Monday, December 24, 2007

2 Weeks Old!

Today our little man turned 2 weeks old - my, how time flies by!! :) We've both had a heck of a time adjusting to his fussiness at night (he's a little devil - peaceful and precious as can be during the day when family and friends visit, then turns into a crying banshee at night - really putting mom and dad to the test!) ;-) Yet we've also really been enjoying every day that passes by with Mr. Logan.

We've done a lot this past week. We had our first doctor's visit last Monday and weighed in at 7lbs, 14.5oz which was not bad! He also had his first vaccination shot (Hep B). I had an unexpected response to the shot -- Logan was peaceful and quiet until Dr Safir gave him his shot, and then he all of a sudden broke into a painful wail (duh, Bree!). It was difficult for me to watch -- talk about hormones on the loose! :( We had his orthopedic visit on Tuesday morning - but completely slept in - whoops! (when I called the dr's office to reschedule the appt, the receptionist wasn't too sympathetic and basically told me the next available appt wasn't until late January. I almost lost it and felt like screaming, "listen lady, we just had a baby a week ago who was up all night crying, cut me a little slack" but decided to keep mum and instead nicely insisted she find an open time for us to come in sometime later in the week. She did.)

Mid-week we took our first walk around our new neighborhood (which is beautiful and we absolutely love it!!) -- Logan seemed to like the ride in his stroller and calmed down after the first half block or so and was out like a light for the rest of the walk. I really enjoyed getting out of the house and taking in some fresh air -- but I think I overdid it a little, since I was super sore and tired later that night and the next day. oh well, it was still worth it! :) Logan also lost his umbilical cord "stump" last week which was great for us -- one more milestone surpassed!

Friday was a big day -- we went to see the orthopedic pediatrician in the morning and the good news is, he thinks Logan's hips have already improved a bit since he was born -- his hips aren't as loose as they first were and seem to be improving a bit on their own which is great! Still, we decided to treat them with a little brace that splays out his legs like a little frog for the next 6-8 weeks and then we'll do an ultrasound and see how well things have progressed. A friend of mine (Karen) is battling hip dysplasia with her own daughter, so I've seen the braces and know from Karen that it's a pretty tough emotional roller coaster ride, but I still had a hard time seeing the doctor strap on this medieval awful-looking contraption to keep Logan's legs in an uncomfortable looking position. Logan, on the other hand, seemed to be totally fine with it. heh. Once again, my hormones took advantage of my vulnerable state. ;-)

After the ortho appt, the three of us went out to lunch, the baby store, and then off to his 2nd pediatrician visit to do a quick weight check before the holidays. Neither Jon nor I were concerned given Logan's been a little monster with marathon-long feedings -- so we were very surprised when the nurse said he weighed 7lbs, 13oz. :( which means he's basically maintained his weight from earlier in the week and not gained any -- which isn't good since we want to see him gaining at least an ounce a day. Dr. Safir wasn't yet concerned since Logan wasn't quite 2 weeks yet, but said he'll need to gain more by the next weigh-in or we'll have to start thinking about supplementing his diet....

The minute Dr. Safir left the room, my hormones took over once again and I just lost it. I've been trying so very hard to nurse Logan as often as possible, every couple of hours, and usually feeding for about 45min-1hr!! It's been particularly exhausting for me since it means I only get about an hour of downtime before I have to nurse again. Hearing the news that Logan wasn't gaining any weight was super frustrating, esp. since I don't want to move to formula! :( So, we've been working all weekend long to feed him even more; and one of my goals has been to get him to stay on one boob long enough to take in more of the hind-milk in the hopes of fattening him up. Our next appt is on Wednesday, so we'll see if it works! And I have to say, despite what the weigh-ins are saying, Logan definitely looks/feels bigger than when he was born and seems to be growing like a weed -- perhaps they've just made a mistake during one of the weigh-ins? I can only hope. :)

Yesterday we went out to lunch with our friends Jenn & Jarrod (who have a 4-mth old, Robert) which was just great since we made it thru the whole meal at the restaurant without Logan freaking out (until the end, when he had a pretty bad poopy diaper). We were able to catch up on all the latest baby changes between our two kids, and I was able to "compare notes" with Jenn on breastfeeding, baby care, development, you name it. Our other two friends, Kim & Nathan (who have a 10-week old, Molly) also stopped by later for dinner. It was refreshing to spend time with all the friends and nice for me to hear that Kim and Jenn experienced similar issues with their kids early on, but that it does get better. I know that it's true, but it's still nice to hear from new parents that have JUST gone thru it not long ago. :)

Because of Logan's birth, this holiday season has quietly crept up on us and it doesn't quite feel like the Christmas's of past. We're spending our Christmas Eve watching the Chargers game while Logan sleeps (upside down) in my lap. Tomorrow we'll go to my parent's house for a quiet day with my immediate family and some good grub. Other than that, we're just enjoying another week with Logan before the holidays are over and Jon has to return to work.

happy holidays to all!
bree, jon and logan

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Nathan said...

Dont worry. You're not alone. :)

Just wait til Logan gets 4 shots in one day, 2 in each leg... then hates life for the next 2 days. ROUGH. That was when Molly first had Tylenol... because without it she was a wreck.

Ahh the journey continues.