Friday, May 2, 2008

Bottles Galore

Ahhh, the joys of having a baby.

I came home early this evening so Daddy and Aunt Catherine could catch Game 5 of the Sharks-Stars Playoffs and found the sink filled with dirty bottles. Daddy hasn't had time to wash any of them and thinks I will, apparently. If I didn't need him so much, he'd be so fired by now. ;-)

Logan was pretty damn tired when I got home -- and had a really hard time knowing what to do. He didn't seem terribly hungry, didn't have a wet diaper, didn't want to play with his toys or sit with Mommy or even walk around the house. I finally found switching between my iPhone and the cats were enough distraction to calm him down before bed. I captured some great shots and thought it's about time to share some recent photos in his album. Click on the pic to the right for more of the "distraction" session. :)

You'll notice he's sitting up most of the time on his own now! You'll also see the favorite famous lower lip jutting out on a couple of the shots - he started wailing the minute I took the iPhone away from him. What a nerd.


Grandma Riedy said...

Isn't it amazing how people with babies have such diferent perspectives on life? Dirty bottles are so much more urgent than global warming!
And another thing-there is no such thing as comp time-it's get the rest while you can-sitting, standing, in church during the sermon was Grandpa Riedy's time. He got really good at it and didn't even snore! Yeah for rice cereal-and Jonathan used to get quite a bit of those shakes.
Love you guys,
Abuelita Riedy

Kimmy said...

I want to take the "GIVE IT BACK!" and "please?" pictures and caption them with "First I was like this" and "and then I was like this".

Or one of him chewing on the phone and accidentally print it and I/O it to Steve Jobs "Kid tested, mother approved"

Mama Bree said...

I like the "Kid tested, mother approved" idea. Let's do it! ;-)