Sunday, February 19, 2017

Another milestone!

For some reason this didn't post the other day. It's from Thursday. 😁

Today was Callum's monthly check up. Despite fighting this nasty cold he's had for ages (that we've all had!), his counts look great and he's doing well. We hate that he has to get his blood drawn every month, but he's such a strong guy and puts up with so much. We've learned this particular phlebotomist is his favorite - so we will have to remember to ask for him, for future visits. 😊

I also took advantage of the hospital visit by bringing in (most, I didn't have time to clear it all out) our medical waste. The biohazard sharps container has all of his heparin syringes and empty chemo bottles. I ran out of room so one of the paper bags behind it is also full with more empty chemo bottles. Most importantly, a bag of leftover chemo that we will hopefully never need in our house again! ❤️

I'm not going to lie, it felt a little weird returning everything. But it also felt great. 😊

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