Friday, February 24, 2017

Bass Pro Shops

We left Tahoe this morning (boohoo!) 😢 and decided to stop at Bass Pro Shops, an hour out of town, to let the kids run around for a bit. They liked pretty much everything they saw and wanted to pick up and touch everything, so we didn't stay too long. ;-)

I did catch a funny pic of them acting silly around this bear tho!

A huge chair!

The minute the kids saw this huge chair as we were walking thru the village at Squaw (yesterday), they asked if they could crawl up and sit on it.


(Another pic courtesy of Jenn!)

Mama and her boys

I really love this one Jenn got of me and the boys! 😊❤️

Best buds

Logan and Robert were pretty much joined at the hip our entire trip and rarely bickered. Love these pics of them as they show how natural they are hanging out and having fun. These pics also remind me how old these two boys are getting! Yikes.

A motley crew

Jenn sent me a few pics that she took the other day at the Snow Park, so I need to share them here!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Aaaaand.... that's a wrap!

Once we got home, we threw a couple of pizzas in the oven for dinner and I baked a pan of brownies. Jarrod and I had this neat idea where we'd cut the brownie loaf in half, smooth on a layer of frosting, lay the other half of the brownie loaf on top, frost the top, and then voila! Let's surprise Jenn with a double layer brownie cake!! (Jarrod drew the pink crown on top for some "brownie points" haha!!) ;-)

Anywayyyyyyyy, our brownie sorta crumbled as we tried to put the cake together and it ended up looking like a heaping hot pile of.... something. But, it was a (quite tasty!) work of love. And that's what matters, right? 😜

(I think it is, because she loved it.)

(Also, just try to ignore Jon's creepy stalker-y like pose behind the cherubs in front of him. For every one great smiling pic, he has about 10 of these....) 😂😂😂😂

Snow? What snow?

The older boys rode in our truck back to the cabin while the younger boys rode in the Jodoins' car. We got back a little bit earlier than they did, so while Jon and I let the dogs out to pee and roam around, Logan and Robert climbed up one side of the driveway to hang out and throw snowballs down at us and the dogs.

I was standing in the middle of the street, as I took this pic. They're just a bit high, don't you think? 😱❄️❄️❄️

The parental units

I love this one!

A snapshot of us four parents, freezing our asses off as we stood at the end of the snow tubing run, cheering the boys on and encouraging them to hustle a little faster to get one more ride in before it closed. ;-)

Callum loves snow tubing!

A couple pics of Callum having an absolute blast on the snow tube run today!

And a couple more of Callum (and some of our other gang) cheering Connor (his best bud) on, since he was the last of the boys to get a final run in before it was shut down for the night. :)

Snow tubing - again!

After the bungee jumping, we walked through Squaw Village to the other side, where the "SnoVenture" area was located. They were closing in 45 minutes but we bought tickets for the snow tubing area anyway, and the boys had a blast!

Check out the moving sidewalk they got to use, through a tunnel and up the hill! :)

Callum was a little nervous and unsure about going inside the tunnel on his own (we four parents hung back to watch) but if you look closely in the 2nd pic he's smiling and had waved to the attendant there which I took as a good sign.

(The 3rd pic I took after a couple runs and he wasn't pleased that I was taking so many pics!) ;-)

And the last pic is one of Logan coming down the mountain! :)

Bungee Jumping!

We took it easy this morning then decided to see what the Squaw village was like for an afternoon outing (and lunch).

But, on the drive to Squaw, the signs said all parking was full. We were all pretty hungry for lunch so we kept on toward Tahoe City and stopped for a yummy lunch there instead. After lunch we headed back to Squaw, hoping the early morning skiers were done. Signs still said the parking was full but we decided to drive around anyway and luckily found some parking spots!

First stop as we entered the village....bungee jumping for the kids! We figured since they had been in the car for a couple of hours (total drive time), that they could use this opportunity to burn some pent up energy!

Logan decided he was done a bit early - I guess the straps were rubbing his legs/butt which were starting to hurt. Callum, however, had an absolute blast (and wanted to do it again and again). :)


Callum loved the tube ride quite a bit - I just didn't get a bunch of great pics since I was riding most of the time with him. ;-)

Snow angels

More sledding fun

The funny thing about this trip to the snow park is that Callum firmly told me when we arrived, that he did NOT want to go sledding. And Logan complained that it didn't look like there was much to do.

Don't they look super bored and hating life? 🙄

Snow park!

Yesterday we visited the neighborhood's local snow park, so the kids could get some sledding and tubing in (and the Dads could get some work calls done at the house without any noise)

Everyone loved it! We spent over 2 hours in the bitter cold wind and snow, pushing and pulling the kids up and down the trails, laughing the entire time.

Here's a few snapshots. I'll post a few more following (I think my phone can only post a few pics at a time)

7.5' of snow in the last 7 days!

It's probably not as much down where we're staying but that's what the snow reports are saying at Squaw!

We got back to the cabin yesterday afternoon after a fun day of sledding with the kids (I'll post pics of that later) - the snow piled up everywhere along our streets is just so incredible that I had to take a few more pics before it got too dark. (It's so high that all street signs are covered and you can't see most of the 2 story homes, just to give you an idea)


Happy Birthday Jenn!

Happy birthday to Jenn!! 🎉💝🍷🎂🍾

There's no other friend I'd want to be snowed in with for a full (and oh so fun) week! ❄️😜😘

Brown and black outs

With the storm this week, we've been dealing with a fair amount of rolling brown outs. But the other night we actually had a black out that lasted a fairly long time - in the middle of our dominos game! But did that stop us from continuing to play?!? Heck no!

Gaming by candlelight is a thing, right? ;-)

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Another walk before it gets dark

Jenn and Jarrod's puppy was getting a little antsy again in the late afternoon so I suggested to Jenn that we take one more walk before it gets dark! We didn't stay out as long or go as far but we still had a nice little escape.

Our street connects to one of the bigger streets in the neighborhood that everyone drives on. So, when we reached that intersection I said to Jenn, just be careful for all the cars because this is a busy street.

And then I laughed at myself as I looked around. I had to take a few pics of the streets, left, right, in front and behind us, to show how crazy busy it was. ;-)

A warm soak

The boys had a blast in the hot tub! :) Check out how tall the snow is next to them!

We eventually had to yank them all out because they kept throwing snowballs at the house and trying to get the snow to fall down on top of them!

Clearing out some snow

When Jenn and I got back from our walk it was lunchtime, so we all had a nice big meal. And then decided we'd let the kids get some hot tub time in.

But first! Time to clear the snow off the top, to get to it. ;-)