Friday, July 18, 2008

What's that, you say?

When Jon returned from his work trip last Friday, he came home with a pretty bad cold and wouldn't you know it, a couple days later I was sick too. I've been struggling with the cold all week - though it's mostly been just really bad sinus congestion than anything.

And then yesterday I got this ear ache that lasted ALL DAY LONG, which was a real pain when trying to focus at work. But, I didn't think much on it, chalked it up to more sickness crap and plowed along, feeling like my head was 500 feet under water at all times. I've had frequent ear aches all my life and usually they go away after awhile.

But not this one. It became the mother of all ear aches, shifting into overdrive sometime last night. I was in the most excruciating pain I've been in a long time (perhaps since child birth?) and I was simply at a loss of what to do. I made Jon give me a few drops of heated olive oil, which is a trick my mom did when I was little and I still do to this day (much to Jon's disgust). Usually that calms down the inflammation and irritation enough for me to go to bed at night.

But not last night. That didn't work. I took Aleve, Tylenol Cold medicine and was about ready to pop open the Darvocet when Jon made me take some NyQuil, insisting it was hurting because of the congestion I've been battling with all week. I took some (much to MY disgust) and was able to finally fall asleep and get some rest.

However, it still hurt like hell this morning and my OTHER ear was starting to hurt.... never a good sign. I was able to get an appointment with a doctor this afternoon and it turns out I've got a pretty bad middle ear infection. So, onto antibiotics 3x a day for the next 10 days for me!

In other news, every morning this week I've gone into Logan's room after he wakes up, to find him in his crib, balancing on all fours, rocking about and talking to his toys. I haven't been able to catch it on film just yet, but I definitely will very soon. It's been so much fun watching him learn this new trick, even if it means he'll be a crazy mobile machine very soon. ;-)

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cabriana said...

good god that blows.