Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mommy's starting to feel better, so I guess I'll go mobile...

This afternoon, I came to pick Logan up at school and the teachers greeted me with a big smile.

Logan's been crawling all day today!!

You mean he's just army crawling and scooting around, right?

No, he's really crawling.

No way!! Let's see!!

And so we put our little monkey on the spot. Of course, he then just sat there on the floor with his million dollar grin up at me, not moving an inch. That is, until I brought out his latest favorite "toy" - my car keys! He then proceeded to crawl about 8 ft or so across the floor, while I watched in amazement.

I cannot describe how giddy and happy and PROUD I felt! I called Jon immediately, telling him to get ready for the show of his life when we got home....

Of course, Logan was hungry and tired by the time we got home. He did do a little crawling for Daddy, but while crying at the same time. *sigh* So, my first few videos were a little sad (who wants to watch a baby CRYING while they crawl for the first time??). However, selfish persistent as I am, I tried again later tonight when Logan was in a bit better mood and caught a few clips that I think you'll enjoy.

Look out! Our world traveler is on the move!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Epidural, Take 2

Yesterday I received a second set of injections in my back. I arrived 35 minutes early for my pre-op (which is an hour before my actual injections), so I ended up laying around on a hospital bed, scrunched up on one side half naked trying to cover my entire body with a thin short sheet that wasn't quite long enough to cover my feet, freezing my buns off and reading about Obama Finding His Faith and a disturbing story of a woman who died waiting for help in a mental hospital's emergency room. Though completely starved and dehydrated (I hadn't had anything to eat nor drink since the night before, and it was already 1pm), I was pretty relaxed and ready to roll.

My "roommate" however, a woman who was in the pre-op bed next to mine also getting prepped for injections, was not.

I could not see her (they had those privacy curtains pulled around each bed) but I could hear everything. And boy, was she a jittery, nervous talking machine! It was quite amusing. And, as interesting as the story was on new up and coming company Ning, I couldn't help but put my magazine down and eavesdrop. What can I say, I'm nosy. :)

While two different nurses were sitting poking me three different times to get my IV in (apparently your veins aren't as cooperative when you're dehydrated), this loud and garish New Yorker was going on and on about how she barely trusts her clueless 19-yr old son to drive her home, let alone walk into Starbucks and order her drink correctly (because I'm a "Grande Ice Tea with Two Splendas" kind of gal) and how she's finally given up on coloring her hair to mask the salt and pepper streaks that are coming in around her face and - Nurse!! can she have a look at the results of her MRI because "I'm not really sure if I should be here or not" (seriously, she said that).

During our pre-op, amongst other things, they take your heartbeat, oxygen levels, blood pressure, etc. And, not surprisingly, this woman's blood pressure was through the roof. I mean, 215/165 THROUGH. THE. ROOF. So of course, she goes on about how her blood pressure is usually a little high (she does take meds for it), but not THAT high and it must be her nerves taking a hold of her (no shit!) since she really isn't looking forward to these injections and she's been putting it off for months and have you seen the doctor yet? because really, I'd like to see the MRI scan and maybe I should talk to him first because, are we really doing the right thing and is this really going to take care of this leg pain I've been having?

I couldn't help but giggle as I watched the nurses exchange those big eye rolls at each other behind the curtain and then calmly re-enter, telling her she'd be fine once they put a sedative in her when she's on the table.

Damn straight I'm getting a sedative! was her answer.

A couple hours later, once I was chillin' with my graham crackers and cranberry juice in post-op and shootin' the shit with the nurses, I hear her voice down the hallway getting louder and louder as they wheel her back in, to the area next to mine. She was still pretty chatty, but high as a kite and so much more relaxed. She even asked if she could get a bit more of the drugs before going home.

