Friday, December 28, 2007

Boppy Time!

My parents got us a boppy to use during breastfeeding. It also happens to be perfect for Logan to lounge around in. :)

Click on the photo below to see several great shots of Logan putting his mad modeling skills to the test!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Our Fighter's Weigh In

Yesterday was another round of doc check ups for little Logan. Everything looks good with his hip brace -- we're scheduled to have an ultrasound done in 4 weeks and assess the situation at that time. Hopefully Logan won't need the brace much more after that! (A pic of his brace get-up to the left)

To get ready for his pediatrician appt, we thawed all the milk I had pumped so far (a mere 3 oz) and fed that to him in between my nursing. I felt like we were bulking our guy up for a fighter's weigh in before a round of fights! ;-) At any rate, he weighed in at 8lbs, 0.5oz (gained 3.5 oz) -- which is a "fair" weight gain, but we'd still like to see more (Dr. Safir wants to see him gain about an oz a day, so we were just under the 5oz goal). Still, the weight gain looks promising, Logan looks real healthy and is peeing/pooping just fine and Dr. Safir feels like Logan is going to turn this around. So, he's buying me a little more time to breastfeed and we'll go back in on Monday (another 5 days) to weigh again.

In the meantime, Jenn and her mom (a lactation consultant) suggested I pump about 5 min BEFORE each feeding to help build up my supply (I had been pumping after and only a couple times a day). I also was reading that if you pump both breasts simultaneously, it will help increase your supply. So, last night -- while Loganito visited with his Uncle Danny and Aunts Amanda and Sarah for the first time, I started this new strategy. And lo and behold, only after 2 sessions I had pumped 2 oz. It felt like such a victory for me :)

Jon did a big portion of the babysitting last night while I tried to catch up on some sleep which also really helped a lot. I was feeling like a zombie yesterday but feeling so much better today. It's amazing what a few hrs of uninterrupted sleep can do for you!! :)

As for Logan, he is blissfully unaware of how much his crankiness keeps us up at night. ;-) He LOVES to be held or close to us -- in fact, when nothing else works, I'll usually be up walking all around the house patting his back, singing, swaying, doing whatever I can to calm him down. He's a funny little guy -- goes from a konked out peaceful slumber to screaming pissed off crying (with mouth corners frowned down which actually looks pretty cute!!) baby in a matter of seconds. We're getting awfully good at changing his diaper or getting me ready to nurse him quickly, depending on what he's unhappy about.

This morning I finally finished nursing him and calming him down (he hates being "removed" from the boob), and laid him down next to me in bed so we could nap a little bit longer. I was tired as hell but captivated by his little movements, his facial expressions, his yawns and puckering lips, or little fists that shove in his mouth or push up into the air (while his legs scrunch up and pull into his belly) as he tries to fart. I know it's times like these that everyone says not to forget. It's also times like these that everyone says to catch up on sleep (when he's sleeping) but how can you sleep when you're so in love with this little being you just created? As trying as these first few weeks are, it's still an incredible and amazing experience.

I do wonder though, if some of his crankiness is due to over-stimulation. Given the holidays and our big family on both sides, we've had a lot of visitors in and out. The TV is always blaring, dogs and cats are whining for attention, and Mom/Dad are pecking at the laptops. ;-) I figure it's good practice for Logan's life moving forward, but I suppose it may be a little too much at times for this guy that was just introduced to the world only a few days ago. hehe Ah well, we're all adjusting slowly to the change. :)

Gotta get ready to feed again. Jon is out grabbing lunch and renting a baby scale -- I figure with the weight gain issues we're experiencing, I'll feel better if I can just track his improvements day to day myself. And yes, I might just create a spreadsheet for it too. :-P

Monday, December 24, 2007

2 Weeks Old!

Today our little man turned 2 weeks old - my, how time flies by!! :) We've both had a heck of a time adjusting to his fussiness at night (he's a little devil - peaceful and precious as can be during the day when family and friends visit, then turns into a crying banshee at night - really putting mom and dad to the test!) ;-) Yet we've also really been enjoying every day that passes by with Mr. Logan.

