Saturday, May 3, 2008

New Gadgets

Today feels like Christmas!

My loving husband gave me a super cool birthday-anniversary gift today... the brand spankin' new Canon EOS Rebel XSi SLR Digital Camera! Which is awesome since I've been getting more into photography again, now that Logan is here. :) I've still got to read the manual and figure out all the tricks but look soon for some more great photos of Loganito! (For those who are photography fanatics, here's an in depth review of the camera.)

I also got a new iPhone..... ok, let me explain.

After Logan's "distraction" session last night, I picked up my phone to text Jon and found the top half of my screen wasn't working. I thought OH SHIT STUPID ME. Logan's slobber and drool has killed my phone! I rebooted it several times to no avail. I searched online and found several sites suggested turning the phone off and sealing it in a container full of uncooked rice, which will help pull out any moisture from the phone. So, I went ahead and let it sit in rice all night long.... but, it still wouldn't work this morning.

I started thinking it's possible maybe the drool isn't what killed my phone and it just broke coincidentally at the same time! (it could happen, right?) Because most of the apps I use are at the top of my home page, I couldn't do anything like text, check the calendar, view maps, etc. I also couldn't call Jon because some of the numbers in his phone number are at the top half of the keyboard, and because his name is at the top of my favorites list. Perfect.

So, I visited a Genius this evening and innocently explained "hey my phone's not working all of a sudden" (I forgot to mention the baby drool that might have HAPPENED to also get inside) and voila! they swapped out my old phone with a new one - just like that. yipppee!! (and *whew*)

I've got to reconfigure it to all my old settings and what not, but big deal. I gotta have a phone. And, just to be safe, I won't let Logan drool on this one this time. ;-)


Kim said...

Very nice present! I wonder what he has in store for you for Mother's Day. :-)

Also, nice that they just swapped out your iphone... gotta love Apple!

Cat Shipman said...

What a great gift! I owned the previous version of this bad boy, I know you're gonna love it. In fact I am thinking of getting this one myself.....

Jennifer said...

Sweet on both counts! I can't wait to see all the pictures you are going to take with it!