Sunday, July 20, 2008

Gig 'em Aggies

According to Jon, Logan's one and only college "choice" is going to be Texas A&M. Of course, he's telling this to a woman who traveled up and down the entire East Coast for 2 weeks, touring 2-3 colleges per day, in search of "the perfect place" (and then ended up at UCSB, go figure!). So, to me, that's like saying we're setting Logan up with an arranged marriage and not allowing him to go through the exciting process of courtship.


Luckily, I've got a few more years ahead of me before we really need to have the college discussion. ;-)

Logan's still sick and has been a bit more grumpy and temperamental these last few days. Mostly just really congested with a bad runny nose (and Mommy running behind him with a cloth diaper to wipe up after). Yesterday the congestion seemed to move to his eyes (if that's possible?) since they are a little weepy and crusty every time he wakes up from a nap or in the morning (you can see his puffy eyes and runny nose a little bit in these pics, taken today).

So today was just a "chill and relax" day. We DID make it out to REI late this afternoon to check out one or two different child carriers that I've been researching, since we're going on a big family vacation down to New Zealand in a couple of months (woohooo!!!). I'm really not looking forward to plunking down more cash for yet another baby item we will probably only use once or twice, nor am I excited about schlepping a bulky frame carrier with us clear across the globe. However, I don't think our Ergo Carrier is going to cut it while hiking through glaciers, exploring caves and natural geysers or walking through The Shire. That and, given the recent state of affairs with my back, we think a frame is probably the healthier, easier and smarter way to go. Wish us luck on our quest to find the right pack!


heather said...

oh wow, New Zealand! Have fun!

cabriana said...

OMG look at his hair!!!! Its so cute!!!

Kimmy said...

Eyes can definitely be involved. That crust is just snot that backs up into ducts anyway!