Most of you know, I've never been one for drugs or alcohol or anything really, that will alter my mental or physical state more than I can trust. It's definitely a control issue, and I whole heartedly admit that can be a problem at times. I refused to take any drugs when delivering Logan, and I refused both times the offer for a sedative while my doctor plucked away at my nerves like a guitar-fiddling maniac. Instead, I take a deep breath, will my blood pressure to drop 10 more points and face it head on.

However, even my own heart skipped a few beats faster the minute this woman rolled back into the room rambling on again about her poor son ( you know this state requires you to have car insurance for your kid once he starts driving, even if he doesn't own a car! but in my state you are only required to get car insurance if you own a car and that is so much more logical...). No longer as amusing, I noticed myself glancing up at the clock several times after that, wondering when Jon would arrive so I could get the hell out of there.

I hope I'll never ever be - even appear to be - a basket case like that.

Logan, I'm a "Tall Chai Latte with Non-Fat Milk" kind of gal. And I whole-heartedly trust you will get my order right, every single damn time.

And if not, then surprise me. I like surprises anyway.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Time to lower the mattress

<-- This is how Logan likes to greet me each morning now, on all fours with a big smile on his face. Tonight was Logan's last swim class *sniff sniff* and as much as I'd like to continue the swim sessions, I am contemplating holding off for a few weeks to give my back a rest (I need to go in for another set of injections on Monday incidentally). It's tempting to keep him in class though, especially since tonight I felt like he was finally GETTING it.... and, I'd love to keep up on the momentum, right before our New Zealand trip. So, we'll see. At any rate, he was exhausted when we got home of course. He ate quite a bit and was super tired so I finally decided I'd put him down and see how he'd do. Sometimes, when he's this tired, if I just lay him down in his crib, even though he hasn't fallen asleep yet, he'll just roll over to his side, hugging his cloth diaper, and fall fast asleep. Not tonight. Tonight, he decided he was suddenly VERY AWAKE and was not ready to go down at all Mom. Luckily, he was in a GREAT mood, laughing and cooing and rolling around in his crib. So, I just hung out on the side of the crib with him, patting his back to see if he'd eventually wear out and fall asleep.

Instead, I was in for a big surprise.

As I've mentioned before, he's getting the hang of rocking on all fours whenever he gets the chance now. Only tonight, after getting up on all fours, he then rocked back slightly, tucked his feet close in under his butt and then just let his weight fall backwards. And then with his hands, he just PUSHED himself up, to sit up all on his own!

I let out a huge whoop, I was so excited :) Of course, that got him going the little ham. So he just laughed and giggled and smiled some more.

I put him back down on his back to see if he'd do it again (or if it was just a fluke) and sure enough, he rolled over, got on all fours and pushed himself up again. Like he's known how to do this for ages. And, did it 3 more times after that (before I finally picked him up and went back into the living room since the little terd was clearly not ready for bedtime yet).

In the middle of his 3rd or 4th attempt, Jon happened to call me on his way home. Half screaming into the phone I breathlessly tell him what he's missing, I'm so damn excited (why? I have no clue, I was just GIDDY with excitement.)

Jon says, oh yeah. He did that last night.


Well, I didn't realize it at the time, but I guess he did it last night.

What do you mean?

When he was crying last night (about 3am), and I went in to check on him, he was sitting up in his crib crying..... I thought it was a little weird that he was sitting up and wondered how he got there, but I didn't think much about it since I was still half asleep.

WELL DAMN. If that didn't just suck all the wind out of my sails.

Still, it was a super fun development to witness tonight. When Jon got home we had Logan practice a few more times in front of him too (though the kid was finally starting to wear out).

Guess it's time to lower the mattress. (My back is already wincing at the thought of it. Aiieeeeee!)

Spikey Hair

Jon and I disagree about whether to cut Logan's hair or let it grow
out a bit more. Actually, Jon would love to shave it. Yes, you read
that right.

But how the heck can you shave it when it comes out from an afternoon
nap, looking like this?? :)

Buns of Steel

The pics say it all...

