Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Nocturnal Terror

I'm sad to say, we had one hellish night last night. :( Logan woke up around 4am or so and would NOT go to sleep. He was Mr. Nocturnal. The tough part about it (besides being in the middle of the night) was he was super tired and cranky, yet he just couldn't get back to sleep. I wonder if the crazy stimulation yesterday (lots of people with many different babies, a plethora of toys and loud baby music to go with them) had anything to do with it - but who knows.

So, both Jon and I did our best to try and calm him down and get him to relax so he could fall back asleep. Like my mom used to do when we were little, I usually softly talk him through it while I'm rocking or feeding or patting him. I'm sure he doesn't understand me but if anything, I'm talking myself thru the meltdown just as much as him. :) He was also super hungry and downed about 8oz, and when he was done with that, wanted to just gnaw on my fingers all night long.

I was finally able to get him to relax enough so that I could put him back in his crib without him freaking out, and listen to music until he fell back asleep. The sun was just starting to rise (about 5:45 or 6am?) when I finally got back to bed for a few more precious minutes of sleep. And, with an 8am con-call this morning, I've been dragging ass just a bit. I guess the middle-of-the-night-meltdown wore our little guy out too, because he slept in until 10am before finally getting up for the day....


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