Saturday, September 28, 2013

At the Drive-In

Here with the Cables family. Waiting for it to get dark so we can see
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2!

All suited up!

A great day (almost too warm) for soccer!

Loganism of the morning

When I'm grown up and you guys are old, I'm going to make my own
sandwich, with jelly only!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Just hanging out

Minion is plenty comfy these days.

When he grows up

Still catching up on life. This is also from last week. The kids were
told to draw what they want to be (their "dream job") - Can you guess

He wants to be a scientist. :)

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Dyeing time!

Trying my hand at dyeing - hope it comes out ok! :)

Logan made a book!

Logan decided earlier this week to make a book on his own.  I'm not sure why exactly but I think because they're learning all about books (the structure, they have front covers, back covers, authors' names, etc.) and are now visiting the school library once a week, that he's taken a special interest.

So, he asked me to help him assemble it and write his story (but the story is all his).  He then gave it to his teacher yesterday as a gift - she was very pleased, and he was very proud.

I stole pics of each page after he went to bed so I could memorialize it here.  ;-)

Front cover - unassisted by me.

He kept repeating "Punto! Punto!" as he was drawing (I was in the other room and thought he was saying something else, about to get pissed at some older kids already teaching him bad words, so I had to get him to clarify for me what he was talking about).  ;-)  As it turns out, he was referring to the period he drew after his name, which he says his teacher insists on (and, if you look at his homework, she is constantly circling a missing punto at the end of each of his sentences.  hahahahahaa!!).

Inside cover - he originally wrote his name and my name for both the author and illustrator but afterward decided to cross his name out for the author and my name out for the illustrator.  I'd argue he still authored the book but that's ok.  ;-)

The story starts:

Monster of Doom.
No more seaweed.
No Way!  This is Dangerous!

I'm not scared of monsters.  They are just chambered in Doom.


No! No way!

The end.  :)


One minute he's yelling at me to turn on another TV show and the next
minute he's passed out. ;-)

Doesn't look comfortable to me but if I move him he will probably wake up. Ugh!

Can't miss him now!

Believe it or not, the pair he actually wanted was even brighter and
wilder than these (but they didn't have his size so this was his
second pick). ;-)


Logan specifically asked to play soccer again this season, so we were
happy to sign him up! First day of the Fall Season (with a new
program) and he's having loads of fun. :)

Friday, September 20, 2013

Movie night!

Logan's school is putting on a movie night for all the families and it
just started. Fun!

Callumism upon our return

Mommy, but these cars don't have rainbows on them. (referring to the
license plates)

That's right Buddy, we're not in Hawaii anymore.

But Mommy, we didn't see any volcanoes.

Yeah, sorry Buddy. I guess we'll have to see those on another visit!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Greenwell Coffee Farm

Took a really interesting tour and bought a ton of coffee to take back home!

Da Beach!

Breakfast of Champions!

Delicious. :)

Peaberry and Galette

A local creperie stop, before we hit the beach.

Boys and their electronics

Alright boys! Time to go shopping! ;-)

Our new view!

Just to the right, is the viewing of the Keauhou Manta Rays, which we
got to see last night (a pro snorkeler comes out every night to "show"
the rays off for hotel guests).

Logan was EXTREMELY upset with us for moving hotels yesterday. He
didn't understand why we were leaving his "favorite" hotel, the Palace
Tower. I assured him our next hotel would also be great and we'd get a
chance to see a different part of the island for a couple of days.
This logic didn't compute well with the 5 yr old.

Until we arrived and he was given a lei by the beautiful women at the
front desk and saw the big pool in the inner garden. And just like
that, he forgot about the previous hotel and decided this one was just
as cool. ;-)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Beautiful ceremony

Just finished witnessing another couple of friends getting married.
Always so fun! Now, onto the party. ;-)

Putting Greens

A bit of competitive play for the afternoon. We didn't actually finish
all 18 holes - it was blazing hot and the boys lost steam. But we did
have about an hour of fun. ;-)

Kau Kau Depot

We had a bit of trouble finding this local breakfast joint but great
yummy food once we got here! :)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Family photo

Dressed a little nicer for the luau tonight. Callum looks a little
stoned and Logan is doing anything he can to NOT smile. Typical. ;-)

A requirement for every visit

We had a yummy (late) lunch and then drove to Anuenue Shave Ice which
is supposed to be the best shave ice on the Big Island. But, we've
been too spoiled with the excellent spots we've been to on Oahu. Good
news is, the kids loved it and didn't know any difference. LOL

I should probably be napping too

What happens when you wake up before the sun, walk all over the
property grounds, play in the sand and water under the hot sun for a
couple of hours and then take a drive to grab some lunch? ;-)

My cabana boys

They have such a rough life. ;-)


I was surprised at how many they have here. I think I counted about
10, at least that I could see!

Early morning stroll

Callum woke up at 4:45am today. I tried to get him back to sleep but
decided to give up after 45 min of squirming. ;-)

So we are now strolling the resort grounds. Nice thing is, it's
beautiful, quiet and so peaceful! :)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sea turtles!

Callum was fascinated (as was I!). :)


Our vacation has officially started!

Ginormous Mini Van

We got some sort of Dodge ginormous mini van with a third row. The
kids immediately jumped in the back seat and buckled themselves in.

"It's like a couch!" :)


We have arrived! Now for some relaxin' time!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Rough housing

Band aids make everything better. Bonus points if they've got
characters on them. ;-)

Monday, September 2, 2013

Early birthday celebrations!

Jon and Eric's birthdays are a couple of days apart (and in less than
2 wks) so we decided to spend the day yesterday hanging out and
celebrating together.

We all had donuts for breakfast, which the kids absolutely loved (as
always!). Jon and Eric went out golfing in the morning while Jill and
I took the kids to a nearby park to run off some of their energy. We
had plans to hit up a nearby mini golf spot after naps, but sadly,
they closed their doors a couple of weeks ago and there wasn't any
other mini golf options in the vicinity! :(

So, we just spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out and letting
the kids play to their hearts' content. :) Eric whipped up a delicious
dinner for everyone and then we all pigged out taste testing these
cute (and delicious) mini cupcakes for dessert!

What a fun day! Happy (early) birthday to the Daddys! :)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Princess Jon

Amelia has asked us if we can have a daughter. She needs a girl friend
to play with. ;-)

In the meantime, she's found a patient mark in Jon to play dress up with.

Logan's Shadow

Trent loves following Logan around. Here they are hanging out in a
tunnel (asking the other kids for a password to get through) on the

There's a reason I only have two kids

Pushing four on the swings all at once is hard work! ;-)