I can't wait to pull these out 15 yrs from now and show them off to Logan's girlfriend. >:)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Oh, how we love our dogs

I am now a frequent reader of a blog called Dooce, pretty much ever since I discovered her randomly a couple of months ago? Anyway, Heather is labeled a "Mommy Blogger" but honestly she really doesn't talk as much about her daughter as she does about life in general. Among other things, she has two dogs that she writes about - HILARIOUS stories of - the kind that, as a dog owner myself, I can totally relate to.

Today's story - is the best so far. I was literally gasping for air and wiping the tears from my face.

And because of that, I need to link to it so you can read it too.

It may be long, but trust me. TOTALLY WORTH IT.


Our Cheerio Monster

I'm sure he'll be a Cookie Monster soon too. ;) Taken earlier this
morning just before school.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Gig 'em Aggies

According to Jon, Logan's one and only college "choice" is going to be Texas A&M. Of course, he's telling this to a woman who traveled up and down the entire East Coast for 2 weeks, touring 2-3 colleges per day, in search of "the perfect place" (and then ended up at UCSB, go figure!). So, to me, that's like saying we're setting Logan up with an arranged marriage and not allowing him to go through the exciting process of courtship.


Luckily, I've got a few more years ahead of me before we really need to have the college discussion. ;-)

Logan's still sick and has been a bit more grumpy and temperamental these last few days. Mostly just really congested with a bad runny nose (and Mommy running behind him with a cloth diaper to wipe up after). Yesterday the congestion seemed to move to his eyes (if that's possible?) since they are a little weepy and crusty every time he wakes up from a nap or in the morning (you can see his puffy eyes and runny nose a little bit in these pics, taken today).

So today was just a "chill and relax" day. We DID make it out to REI late this afternoon to check out one or two different child carriers that I've been researching, since we're going on a big family vacation down to New Zealand in a couple of months (woohooo!!!). I'm really not looking forward to plunking down more cash for yet another baby item we will probably only use once or twice, nor am I excited about schlepping a bulky frame carrier with us clear across the globe. However, I don't think our Ergo Carrier is going to cut it while hiking through glaciers, exploring caves and natural geysers or walking through The Shire. That and, given the recent state of affairs with my back, we think a frame is probably the healthier, easier and smarter way to go. Wish us luck on our quest to find the right pack!

A Chorus Line

My parents treated us to a night out in the city last night to see A Chorus Line, while they watched little Logan.

We had AWESOME front row seats and had a great time!! (thanks Mom and Dad!) I think we enjoyed it even more than I had expected since we've been keeping up with So You Think You Can Dance.

We're definitely going to have to go to shows more often now. ;-)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

Jon and I saw The Dark Knight with a few friends last night. Everyone should see it. Though a little on the long side (it felt like 2 movies instead of 1), it was still so much better than some of the other Batman flicks we've seen. Kudos to Heath Ledger. Wow. What a great loss.

Before the movie started, there was a preview to The Clone Wars, a new animated take on the old Star Wars movies. Watching it, all I could think was, MAN. This is what Logan's going to grow up with! :( Not the classic Star Wars stories that we all fell in love with (I grew up PROUD to look like Princess Leia), but this animated stuff instead. I'm sure it'll still be great, produced by the same Lucasfilm, but how can you really understand how TOUGH Luke's Jedi training is with Yoda, or how GROSS Jabba the Hutt is, or see the AGONY on Han Solo's face when he's frozen in carbonite, or the I-just-want-to-pick-them-up-and-hug-them-tight cuteness of the Ewoks, all portrayed through animation?

Am I getting OLD or what??

*sniff sniff*

Granted, Logan will probably think the stunts and special effects of the original episode are slow, boring and rudimentary. And will find using the force quite cheesy.

But, I'll be damned if that's going to stop me from showing him the movies anyway. Only then, appreciate the humor of the Family Guy's parody, he will.

