Monday, May 26, 2008

Quote of the Day

I overheard Jon telling Logan today:

"The fatter you get, the more you look like Mommy"

Boy, isn't he sweet??

My husband really does love me. Really. ;-)

[In Jon's defense, he meant Logan is taking on more of my family's looks now that he's rounding out, but because of the way he said it and taking it out of context, it was too good not to post.... :-P ]

Hope everyone enjoyed the 3-day weekend as much as we did! We spent the weekend shopping for new furniture (this time, for the den) and a new much smaller/sexier stroller for Loganito. We also went to a couple BBQs with friends and had a great time hanging out with all the other babies.

Logan's currently passed out in bed -- he went down early today (about 7:30pm) after a stimulating but overwhelming afternoon with all the babies and toys. He woke up in the middle of the night again last night (about 2am), but we knew that was going to happen since he conked out before we could give him a full dinner or change his diaper. Otherwise, he's still been sleeping thru the nights so we'll see if tonight the trend continues!! :) He actually had the longest nap ever today (4 hrs!!) and ate quite a bit before the nap, and again tonight before bedtime. So, we could be creeping up on yet another growth spurt with all the eating and sleeping he's doing right now.

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Kim said...

Oh yeah, Jon is going to be hearing about this one for a looooong time.