We've done a lot this past week. We had our first doctor's visit last Monday and weighed in at 7lbs, 14.5oz which was not bad! He also had his first vaccination shot (Hep B). I had an unexpected response to the shot -- Logan was peaceful and quiet until Dr Safir gave him his shot, and then he all of a sudden broke into a painful wail (duh, Bree!). It was difficult for me to watch -- talk about hormones on the loose! :( We had his orthopedic visit on Tuesday morning - but completely slept in - whoops! (when I called the dr's office to reschedule the appt, the receptionist wasn't too sympathetic and basically told me the next available appt wasn't until late January. I almost lost it and felt like screaming, "listen lady, we just had a baby a week ago who was up all night crying, cut me a little slack" but decided to keep mum and instead nicely insisted she find an open time for us to come in sometime later in the week. She did.)

Mid-week we took our first walk around our new neighborhood (which is beautiful and we absolutely love it!!) -- Logan seemed to like the ride in his stroller and calmed down after the first half block or so and was out like a light for the rest of the walk. I really enjoyed getting out of the house and taking in some fresh air -- but I think I overdid it a little, since I was super sore and tired later that night and the next day. oh well, it was still worth it! :) Logan also lost his umbilical cord "stump" last week which was great for us -- one more milestone surpassed!

Friday was a big day -- we went to see the orthopedic pediatrician in the morning and the good news is, he thinks Logan's hips have already improved a bit since he was born -- his hips aren't as loose as they first were and seem to be improving a bit on their own which is great! Still, we decided to treat them with a little brace that splays out his legs like a little frog for the next 6-8 weeks and then we'll do an ultrasound and see how well things have progressed. A friend of mine (Karen) is battling hip dysplasia with her own daughter, so I've seen the braces and know from Karen that it's a pretty tough emotional roller coaster ride, but I still had a hard time seeing the doctor strap on this medieval awful-looking contraption to keep Logan's legs in an uncomfortable looking position. Logan, on the other hand, seemed to be totally fine with it. heh. Once again, my hormones took advantage of my vulnerable state. ;-)

After the ortho appt, the three of us went out to lunch, the baby store, and then off to his 2nd pediatrician visit to do a quick weight check before the holidays. Neither Jon nor I were concerned given Logan's been a little monster with marathon-long feedings -- so we were very surprised when the nurse said he weighed 7lbs, 13oz. :( which means he's basically maintained his weight from earlier in the week and not gained any -- which isn't good since we want to see him gaining at least an ounce a day. Dr. Safir wasn't yet concerned since Logan wasn't quite 2 weeks yet, but said he'll need to gain more by the next weigh-in or we'll have to start thinking about supplementing his diet....

The minute Dr. Safir left the room, my hormones took over once again and I just lost it. I've been trying so very hard to nurse Logan as often as possible, every couple of hours, and usually feeding for about 45min-1hr!! It's been particularly exhausting for me since it means I only get about an hour of downtime before I have to nurse again. Hearing the news that Logan wasn't gaining any weight was super frustrating, esp. since I don't want to move to formula! :( So, we've been working all weekend long to feed him even more; and one of my goals has been to get him to stay on one boob long enough to take in more of the hind-milk in the hopes of fattening him up. Our next appt is on Wednesday, so we'll see if it works! And I have to say, despite what the weigh-ins are saying, Logan definitely looks/feels bigger than when he was born and seems to be growing like a weed -- perhaps they've just made a mistake during one of the weigh-ins? I can only hope. :)

Yesterday we went out to lunch with our friends Jenn & Jarrod (who have a 4-mth old, Robert) which was just great since we made it thru the whole meal at the restaurant without Logan freaking out (until the end, when he had a pretty bad poopy diaper). We were able to catch up on all the latest baby changes between our two kids, and I was able to "compare notes" with Jenn on breastfeeding, baby care, development, you name it. Our other two friends, Kim & Nathan (who have a 10-week old, Molly) also stopped by later for dinner. It was refreshing to spend time with all the friends and nice for me to hear that Kim and Jenn experienced similar issues with their kids early on, but that it does get better. I know that it's true, but it's still nice to hear from new parents that have JUST gone thru it not long ago. :)

Because of Logan's birth, this holiday season has quietly crept up on us and it doesn't quite feel like the Christmas's of past. We're spending our Christmas Eve watching the Chargers game while Logan sleeps (upside down) in my lap. Tomorrow we'll go to my parent's house for a quiet day with my immediate family and some good grub. Other than that, we're just enjoying another week with Logan before the holidays are over and Jon has to return to work.