Friday, July 18, 2008

What's that, you say?

When Jon returned from his work trip last Friday, he came home with a pretty bad cold and wouldn't you know it, a couple days later I was sick too. I've been struggling with the cold all week - though it's mostly been just really bad sinus congestion than anything.

And then yesterday I got this ear ache that lasted ALL DAY LONG, which was a real pain when trying to focus at work. But, I didn't think much on it, chalked it up to more sickness crap and plowed along, feeling like my head was 500 feet under water at all times. I've had frequent ear aches all my life and usually they go away after awhile.

But not this one. It became the mother of all ear aches, shifting into overdrive sometime last night. I was in the most excruciating pain I've been in a long time (perhaps since child birth?) and I was simply at a loss of what to do. I made Jon give me a few drops of heated olive oil, which is a trick my mom did when I was little and I still do to this day (much to Jon's disgust). Usually that calms down the inflammation and irritation enough for me to go to bed at night.

But not last night. That didn't work. I took Aleve, Tylenol Cold medicine and was about ready to pop open the Darvocet when Jon made me take some NyQuil, insisting it was hurting because of the congestion I've been battling with all week. I took some (much to MY disgust) and was able to finally fall asleep and get some rest.

However, it still hurt like hell this morning and my OTHER ear was starting to hurt.... never a good sign. I was able to get an appointment with a doctor this afternoon and it turns out I've got a pretty bad middle ear infection. So, onto antibiotics 3x a day for the next 10 days for me!

In other news, every morning this week I've gone into Logan's room after he wakes up, to find him in his crib, balancing on all fours, rocking about and talking to his toys. I haven't been able to catch it on film just yet, but I definitely will very soon. It's been so much fun watching him learn this new trick, even if it means he'll be a crazy mobile machine very soon. ;-)

Monday, July 14, 2008

7 months old

It occurred to me this past weekend that I skipped a blog worthy celebration - Logan's 7 month birthday! I have also been remiss in logging some of his more recent developments - so let me take a few moments to give the quick update.

Logan is SO STRONG it's really quite astonishing. He's extremely active, wiggly and can't calm down. And, because he's so strong, it can be tough to keep him still when you need to. He FIGHTS beyond belief, anytime I need to use the ominous snot-sucker. He's also no longer interested in getting his diaper changed, and decides to FLIP over to his stomach and wriggle away while I'm cleaning the poop out of his many crevices, cursing under my breath and admiring his cute little round butt all at the same time.

It's happened several times now, where I'll be holding Logan, just home from work and a neighbor stops by to say hi. We chat for about 15 minutes while the neighbor STARES in amazement as my kid flips and turns and wiggles around for a better position to see, whipping his head around so he can track the dogs racing on the lawn, or pushing off my chest with his arms and legs. Won't this woman just let me go. And I calmly continue talking about the weather, as if I don't have a kid trying to do nose dives off my chest and into the pavement.

Over the last couple of weeks, he's taken to "waving" his right hand. It's not an intentional wave, it's just this weird quirky thing he's picked up. Half the time his hand is flapping at the wrist and he's not even looking at you but down at the dogs or something. Go figure. Still, it's pretty cute and I'm sure we'll miss it once he moves onto the next cool body movement.

He's also a lot quicker on the draw. He's able to grasp most anything he wants now. He no longer has a problem picking up Cheerios and getting them into his mouth. In fact, he can easily clear out 25 cheerios or puffs at a time without dropping a single one, much to our dogs' dismay. He's even holding his bottle up and feeding himself for the most part - tho we're still there to catch the bottle when he gets tired and let's it fall or doesn't have it angled up high enough.

There's no doubt I have a son. He's definitely a mover and a shaker. He just wants to GO GO GO. He's not content just sitting in your lap watching TV - instead his eagle eyes spot that bottle cap clear across the room that HE MUST HAVE NOW and suddenly he's LAUNCHING himself off your lap and dangling off the edge of the couch about an inch away from the floor. The kid has no fear.

