Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Getting our face wet

First off, since everyone's been asking, I got a *couple* quick snapshots of Logan's new teeth, but it's been REALLY hard to catch the darn things. So, here ya go. Small, but definitely there! (he tried biting my nose this morning to let me know he was hungry - yeah, they are there alright!)

I'm currently under doctor's orders to stay put, lying down most of the day, and to not get up, walk around, do chores and most importantly, NOT carry anything over 5lbs.

So let's see. How much does Logan weigh these days? Yeaaaaaaaaah.

Because of that, Jon is currently Mr. Mom and will continue to be for the next couple of days while I stay gimp and totally useless around the house. :( I think we'll BOTH be happy when I am able to start helping out again!

And, because I can't hold Logan or do any activities at the moment, Jon took Logan to swim class tonight. I still went so I could take some pictures, of course! :) They seemed to have a pretty good time -- today was a big day too, because it was time to get the babies' faces wet! Logan ended up sputtering and hacking a lung after every plunge, but actually did pretty well I think. Since Jarrod didn't have a camera with them, I took several shots of Jenn and Robert in the pool too. Click on the photo for more FUN from our big swim day!


Jennifer said...

Excellent job on capturing those cute teeth! Thank you again for taking all those photos at swim class! Jarrod and I really appreciate it!

Cat Shipman said...

looks like fun!!