Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mommy Blogging

Has anyone heard this term: "Mommy Blogging"? I was just reading about it online earlier today. Apparently, my girlfriends and I are not all that unusual after all! It appears there is a new community of women who, instead of meeting at the local playground to share their pregnancy, kid, husband and life stories in general, blog about them online. It's really taken up quite an interest, particularly with the stay-at-home-mom community. What's more, many of the women who were at one point working full time and blogging, ended up QUITTING and turning this Mommy Blogging stuff into a full time career!!


I actually came across all this via another blog site - - which is really a woman's collection of life observations and rants, who happens to ALSO be a mom, so she's bundled into the Mommy Blogger camp. Her writing is cynical, raw and hilarious - and if anyone is looking for some entertainment throughout the day, I'd suggest checking her site from time to time.

At any rate, she was recently interviewed on the Today show, to speak on the Mommy Blogging phenomenon. Her post about the trip includes a little snippet of the episode, where you can see other moms talk about their new careers as well. In case doesn't do it for you, here are some others you can try:

1) Motherhood Uncensored. And, if you want to laugh so hard you cry, read her post about Secret Agent Moms. I'm still wiping the tears from my face. Yep, I'm now a fan.

2) Woulda Coulda Shoulda. A mom who feels "the intersection between 'cool mom' and 'terminal goody-two-shoes' is a precarious one.” A woman after my own heart.

3) Mom-101. Sarcastic, witty, and yet verbose. Cool.

4) Silicon Valley Moms Blog. If the above aren't enough -- this is a site that has MANY postings from all sorts of moms in the valley (or, if you want to read on Moms from other cities in the country - but who would, really? - they have links to their sister sites on the main page.)

So, what did I do for most of the day? Yeah, I had a few fires here and there at work to put out, but the rest of my day I wasted away reading these other blogs (it can get a little addicting I have to admit). And one by one, I have added them to my Reader Subscription list because, well, you just can't have too many funny, witty, Mommy Blogs to read about, now can you?


Mom101 said...

Thanks for including me in such an amazing list. I'm honored to be there - even if I am verbose. (Guilty as charged.)

Mama Bree said...

hey hey hey - how did you know I posted about you?!?! :)

You're very welcome - and being verbose is a good thing. I should have been more clear. It's something I get teased about myself, all the time. ;-)

thanks for visiting!