Saturday, May 3, 2008

Spoon Feeding

We tried spoon feeding rice cereal to Logan for the first time tonight. I caught a couple videos of it -- unfortunately, nothing too exciting. He didn't seem super thrilled about the rice cereal, but let's be honest. Have you TRIED rice cereal? I did. It's super bland and boring. I'm looking forward to giving him some of the more fun stuff soon, that actually has a bit of FLAVOR attached to it!! ;-)

For some reason the first video I took was more grainy than the second, I must not have focused before we started. So, just posting up the second one since it's a bit better and you still get the gist of what happened. ;-)



Grandma Riedy said...

This blog picture/video invention is a grandparent's dream come true/ How fun, Grandpa and I laughed and laughed and it was just like being there-but no clean up for us.

It is so much fun to have grandbabies-you get to enjoy them in a way that gives you a second chance to enjoy your children all over again.
Thanks for such wonderful postings!
Abuelita and Abuelito Riedy

Kim said...

Well, it looks like he actually got *some* of it in... whole new way to eat... it's going to take some practice... loved hearing Lola's collar and tags clinking in the background... the dogs are going to LOVE it when he graduates to cheerios...

Cat Shipman said...