Monday, July 14, 2008

7 months old

It occurred to me this past weekend that I skipped a blog worthy celebration - Logan's 7 month birthday! I have also been remiss in logging some of his more recent developments - so let me take a few moments to give the quick update.

Logan is SO STRONG it's really quite astonishing. He's extremely active, wiggly and can't calm down. And, because he's so strong, it can be tough to keep him still when you need to. He FIGHTS beyond belief, anytime I need to use the ominous snot-sucker. He's also no longer interested in getting his diaper changed, and decides to FLIP over to his stomach and wriggle away while I'm cleaning the poop out of his many crevices, cursing under my breath and admiring his cute little round butt all at the same time.

It's happened several times now, where I'll be holding Logan, just home from work and a neighbor stops by to say hi. We chat for about 15 minutes while the neighbor STARES in amazement as my kid flips and turns and wiggles around for a better position to see, whipping his head around so he can track the dogs racing on the lawn, or pushing off my chest with his arms and legs. Won't this woman just let me go. And I calmly continue talking about the weather, as if I don't have a kid trying to do nose dives off my chest and into the pavement.

Over the last couple of weeks, he's taken to "waving" his right hand. It's not an intentional wave, it's just this weird quirky thing he's picked up. Half the time his hand is flapping at the wrist and he's not even looking at you but down at the dogs or something. Go figure. Still, it's pretty cute and I'm sure we'll miss it once he moves onto the next cool body movement.

He's also a lot quicker on the draw. He's able to grasp most anything he wants now. He no longer has a problem picking up Cheerios and getting them into his mouth. In fact, he can easily clear out 25 cheerios or puffs at a time without dropping a single one, much to our dogs' dismay. He's even holding his bottle up and feeding himself for the most part - tho we're still there to catch the bottle when he gets tired and let's it fall or doesn't have it angled up high enough.

There's no doubt I have a son. He's definitely a mover and a shaker. He just wants to GO GO GO. He's not content just sitting in your lap watching TV - instead his eagle eyes spot that bottle cap clear across the room that HE MUST HAVE NOW and suddenly he's LAUNCHING himself off your lap and dangling off the edge of the couch about an inch away from the floor. The kid has no fear.

We set him on the floor or on the bed and he's figured out he can pretty much get to anything by rolling toward the direction he needs to go. If he's not in the right direction to get there by rolling, he'll use his arms to push himself straight up and then scoot his entire body into the right direction, as if aligning himself with the stars, and then rolls rolls rolls. He's also doing the army crawl combined with his butt jutting up in the air for more leverage. Kinda like a downward facing dog. He has put his knees underneath his body only a couple times so far, taking one or two "crawls" before giving up. But, he's picking it up pretty quick.

I figure with the peer pressure he faces at school every day, he'll be crawling any day now.

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Jennifer said...

Such a little daredevil!

Happy 7 months Logan!!