We set him on the floor or on the bed and he's figured out he can pretty much get to anything by rolling toward the direction he needs to go. If he's not in the right direction to get there by rolling, he'll use his arms to push himself straight up and then scoot his entire body into the right direction, as if aligning himself with the stars, and then rolls rolls rolls. He's also doing the army crawl combined with his butt jutting up in the air for more leverage. Kinda like a downward facing dog. He has put his knees underneath his body only a couple times so far, taking one or two "crawls" before giving up. But, he's picking it up pretty quick.

I figure with the peer pressure he faces at school every day, he'll be crawling any day now.

That's not a knife.

THIS is a knife.

We started our collection of Shun knives quite a few years ago, but because they are so pricey, would only buy one at a time. Since I've started cooking more and more lately, and we haven't bought any in a couple of years, I thought it was time to improve on our set and much to my delight several arrived today. They are incredibly sharp, strong and beautiful all at the same time. What more can you ask for in your cutlery?

If it's up to me, this knife will be used solely for chopping veggies. Unless I get a visit by Freddy Krueger.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Through the Looking Glass

Dear Zabuton,

I remember you saying once you'd need to create, or rather top, your treehouse project at Shawn and Bruce's, so Logan would have something similarly fun to play on when visiting. Or perhaps, I dreamt that too....

Anyway, the mother of all dreams took hold of me last night.

I imagined a wonderland that you built for Logan and all the grandkids that can't be beat. Let's see if I can adequately describe what my imagination drew up. :)

My dream first started with the steps up to your house. You had constructed a wooden frame (very solid, sturdy, definitely your work Dad) with covered canopy around the step. A vestibule around what would be your porch -- adding protection Zafu said, which you needed from the recent hurricane we had last night (??) -- and behind you at the top of the landing, was a wall of shelves filled with an entire CD and DVD collection (HUGE!) for guests and kids to peruse, as well as a door to go outside.

But to the LEFT of the top of the landing was, what I later discovered, the entrance to Logan's Looking Glass.

At first glance, it was just a wine cellar with dry ice to keep things cool (in and of itself pretty neat). Small and cave like. The type that dwarves would like.

Upon second glance, it had transformed into a stately room that seemed to stretch on for miles. At the other end were floor to ceiling windows which brought in an amazing amount of light. You could see the cars on the street passing by just beyond (and apparently, no longer a wine cellar!). The room was some sort of cafeteria or kitchen with all sorts of sweets and goodies, and a line of children out the door.

When walking just a bit past these kids, there was a wide entry way to the right that opened up to a HUGE laundry room with several washers and dryers for the visiting college students ;-) and beyond that a playground in an open courtyard which Logan was crawling around on.

Outside in the back, was a carnival circus of sorts - a kid's Disneyland - complete with a train and "roller coaster" ride. The roller coaster was interesting, actually quite small (it was in your backyard after all), with one single piston that pushed the kids front and backwards alongside the train, mimicking its wheels' motion. It was still taped off because it had not yet passed all city permits ;-) but that didn't seem to stop all the neighborhood kids who were lined up in the spiraling staircase next to the ride. These kids were tickled pink to ride it too, because tho a simple ride, it dumped them upside down in WATER, twirling them around before coming back up (yet somehow they were all dry as a bone afterwards).

There were booths and balloons a plenty -- the colors of orange and black and red and gold only. Yet it still felt very vibrant, fun and colorful. This children's paradise (and your property) all looked down a small narrow gully to the city below (I guess your house moved to the mountains somehow).

As for the adults, they had their play areas too. There was a golf course behind the rides and a section inside which looked like a fish and spice market to stir fry those fresh bean sprouts that were growing in big tubs in the sinks near the laundry room.