happy holidays to all!
bree, jon and logan

Saturday, December 22, 2007

New Pics, New Pics, Move Down, Move Down, New Pics, New Pics, Move Down

The grandmas have really been itchin' to see more pics of Logan. So, to see even more pictures of Logan chilling with his peeps, click HERE!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Logan's first Dr. apt. and footprints

Logan had his first Dr. appointment today. He is nice and healthy, and his weight is on the rise. He got his first shot. It does not seem that he is likely to ever enjoy them. Also have a look at his footprints. They were taken at the hospital right after his birth.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Eyes wide open

For the last few days, Logan seems to be much more aware of his surroundings, eyes wide open. Each night has been a bit better for us as well -- as he is sleeping more at night and less during the day. Yay!

Today we were shocked that he stayed wide awake for a good two hours -- looking around at mom, dad, the dogs, even the Chargers game on TV! We thought it was pretty cute watching him take in the world. :)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Mama's Midnight (or 3am?) Musings

As I try to comfort my hiccupping son back to sleep, I thought I'd write a few "top of the mind" thoughts to the blog.
  • I absolutely love all of Logan's little faces - particularly the ones where he puckers up his lips right after a long feeding
  • He's just starting to open his eyes more and more the last couple of days and it's so wonderful to watch him taking in the world. I like to think he looks at me in a dreamy way (or is that just the milk?) - I know I look at him that way. I definitely find myself wasting away hours at a time just looking at him and memorizing all of his features and expressions. I'm in love all over again.
  • It still hasn't quite sunk in that this little guy was inside me just a week ago. I have these "phantom" kicks in my belly every now and then, and forget - oh wait, you're right here in my arms... and no longer inside me. It's the most bizarre experience.
  • It hasn't yet hit me that I'm a mom or that I have a son! For that matter, I haven't quite gotten used to calling the baby "Logan" either. I was just telling friends tonight that when I called into the pediatrician's office to make Logan's first appt, the gal asked for a name - I immediately said Bree Connally - the gal said, uhhh no. your *son's* name. ohhhhhhh right! ;-)
  • Everyone asks me if giving birth naturally was the most pain I've ever experienced. It's funny, my first reaction to that question is "no" even tho I don't think I've experienced anything more painful..... but I think what it is is, going thru a natural child birth was manageable and, as painful as it was (don't get me wrong, it was painful for me and the entire birthing ward knew it!), it seems like there could be other things that are more painful, or rather, out of your control and a lot less manageable. Hard to say.
  • How does anyone "sleep when the baby sleeps"? When Logan is sleeping, Jon and I are catching up on the rest of the world - Jon runs errands, I do some laundry, we unpack a few more boxes, or just watch some tv and talk to each other. Every minute is so much more precious now.
  • Porn-star boobs are NOT cool. Particularly when engorged with milk. Who would ever want implants?
  • I've learned it's probably better NOT to watch a tv show where something happens to a child, esp. while nursing. I was catching up on TiVO the other night, taking in this week's CSI New York episode. In it, a little boy gets shot and dies. By the time the CSI had to tell the mother, I was bawling and holding onto Logan even tighter than before. Little Logan kept on sucking/snoozing away....
  • Having a child together has brought Jon and I closer together than anything ever before. Jon and I have both already had our breaking points where we've done everything we can to comfort and calm Logan down (he gets very upset in the middle of the night for no apparent reason), yet nothing works. The great thing is, we have each other to take turns and shoulder the burden together. I couldn't imagine ever doing this alone! I feel so very lucky having such a loving, caring, attentive and involved husband, partner and friend, as I do.
  • I have been so wrapped up in learning how to be a mother, with all my attention focused on Logan, that I sometimes forget the trauma my own body has been through only a few days ago. But, Jon has been great at watching out for me - making sure I'm taking care of myself, recovering well, and resting when I need it.
  • The dogs and cats haven't really been affected by our new family member. I'm not sure if they have just gotten accustomed to a little baby's cries because of our other friends who've all recently had babies? Or, was the move into a new house more of a disruption to their lives, so this is just a minor "aftershock" that isn't as noticeable?
  • I miss sleeping next to my husband.
  • I don't miss work. (How could you return to work so soon anyway?)
  • We like to think our son is already a super star. :) Although I know it's just reflexes at this point, I see a smile break out every now and then on his face. He grabs onto my fingers, shirt, pacifier, anything! and holds tight (and holds it to his mouth). He knows the pacifier is definitely NOT a boob and generally will spit it out. He pushes up with his arms and rolls his head around quite a bit - Jon's already scheming when we can start him on football. I think we should wait to see what the orthopedic doc says first. ;-)
  • Jon disagrees, but I definitely can see how there is a different sound or cry for different things. Logan makes little "piggy" noises when he's trying to locate my nipple to feed. He has these squeaky cooing sounds when he's sleeping and dreaming. He has a super high pitched cry that he uses when he first starts to get agitated or is hungry. That then moves into a full blown out wail that you can hear through the entire house - either when he's getting changed, or we just haven't calmed him down fast enough after the first high pitched cries start.
  • I'm not liking the whole "milk lady" feeling - is that all I'm good for - a feeding? (and every friggin' 2 hours too)
  • On the other hand, I love the "milk lady" feeling. Jon has to get pretty creative in how he plays, interacts and calms Logan down when need be. Me, on the other hand, I have this natural gift and connection to Logan that no one else has. It's so very special and I cherish it like everything else.

