Thursday, February 23, 2017

Aaaaand.... that's a wrap!

Once we got home, we threw a couple of pizzas in the oven for dinner and I baked a pan of brownies. Jarrod and I had this neat idea where we'd cut the brownie loaf in half, smooth on a layer of frosting, lay the other half of the brownie loaf on top, frost the top, and then voila! Let's surprise Jenn with a double layer brownie cake!! (Jarrod drew the pink crown on top for some "brownie points" haha!!) ;-)

Anywayyyyyyyy, our brownie sorta crumbled as we tried to put the cake together and it ended up looking like a heaping hot pile of.... something. But, it was a (quite tasty!) work of love. And that's what matters, right? 😜

(I think it is, because she loved it.)

(Also, just try to ignore Jon's creepy stalker-y like pose behind the cherubs in front of him. For every one great smiling pic, he has about 10 of these....) 😂😂😂😂

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