There were hoards of kids everywhere, running around playing games galore and happy with glee. I really wanted you to show me the rest of your park....

And then Logan woke me up.

So, when does the construction begin?

Eagerly awaiting the plans,
Mama Bree, Jonathan and Loganito

Cat on the roof

We tried out Zafu's brilliant idea last night and found Twyla waiting for us at the sliding glass door this morning. WHEW!!!

Thanks Zafu!!

Of course, now that she's eaten a proper meal, she's begging to go back outside. Think she's learned her lesson? ;-)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

I love the smell of vomit in the morning

Nothing says "Welcome Home Daddy" quite like projectile vomiting all over us, in bed, at 5am in the morning....volumes of it. I'm still washing all the sheets, blankets, pillows, clothes....

I know folks are wondering where I am, how Logan and I are doing, and where all the frequent blog postings are.... here's a quick update from the week (things are fine, just a little hectic with my hands full while Jon was gone):

Little Logan is still a bit under the weather but we're not quite sure what with. It seems like he's got a little bug with all the throw up (the other morning he spewed a nice puddle of it while half asleep, through his crib railings and onto the floor and rug beneath) and explosive diarrhea I've been cleaning up. Or, maybe it's his way of saying he missed Daddy this week? I know I did.

The upside is, after dousing us with milky puke this morning, he then smiled and laughed and gurgled and coo'd like nothing was wrong at all, so at least he's in his usual charming good mood while being sick. :)

I ended up taking Logan to the dermatologist since the rash on his face got a lot worse - turns out he's got seborrheic dermatitis (they think the heat wave we had this past week set it off). Can't say I'm entirely surprised given he's had skin issues since birth. So we now have a(nother) new lotion to put on his face. I applied some last night and it's already 100% better this morning. Cool.

We had skipped swim class on Tuesday night with all that was going on, but I took Logan on Thursday and we had a great time. We're still practicing getting our faces wet, and now learning how to turn around and grab for the side after falling in (from a sitting position on the edge of the pool). We also just started the motions of turning over from back to tummy to back again (to get them used to turning and floating on their back if they fall in). Great, practical stuff in my opinion, and I'm really glad we have him going to the classes.

I lost 2lbs from my first week on weight watchers. Let's hope the trend continues!

Twyla is still on the roof. I'm getting desperate and about to plead with our neighbor, the fireman, to help get her down since it's going on a week now....!!! We'll try to take another stab at getting her down this weekend, now that Jon's home to help.

Sanka has diabetes. Her sugar levels are through the roof. I visited the vet yesterday and received a tutorial on how to give her insulin shots, which we'll start on Monday. Twice a day. We have special food to give her as well. We have to take her in after a few days to measure her glucose and see if the dosage is right or needs some adjusting.

Feels like life just got a little more complicated. But, I know we can handle it.

Yes we can.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

When it pours...

Have you ever had that feeling that when the shit hits the fan, it REALLY hits the fan, all at once and splatters indiscriminately all over the damn place?

The past few days, and the next, look to be very entertaining indeed. And, just when I think this is about all I can handle right now something else turns up.

For instance, my back. My injections last Monday went well, but I was in MORE pain the few days afterwards. I got shots of cortisone to EASE the pain. So, doesn't that seem counter-intuitive to you? My PT explained it to me as, if my glass is already full, and we fill it with just a little bit more liquid, it's going to be SPILLING over. Spilling over with aching numbing pain she forgot to add.

Luckily, my back started feeling better about Sunday afternoon. And then, Jon took off for a week-long business trip to NY on Monday morning.

Sanka, our oldest cat, has also been failing (we're all old and rickety in this here house). We started noticing that she's been losing weight these past couple of weeks, at a dramatic rate mind you, yet she's eating and DRINKING, like crazy!

And then there's the pee. Ohhhhh, the pee.

