Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sick All Around

I'll try to make this quick since my kiddo is getting a bit fussy as he rolls around on the futon couch next to me. And, I apologize in advance for any typos I don't catch, as he's also helping me type this post out. ;-)

In addition to hurting my back, Logan and Jon both got sick this past week. I'm not surprised really. They say within the first week at preschool, most babies end up getting sick.... and that's exactly what happened. I started noticing Logan's runny nose as early as Tuesday morning. He started coughing and sneezing a bit more by about Thursday and by Friday it was a full blown cold -- super snotty, congested, watery eyes, and lots of coughing. Poor little guy. He's been having trouble sleeping and eating because he can't breathe very well (he HATES it when I try to suck the snot out with the little bulb-syringe), but he's still been taking a fair number of good long naps and hasn't seemed to lose his appetite or spirit, so all in all I think we are really lucky. :)

But, because Friday night it got significantly worse and he couldn't sleep well, it meant he kept us up most of the night. Jon did most of the night shift and didn't get to sleep until about 6am the following morning - and then proceeded to sleep until about 1pm because he ended up catching the cold himself! So, we were a sorry bunch this weekend. We missed out on a family get together up in Sonoma on Saturday - where Logan and Luke (Logan's cousin) were going to get to meet for the first time. But, we just didn't have things going in our favor what with my broken back (a 2.5 hr car ride would have been really painful for me), Jon and Logan both sick, and record heat all week/weekend long (and no air conditioning up in Sonoma).... Instead, we stuck close to home and watched movies and basically laid around all weekend long. :)

Logan's had another development that he's getting better and better at every day: rolling over!! We'll put him to sleep on his back and a couple hours later when we check in on him before going to bed ourselves, he's snoring away, tummy down on the mattress. Several times he's rolled completely over to one side of the crib, practically hugging a railing while he sleeps. Strangely enough, he doesn't quite do the rolling from tummy to back nearly as well, which is supposed to be the easier one for babies to master. So, there have been several times now where he wakes up crying because he's face down but can't figure out how to "right" himself up..... his new little trick, however, means we can't just lay him down anywhere we like now, and have to keep a better eye on him since he's become a lot more mobile!

He's also taken to "sighing" a lot more these days. We're not sure if it's just because he's sick and tired and not feeling well, or if it's a new phase we've come across, but it's hilarious. During our evening walk today, every couple of minutes you could hear Logan sighing away like he was bored out of his mind. He seems to like hearing his voice drawn out in long cadences. :)

And, he's absolutely LOVING his jumper!! We love it as well. It gives us a break and let's him play on his own, but still be a part of the family (since we have it hanging in between the kitchen and living room). He's content to just bounce along for long periods of time -- a couple of times we've caught him practically falling asleep as his eyelids start to droop and his chin falls into his chest, yet his little legs still kick and bounce away! Amazing.

Because I've stayed home all week long, we ended up sending Logan to school 3 days this past week and I kept him at home 2 days. So, without planning it, we ended up doing a part-time transition his first week. Logan's taken to his school wonderfully and seems to really like his teachers and classmates (even made a new girlfriend on his 2nd day, the lady killer!). What a relief. :)

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Jennifer said...

Poor Logan! I hope he is feeling better!