Sunday, February 8, 2009

8 down, but 12 more to go...?!?!

I decided to bake some yummy sticky buns this evening - it felt like the right thing to do after a nice long walk. Not to mention, it has started raining a good deal, explaining the chill I've been feeling all day. Toward the end of the bake, Logan was letting me know, under no uncertain terms, that he was READY for bed MOM.


So, to try and distract him some while the sticky buns baked their last few minutes (Jon was not home), we sat on the floor in front of the oven with the light on, watching the oozing buttery sugar goodness bubble around the bread. I thought it was mesmerizing. Our hyper-active son, however, didn't. He liked that game for oh, about 6.8 seconds. Nice try MOM.


At any rate, he DID like sitting in my lap - but because he was SO tired, he kept scrunching his whole body down down down, until he was basically LAYING half on my lap and half on the floor; belly, legs and feet flopped in all different directions. And, he kept looking up at me with his big beautiful gray-brown eyes, laaaaaaaaaughing up a storm (at what? I'm not sure. I probably had a few nose hairs sticking out making faces at him.)

Anyway, I took the opportunity to check out his gums and new teeth that have been coming in. He's REALLY persnickety about letting you check his gums, I guess because they are so sore. But with this position, I could easily see down into his mouth without poking him too much. And, wouldn't you know it, I didn't yet see the back left molar that I have been expecting to see for a few days now.

Instead, I found another tooth has just cut through. It seems to be either his upper right canine or 1st molar. It's hard to tell since he was getting squirmy.

But, my point is, that's the 2nd tooth that's popped through over the last week - that has NOT been the one we've been expecting!

It seems like these damn teeth will never end. My boss (the one without any kids) recently asked me how long teething lasts - and I told her about 2 yrs or so, depending on the kid. Which, to most (without kids) wouldn't seem that bad. Logan's a little over one, so you're more than halfway done!

But, then you stop to think about how many teeth he has left to cut (TWELVE! people), four of those being his molars. And, in response to that thought, I simply stuff a buttery sticky bun in my mouth.

What can I say. It helps ease the stress called parenting.

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