Remember when I mentioned we got back from our LA trip only to be greeted by a warm stuffy house smelling of cat shit and pee? Well, the pattern has continued - pee just outside the litter box, on the floor, a nice shiny wet big puddle for one of us to clean up each morning, noon or night.

And just when you thought that was enough (we're tearing our hair out trying to figure out WHY OH FUCKING WHY aren't the cats using their litter boxes properly anymore?!?!) I wake up with a jolt the other night to a nice warm WET lap. That's right. More pee. On our bed. On our comforter. On my pajamas. ON ME.

And we thought, hmmmm, maybe this pee deal is Sanka and not Iz (who my husband we were blaming) afterall.

So I took her to the vet today to get checked out. They think it's either one of three things:
  1. $ Diabetes
  2. $$ Hyperthyroidism
  3. $$$ Kidney Problems
We'll find out tomorrow.

That's the oldest cat. Now let's turn to the youngest cat. Twyla. She's our most feral skittish cat of all, and really only likes to hang out with me. She will sneak outside when she gets a chance and frankly, we haven't really cared esp. given she's put on some extra weight after moving to the new house and she needs to work. it. off.

But I digress. So Twyla likes to do the cat walk along our fences, our neighbors' fences, everyone's fences, you name it. And, has discovered hey! this fence juts right up against the house so it's only a 3 ft (or so) jump up onto this nifty roof here.

And there you go. She's now stuck on the roof. Been stuck up there for A FEW DAYS. I kid you not. Jon tried, unsuccessfully, several times before he left for his trip, to get her down. Me with the bad back, even *I* have tried several times to coax her down (I even climbed onto the roof tonight in a desperate attempt to free her, just don't tell my PT that). We must look like idiots, teetering at the top of our ladder, leaning over the edge of our roof, shaking a bowl full of kibble saying "heeeeeeeere kitty kitty kitty!! c'mon cute kitty! heeeeeeeere, little Twyla!"

And the moment she gets within arm's reach, I try to grab her and WHOOSH she splits. She's just super spooked. And, the longer she's up there, the more spooked she gets.

Hey, and did I tell you we've hit a heat wave this week and it's running in the 100's during the day and oh yeah, roof tops are probably one of the hottest places around to sit all day with no food, no water, no shade?

Jon tells me tonight, don't give her too much food and water. Then I'll have to clean poop and pee from the roof.

Ummm, Jon? If I don't give her food and water, you'll be cleaning a dead cat from the roof. Take your pick.

Who's next?

Oh right. My son.

I got a call this afternoon from Logan's preschool. It's never a good sign when your cell lights up with your preschool's name on it. The teachers aren't calling to chat about the holiday weekend or the Stevie concert you just went to. Nosiree. They call and say "Hi Bree, no need to alarm, but Logan seems to be really sick."

No need to alarm? Then why the hell are you calling me?

Well, that little rash he had around his eyes yesterday has come back, and looks a lot worse. In fact, it's all over his cheeks now too.

Oh great.

And, he hasn't been eating nearly as much as usual.

Uh huh.

And, his cough seems to be getting worse.

Anything else?

Yeah. He had an explosive diarrhea a little bit ago. He doesn't have to go home just yet, but if he has another, then he has to go home for sure.

But you know, no need to alarm.


So I took Loganito to the dr's this afternoon, right after my PT appt (where I swore I wouldn't be climbing on any rooftops) and right before Sanka's vet appt (where I juggled a crying kitty in one arm and a crying baby in the other).

Luckily, it doesn't appear to be anything too serious. The doc thinks he's had some sort of allergic reaction, probably to food (the most recent new food we gave him was yogurt just a couple of days ago) but it's really hard to say.... So, we're laying low for awhile. Off the yogurt and will wait for the rash to go away. In a few weeks we can introduce yogurt back into Logan's diet and see if he has any of the same reactions or not (the dr thinks most likely not so we'll see). Other than that, he's ok. Nothing contagious or life threatening. His cough is a little "croupy" but nothing to worry about (clear lungs, nose, ears, etc.).

