Sunday, July 13, 2008

Through the Looking Glass

Dear Zabuton,

I remember you saying once you'd need to create, or rather top, your treehouse project at Shawn and Bruce's, so Logan would have something similarly fun to play on when visiting. Or perhaps, I dreamt that too....

Anyway, the mother of all dreams took hold of me last night.

I imagined a wonderland that you built for Logan and all the grandkids that can't be beat. Let's see if I can adequately describe what my imagination drew up. :)

My dream first started with the steps up to your house. You had constructed a wooden frame (very solid, sturdy, definitely your work Dad) with covered canopy around the step. A vestibule around what would be your porch -- adding protection Zafu said, which you needed from the recent hurricane we had last night (??) -- and behind you at the top of the landing, was a wall of shelves filled with an entire CD and DVD collection (HUGE!) for guests and kids to peruse, as well as a door to go outside.

But to the LEFT of the top of the landing was, what I later discovered, the entrance to Logan's Looking Glass.

At first glance, it was just a wine cellar with dry ice to keep things cool (in and of itself pretty neat). Small and cave like. The type that dwarves would like.

Upon second glance, it had transformed into a stately room that seemed to stretch on for miles. At the other end were floor to ceiling windows which brought in an amazing amount of light. You could see the cars on the street passing by just beyond (and apparently, no longer a wine cellar!). The room was some sort of cafeteria or kitchen with all sorts of sweets and goodies, and a line of children out the door.

When walking just a bit past these kids, there was a wide entry way to the right that opened up to a HUGE laundry room with several washers and dryers for the visiting college students ;-) and beyond that a playground in an open courtyard which Logan was crawling around on.

Outside in the back, was a carnival circus of sorts - a kid's Disneyland - complete with a train and "roller coaster" ride. The roller coaster was interesting, actually quite small (it was in your backyard after all), with one single piston that pushed the kids front and backwards alongside the train, mimicking its wheels' motion. It was still taped off because it had not yet passed all city permits ;-) but that didn't seem to stop all the neighborhood kids who were lined up in the spiraling staircase next to the ride. These kids were tickled pink to ride it too, because tho a simple ride, it dumped them upside down in WATER, twirling them around before coming back up (yet somehow they were all dry as a bone afterwards).

There were booths and balloons a plenty -- the colors of orange and black and red and gold only. Yet it still felt very vibrant, fun and colorful. This children's paradise (and your property) all looked down a small narrow gully to the city below (I guess your house moved to the mountains somehow).

As for the adults, they had their play areas too. There was a golf course behind the rides and a section inside which looked like a fish and spice market to stir fry those fresh bean sprouts that were growing in big tubs in the sinks near the laundry room.

There were hoards of kids everywhere, running around playing games galore and happy with glee. I really wanted you to show me the rest of your park....

And then Logan woke me up.

So, when does the construction begin?

Eagerly awaiting the plans,
Mama Bree, Jonathan and Loganito

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