speaking of..... I need to get ready for another feeding. moo.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Day 4: Demand for more Pictures

We've been receiving several requests for more pics.... we hope everyone enjoys the additional ones added. Most of these are the coming home pics. We'll post up some more later -- but have been waiting to get DSL into the new house before we do too much (uploading pics on a wireless card is a sloowwwww process!) :)

Taken with Bree's iPhone -- typical sleepy face after a feeding with mama.

Click on my picture to see more photos of me with mom and dad, and coming home...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Day 3: Coming Home

Day 3 was a big day for us since it was time to finally check out of the hospital and come home! Altho the hospital staff had been really good to us, basically waiting on us hand and foot, that also made it really tough for us to get much sleep. I felt like the minute we got Logan fed and quieted down, a nurse or doctor was calling, stopping by to check up on him or me, etc. It was like having a revolving door to our room.

We DID have a better 2nd night tho - we got a couple hours of sleep this time! But, still tough to get through and has overall been a pretty big shock to both of our systems. Neither Jon nor I are good on little sleep, esp. with a screaming upset baby. ;-) But, we're learning and definitely getting better quickly. :)

It was absolutely wonderful coming home. Even though we've only lived in our new home for a few days, and still have boxes unpacked, it's definitely HOME. My parents surprised us with a whole slew of beautiful bright red poinsettias throughout the entire house (I think they bought about 22 or something?) to welcome us home. Catherine, Jon's sister, stayed the night and had unpacked the entire kitchen for us, as well as organized all of Logan's clothes for me in the nursery, set up the bassinet, washed all the crib linens, etc. to get ready for his coming home. What a relief to know that was all taken care of!! :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Day 2: I once knew a friend named sleep

Well it is day 2, and neither Bree nor I slept well. Little Logan, who was such an angel when people visited yesterday, decided he is a night owl and wanted to feeeeeeeeed. Well it is a good sign that he wants to eat. He also pooped a bunch and peed a couple of times. So he is doing well on the hospital's poop and pee curve.

Yesterday, our pediatrician examined Logan, and discovered, because of his folded in half / feet to face posture in the womb, his hip sockets will need some help in shaping. Logan will visit an orthopedic dr in the next week, and will have to wear a m&m shell diaper thingy, which will position his legs such that his hip sockets form correctly. He should only need to wear it for a short while, 2 - 3 months.

Bree naps quietly next to me, as we await the lactation consultant visit and Logan's next feeding.



Monday, December 10, 2007

El Nino esta aqui

Bree woke up at 4:30am having contractions. We left for the hospital at 7:00am and she was checked in and being examined at 7:30. She was already dilated to 7cm at that point. No one, including ourselves, could believe it. She quickly dilated to 10cm and began pushing. Her water broke during her first set of pushing. The Dr. was there very quickly, and after a few rounds of pushing it became apparent the baby was breach. Bree was rushed to the OR to continue delivering vaginally, but there was a whole team on standby in case she needed a C-section. She was able to finish delivering vaginally, though needed stitches. She made it through like a champ, and all without any pain killers. Logan Avery Shipman was born at 10:17am on Dec 10th, 2007. He weighed in at 8lbs and 6oz. World beware!

Click on my sexy picture to see my day 1 photo album: