Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Tonight I decided to have Logan try bananas -- and he seemed to like them quite a bit! :) He also seems to be getting the hang of eating solids more too -- he's leaning in and opening his mouth when I come near him with the spoon (he's also got his hands open wide in front trying to grab the spoon too), and he CHOMPS down on the spoon the minute it hits his lips. Which was, I have to say, quite entertaining. :) The only downside to the bananas is they seem to be a little more sweet and sticky than sweet potatoes -- which wasn't cool when he got a handful of mooshy bananas and then rubbed his eyes or grabbed his ears. Aaiiiieeeeee!!

As for me, my back still hurts unfortunately. I went to my first PT session today -- didn't do much; mostly went thru an evaluation, a few stretches, got a massage :) and then laid on ice while I was hooked up to a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator (TENS), which is supposed to help relieve the pain. It was pretty wild. It didn't hurt, just felt really prickly and a little relaxing too! I could definitely get used to this.... :)

Because I've got a newborn, they say my recovery will take twice as long as a normal adult's, and I'll just need to be patient. woohoo. Just what I want to hear. I want it fixed now. Now. Now. NOW!

My homework is to ice my back twice a day and take motrin regularly (up to 2400 mg/day) to get the inflammation and pain down. I'm also supposed to be extra careful about lifting, walking, holding Logan, etc. and not do any fancy twists at the waist that could put extra stress on my back. Basically walking and swimming is all that's allowed right now, exercise-wise. I go back in again on Friday, so we'll see if they'll allow me to do more after my 2nd session. :)

I'm not on my mac to post pics tonight, so instead I'll leave you with a great clip from The Family Guy. Oh, how I can already relate!!! ;-)

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Kim said...

Give Logan his own spoon to hold. That might distract him from trying to grab yours all the time. Key word - might.