Thursday, February 9, 2017

Another lost tooth!

Tuesday night, while biting into a pizza bagel, Callum lost another tooth! It took us both a bit by surprise because I wasn't aware it was even loose, and he was alarmed at all the blood. 😱

Anyway, I completely forgot to leave some money for him that night, so yesterday morning he was a little disappointed to see his tooth was still waiting to be picked up.

But THIS morning he was thrilled to see he had not one, but two! dollars left behind by The Tooth Fairy. As he read me this note, he immediately nodded with great understanding and exclaimed oh Mom! She didn't make it because of all this rain!!

Yes, yes that's totally why. 😜

(Sadly, his great spirits from this morning dampened this afternoon since his cold seems to have gotten worse - or he has a new one? - he spiked a little fever and headache and had to come home from school early. Meanwhile, Logan stayed home sick today and I've been feeling a bit crappy myself. Blech! What a not so fun time of year this is....)

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