You'd think all this would drive a woman to drink. And yet....

I started weight watchers last week instead.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Oh Stevieeeeeeeeee

Jon and I are rockin' out to Stevie Wonder - what a kickass groovin'

(I took the pic a little off center so you can see him on the big
screen) :)

A crap ton of people

This is only maybe a third of the crowd waiting for Stevie to begin!! :)

Friday, July 4, 2008

Red, White and Blue

Happy 4th of July! Today Jon and I tried to sleep in since it was a holiday and we went to bed way too late last night, but Logan wasn't having any of it. Dang.

So instead we played around the house, and since I am still a bit sore (I started carrying Logan a tiny bit today) I whipped out his trusty red wagon for him to ride around the house in (and so I could PUSH rather than carry). Feeling patriotic, I took the opportunity to get in a few red, white and blue shots for the day. Well, mostly red and blue, with a little star-spangled blanket mixed in for good measure.

We spent the afternoon at the Hicksons for a big BBQ bash. All of our friends made it which was good fun. And as everyone noted, Logan's latest (development?) little trick is GROWLING. Not just one or two growls - it's NONSTOP growling in these here parts. He just can't get enough! It's quite entertaining, especially when he tenses up and shakes with excitement at the same time. :) He also got to try some fresh juicy watermelon for the first time today - and absolutely LOVED it (he seemed to like packing away a little piece in each cheek pocket to suck on while playing.... watermelon-flavored slobber anyone?)

We left before the fireworks started, since our little guy passed out from all the activity (and Mommy can take watching only SO much Guitar Hero). Of course, I forgot my camera, but I'm sure one of the other Moms will be posting pics of the day up come back later for some updated links on this post!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sentimental Moments

Over the past couple of days I've been feeling more sentimental than usual. Not exactly sure why. The snot Jon would say it's because Aunt Flo just visited. I think it's because our little boy is growing so big, so fast.

Now that I think about it, it was probably the teeth that did it for me.

Anyway, the past couple of mornings I couldn't resist taking some pics of our boy. Saturday he had a tough time napping, but when he finally did conk out (on our bed, as I folded laundry), it just HIT ME how dang BIG he's gotten! Take a look for yourself. HUGE, right?

Then yesterday morning, we woke him up early so we could all get out of the house and head to the surgery center for my injections. Logan and I had a fun time playing with the camera while Daddy got ready and again, it just HIT ME how special Logan is and how lucky we are to have him. And, I got misty-eyed thinking how I wouldn't be able to hold or carry him like I always do, these next few days after my procedure.

Hopeless, I know. But, c'mon, if you had this darling face (literally) grabbing for your love and attention every other second, wouldn't you be just as hopeless?

Getting our face wet

First off, since everyone's been asking, I got a *couple* quick snapshots of Logan's new teeth, but it's been REALLY hard to catch the darn things. So, here ya go. Small, but definitely there! (he tried biting my nose this morning to let me know he was hungry - yeah, they are there alright!)

I'm currently under doctor's orders to stay put, lying down most of the day, and to not get up, walk around, do chores and most importantly, NOT carry anything over 5lbs.

So let's see. How much does Logan weigh these days? Yeaaaaaaaaah.

Because of that, Jon is currently Mr. Mom and will continue to be for the next couple of days while I stay gimp and totally useless around the house. :( I think we'll BOTH be happy when I am able to start helping out again!

And, because I can't hold Logan or do any activities at the moment, Jon took Logan to swim class tonight. I still went so I could take some pictures, of course! :) They seemed to have a pretty good time -- today was a big day too, because it was time to get the babies' faces wet! Logan ended up sputtering and hacking a lung after every plunge, but actually did pretty well I think. Since Jarrod didn't have a camera with them, I took several shots of Jenn and Robert in the pool too. Click on the photo for more FUN from our big swim day!