Thursday, December 13, 2007

Day 3: Coming Home

Day 3 was a big day for us since it was time to finally check out of the hospital and come home! Altho the hospital staff had been really good to us, basically waiting on us hand and foot, that also made it really tough for us to get much sleep. I felt like the minute we got Logan fed and quieted down, a nurse or doctor was calling, stopping by to check up on him or me, etc. It was like having a revolving door to our room.

We DID have a better 2nd night tho - we got a couple hours of sleep this time! But, still tough to get through and has overall been a pretty big shock to both of our systems. Neither Jon nor I are good on little sleep, esp. with a screaming upset baby. ;-) But, we're learning and definitely getting better quickly. :)

It was absolutely wonderful coming home. Even though we've only lived in our new home for a few days, and still have boxes unpacked, it's definitely HOME. My parents surprised us with a whole slew of beautiful bright red poinsettias throughout the entire house (I think they bought about 22 or something?) to welcome us home. Catherine, Jon's sister, stayed the night and had unpacked the entire kitchen for us, as well as organized all of Logan's clothes for me in the nursery, set up the bassinet, washed all the crib linens, etc. to get ready for his coming home. What a relief to know that was all taken care of!! :)


Kim said...

Let me guess, 22 for Logan's of 12/10, right?

Mama Bree said...

ha! no I don't think so, but you're doing a good job at channeling my mom Kim. pretty scary. :-P

Elizabeth said...

Cat killers aside, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that your parents did that.