Thursday, May 22, 2008

A New Record!

well, we're hoping this is a trend and not a one-off, but Logan slept THROUGH the night last night. This is unheard of in our household. He generally goes to bed, sleeps about 4-6 hrs, then wakes up in the middle of the night (about 3 or 4am), has a big honkin' meal (about 4-6oz) and then goes back to sleep for a few more hrs before he wakes up for the day.


Last night things changed. He's still pretty snotty and congested, so we both thought for sure he'd be up again soon when we finally put him down around 10 or 10:30pm last night. As usual, sometime in the middle of the night, our monitor lit up from his crying. We usually wait a few minutes to make sure he's really upset and needs tending to, but this time, he cried for a few seconds (or minutes? it's always hard to tell when you're half asleep) and then fell back to sleep on his own. We both got away with staying in bed and not getting up until late in the morning. Nice! :)

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heather said...

oooh, congratulations! we're not quite there yet, but i can almost taste it its so close :)