Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mommy's starting to feel better, so I guess I'll go mobile...

This afternoon, I came to pick Logan up at school and the teachers greeted me with a big smile.

Logan's been crawling all day today!!

You mean he's just army crawling and scooting around, right?

No, he's really crawling.

No way!! Let's see!!

And so we put our little monkey on the spot. Of course, he then just sat there on the floor with his million dollar grin up at me, not moving an inch. That is, until I brought out his latest favorite "toy" - my car keys! He then proceeded to crawl about 8 ft or so across the floor, while I watched in amazement.

I cannot describe how giddy and happy and PROUD I felt! I called Jon immediately, telling him to get ready for the show of his life when we got home....

Of course, Logan was hungry and tired by the time we got home. He did do a little crawling for Daddy, but while crying at the same time. *sigh* So, my first few videos were a little sad (who wants to watch a baby CRYING while they crawl for the first time??). However, selfish persistent as I am, I tried again later tonight when Logan was in a bit better mood and caught a few clips that I think you'll enjoy.

Look out! Our world traveler is on the move!


Jennifer said...

Yeah Logan! That is awesome!! Now it is time to baby proof the hosue. ;)

Luke Shipman said...

Oh wow!!! That was so exciting to see. He was really moving for some reason I thought it would be more frankencrawl like....I'm just amazed.