miserable. :( He was burning up and just totally not himself, immediately clinging to me and not letting go (it's always a "bad" sign when he voluntarily lays his head down on my shoulder and breathes laboriously, all the while completely silent and not saying a peep)....

We got home and I immediately got some Motrin in him, changed him into his pj's (I figured if I were sick, I'd want to be in my pj's so why not him, right?) and gave him his juice bottle (filled with Gatorade to keep him cool and hydrated).... all the while bouncing and cuddling him in my lap while I juggled frantic work phone calls, IMs and emails flying across my screen. Thank goodness I'm able to multi-task!

He fell asleep in my lap an hour or so later, probably feeling better from the Motrin and Mommy-love. I put him down to nap, while then taking advantage of the free hour to do a couple client calls. :)

He's still been feverish (running up to 101.8 last time I checked) most of the afternoon and extremely clingy and whiny, just wanting to cuddle and lay his head on my chest while I work. He fell asleep in my lap for a second time about an hour and a half ago - which I'm now wondering will be for the night.....

Fun times.

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Jennifer said...

I hope Logan is feeling better!