Thursday, May 29, 2008

American Sign Language

I just purchased the "Sign with your Baby" starter kit (with book, demonstrational DVD, and quick reference guide) as well as some flash cards, which just arrived from good ol' Amazon today. I've heard good things about signing with your baby -- so I'm going to give it a try. It would be awesome if we could communicate with Logan before he begins to talk -- I can only imagine it's going to make life that much more fun and interesting (not to mention less frustrating for Logan *and* us!!)

Most sites recommend starting sign language with your baby at 6 months since they generally start having better control over their hands.... but other sites say you can really start as soon as you want, since they can learn/understand the signs, even before they can actually do them themselves. So, in some ways I feel I'm already behind the 8-ball on this one, but since we haven't yet hit his 6 month birthday, I'm still within the "zone" to start. ;-)

Anyhoo, I can't wait! I've already flipped thru some of the cards and book and it seems a lot more intuitive than I was expecting. It'll be exciting to learn another language and teach Logan to "talk" at the same time... :)


Cathy said...

Hey! You can start as soon as you want to. I highly recommend Signing Time and Baby Signing Time ( They movies are quite addicting, and the babies/children seem to like it, too LOL!

I started using Signing Time with my boys right around when they turned one. I wish I had started sooner. By two they knew their alphabet (upper and lower case) and signed a lot. It saved us in terms of understanding their needs and wants before they could verbally express them.

Good luck!

Mama Bree said...

hey thanks! I almost bought the Baby Signing Time products, but it seemed they weren't based on ASL, and I was interested in learning ASL in addition to teach Logan some signs. We'll see -- I may scrap this one and check out Baby Signing Time next! ;-)

thanks for visiting!!