Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Straw that Broke the Camel's Back

Bree <-- Camel
Lifting Logan while in his carseat <-- Straw

I've been pretty gimpy these last few days, living off of Darvocet and running meetings in a laid out position on my couch. Logan doesn't quite get that Mommy is in a bit of pain. So, I went to see a doctor about my back today. Long story short, I've got a couple protruding (or bulging/herniated) discs in my lower back -- the damaged discs are pushing into my spinal canal or nerve roots, which is causing the pain. My doc has me signed up to do some Physical Therapy over the next month to try and strengthen my back and get the discs back into place. Yay. Sitting is the worst possible position to be in - so my doc wants me to work from home as much as possible. My boss, being the accommodating man that he is, helped me escalate my injury thru the blackhole at MSFT and I've got a new desk on its way. This is what they just emailed me:

With the electric lift workstation, you can easily move the desk from seated to standing working posture with the touch of a button and use your seated task chair when you want to sit down to work.

"With the touch of a button" Oh my! :)

I start Physical Therapy next week. I usually hate PT. But in this case, I'm really hopeful it'll help me out. Muay Thai is out of the question (my doc politely asked I not continue right now, and added, just don't do anything "explosive" hehehe). I can (and am encouraged to) do light exercise like walking however. I'm thinking about taking up some swimming again since it's low impact and the weather is so hot and beautiful right now...

The only good news to all of this is the strict workout regimen my doctor will have me on, might be the kick in the butt I need to lose the extra pregnancy weight! :) plus, it now gives me an excuse to not only work from home, but skip out an hour a day if I need to, to take a dip in the pool. :-P

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heather said...

man do i feel for you bree! i'm just waiting for my back to go... each morning i wake up super stiff and i think to myself "this is it, i can't get out of bed". and then i roll out of bed and walk around the houes and it loosens up. but one day its just going to go out!