Thursday, May 31, 2012

One brave fox!

He came right up onto our balcony and peered inside the living room at us a few times. :) Poor guy was pretty scrawny too, probably looking for some food. :/

Yellowstone Lake

I think today was our longest drive of the trip, around to the east side of the park to see the Lake. We also visited the Sulphur Caldron/Mud Volcano area, saw some rapids, more cool wildlife and gorgeous scenery all along the way.

I've been so impressed with how well the boys are behaving this trip. Especially Logan, since we're walking about 2 miles a day, which he's doing all on his own!  (Callum is doing fairly well too but tires out much sooner of course! So we finish his walks either in the stroller or with Jon carrying him)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The grand finale: Old Faithful

Logan and I saw Old Faithful spout off THREE times this afternoon, and they were all fantastic! (everyone else only saw it spout twice - haha!)

In between wait times, we explored the Visitor Center, had lunch at the famous Old Faithful Inn and walked all around the surrounding Geyser Hill (which had several other geysers, springs and pools to see!). :)

Next stop: Black Sand Basin

Interestingly, hardly any black sand around this area. :)

This is a shot of Emerald Pool, one of my favorite shots today.

First stop: Biscuit Basin

Sapphire Pool, one of the larger features at Biscuit Basin. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

More hot water!

Today we explored more hot water - geysers, springs and mud pots. Every single one was super neat! 

We started off on a drive around the Firehole Falls (not hot, but still plenty of water!) and then spent most of our day exploring the Lower and Midway Geyser Basins, which included the Grand Prismatic Spring, the Great Fountain Geyser, the Firehole (hot) Lake and the Fountain Paint Pots.

Callum liked to warn me about the hot water (guess what I was warning him of!) while Logan noticed all of the steam made the areas look like a haunted house. :)

Midway Geyser Basin

The colors of this spring (Grand Prismatic Spring) were amazing!

Peeping Tom

Some excitement at the house this evening as a ton of Bison traveled across our yard. Jon got mad at me for taking pics of this guy since he could easily break thru the window if he had wanted to. As you can see, he was close enough to be fogging up the glass! :)


Underneath our balcony and in our backyard when we got home. :)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Loganisms today

1) Mom, I want to stay at our vacation house FOREVER.

2) To Jill:

You're old because you have a lot of spots.

(We think he was talking about her moles. Poor Jill!)

Big brother Logan

Logan is pretty popular as the big kid in the house. Here Trent decided he'd make a comfy chair out of Logan, who didn't even stir or blink at the idea. ;-)

Mammoth Hot Springs

We covered a lot of terrain today during our first park visit! Saw tons of bison (got held up in a traffic jam while a herd decided to use our lane as theirs) :) , a herd of deer, a pronghorn (I think) and some magpies picking up a few of our picnic leftovers.

We spent most of our time exploring Mammoth Hot Springs. The entire area smells of sulfur, which Logan noticed smells a lot like Daddy had farted. ;-)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The next generation

Expecting everything to be touch. ;-)

Where the buffalo roam...

One of several phenomenal views from our cabin!

Hey look what's on Buffalo Drive!

We drove right thru a small herd, maybe a quarter of a mile from our house. :)

Then it cleared up - beautiful!

Snowstorm in Spring!

Crazy!  This was from the first part of our drive. 


The Bozeman airport is pretty cool. Lots of bronzed statues of large animals.  Perfect for little kids. ;-)

Early flights mean early naps

Poor guy passed out about 15 min before the landing. 

To infinity and beyond!

or maybe Yellowstone. ;-)

Friday, May 25, 2012

All packed up!

We're moving (into my new company's office) end of next week. But, yesterday was my last day at the Tellme office since I'm home with the boys today as we get ready for our big week long trip to Yellowstone starting tomorrow!

Kinda sad to end such a wonderful long era, and at such a beautiful fun location. But, will also be neat to start on a clean slate somewhere brand new. :)

A new game

I uploaded a few new games to Logan's iPad to get ready for our long day of travel to Yellowstone tomorrow. The boys are testing it out now. I think they like it. ;-)

Monday, May 21, 2012

On a trip to Africa

Who are these guys Logan?

[From left to right] Callum, Mommy, Logan and my two doggies.

Where's Daddy?

At home. 

Where are we?

In Africa.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

My baby

Growing up so very fast! 

Loganism of the day

Mom, keep an eye on him [Callum]. If he goes anywhere, follow him. And don't let him take my toys. 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Helping Uncle Zane

My brother is out of town for a few weeks so I'm watering his plants while he's out.  Logan joined me to help today. ;-)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Hmmmm, where to sleep, where to sleep?

Anytime Jon is out of town (like this week) I let Logan sleep in my bed.

I wonder how long I can keep allowing him that luxury, if he keeps growing like he is. ;-)

Crazy hair day, number two

Callum was very interested in Logan's crazy hair and started stomping around yelling "Callum's turn!"

So, there you go.  :)

Crazy hair day!

Yes, I took this while he was sitting on the toilet. It was the only non-blurry option. ;-)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Loganism of the day

(In the bathroom)

Me: Hey Logan, when are you going to start wiping your own butt?

Logan: Not 'til I'm 17!


Happy Mother's Day! :) 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

How about now Mom?

He thought he was sooooooo funny! ;-)

Take 73

I asked Logan to stand still, look at the camera and smile. 

Logan's birthday list

Apparently all the kids at school talk all day long about who is on, or not on, their birthday lists (to attend each of their birthday parties). Each day it changes "you're not on my birthday list", as if that's a punishment or reward. ;-)

So Logan was talking about who he has on his birthday list the other night. I told him we could write the list, figuring it'd be a good way to practice sounding out each of his friend's names and write them.

The strange "v" after each name was him "checking off" each name after we were done. One of the teachers must be left-handed, given how he writes the check mark.  And, the long line of x's on the right are all those who did not make the list!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Irises in bloom

I brought my (good) camera to take a few close up pics of the flowers in bloom today - I was lucky enough to capture a few fun shots that I thought I'd share.  They were all such gorgeous blooms, it was really hard paring down to just this set.  Enjoy! :)

My dad was asking me if this is a new thing: Logan making goofy faces while taking pictures.  Ugh, unfortunately, Yessssss.