Saturday, July 12, 2008

I love the smell of vomit in the morning

Nothing says "Welcome Home Daddy" quite like projectile vomiting all over us, in bed, at 5am in the morning....volumes of it. I'm still washing all the sheets, blankets, pillows, clothes....

I know folks are wondering where I am, how Logan and I are doing, and where all the frequent blog postings are.... here's a quick update from the week (things are fine, just a little hectic with my hands full while Jon was gone):

Little Logan is still a bit under the weather but we're not quite sure what with. It seems like he's got a little bug with all the throw up (the other morning he spewed a nice puddle of it while half asleep, through his crib railings and onto the floor and rug beneath) and explosive diarrhea I've been cleaning up. Or, maybe it's his way of saying he missed Daddy this week? I know I did.

The upside is, after dousing us with milky puke this morning, he then smiled and laughed and gurgled and coo'd like nothing was wrong at all, so at least he's in his usual charming good mood while being sick. :)

I ended up taking Logan to the dermatologist since the rash on his face got a lot worse - turns out he's got seborrheic dermatitis (they think the heat wave we had this past week set it off). Can't say I'm entirely surprised given he's had skin issues since birth. So we now have a(nother) new lotion to put on his face. I applied some last night and it's already 100% better this morning. Cool.

We had skipped swim class on Tuesday night with all that was going on, but I took Logan on Thursday and we had a great time. We're still practicing getting our faces wet, and now learning how to turn around and grab for the side after falling in (from a sitting position on the edge of the pool). We also just started the motions of turning over from back to tummy to back again (to get them used to turning and floating on their back if they fall in). Great, practical stuff in my opinion, and I'm really glad we have him going to the classes.

I lost 2lbs from my first week on weight watchers. Let's hope the trend continues!

Twyla is still on the roof. I'm getting desperate and about to plead with our neighbor, the fireman, to help get her down since it's going on a week now....!!! We'll try to take another stab at getting her down this weekend, now that Jon's home to help.

Sanka has diabetes. Her sugar levels are through the roof. I visited the vet yesterday and received a tutorial on how to give her insulin shots, which we'll start on Monday. Twice a day. We have special food to give her as well. We have to take her in after a few days to measure her glucose and see if the dosage is right or needs some adjusting.

Feels like life just got a little more complicated. But, I know we can handle it.

Yes we can.


Zabuton said...

This is from Mom, aka Zafu, aka Mama SuSu...
Here's an idea if you are at the point of getting help from your neighbors upon whose roof poor Twyla languishes. Ask them if it will be ok to set your cat tree by their house. Use one of your tall trees - you may have to set it on something else, a table or something, so it will reach high enough. Put a bowl of water and her favorite catfood on the top shelf (so the delicious smell will waft across the roof), and then sit and call for her (Bree - best you, as she likes you the most). It may take her some time to get it - so give her some room. Don't reach out for her, just let her come close enough to notice there is a familiar looking cat tree beckoning. When you are tired and too hot to stay, depart to your house and say a little prayer. -- Zafu

Zabuton said...

Oops, I got it mixed up, thought Twyla is on the neighbor's roof. Since she is on YOUR roof, easier - drag that cat tree out, and etc. I'm guessing that firemen and so forth are good a saving cats stuck in trees. But if the cat can scamper off, and if he/she is super-shy, like Twyla, I don't believe the fireman would have any better luck than you. -- Zafu

Mama Bree said...

GREAT idea mom! not sure why we didn't think of that before!!

We put one of the cat towers out this evening so we'll see if she comes down soon :)

(and agreed I'm not sure how much help Pete could do since Twyla will just run to the other side of our house, but he might be a better helper to Jon than I, for example) :)