Monday, May 12, 2008

First Day at Preschool

I contemplated on the drive home today whether I should refer to Logan's school as day care, child care or preschool. I've decided preschool is the coolest - it makes him sound all "grown up" and makes me feel like he's already started his education. I figure given the amount of cashola we're dumping into the place, I should be able to call it whatever I want. So, preschool it is. ;-)

He had a great first day, charming all the teachers apparently. Jon and I got a pretty late start this morning, so we actually dropped him off later than I was planning. But, after some initial crankiness (the classroom was fairly loud with crying babies when we arrived, which woke up poor little Logan from his morning nap and startled him a bit I think), he seemed to be right at home so we left him to manage thru the chaos on his own.

It finally hit both Jon and I today that we were leaving our little guy with complete strangers -- which made us pretty nervous. I choked up a couple of times while watching him lay on the floor next to another baby. Jon kept by his side the entire time we were there and gave him a sweet good-bye kiss when we left.

I wasn't very productive at work. I kept thinking about when I could leave and wondering how he was fairing. I refused to be one of those mommy-zillas and call to check in tho. But by the afternoon I found out how he was doing anyway since Jon called himself. :)

When I arrived to pick him up, he was upset and didn't notice me -- and when I finally walked up to him, he didn't immediately greet me with his usual big grin. I had this fleeting thought "Oh my god he's already forgotten me" which was a tad freaky. But, I then fed him a bottle and we ended up spending about an hour there just hanging out and playing on the floor together which he seemed to really enjoy. He seemed to just be really overwhelmed but otherwise in a good mood which was a relief. Of course, he conked out on the ride home (the pic isn't great, but you get the idea). ;-) It'll be interesting to see if he sleeps better/longer through the night now because of all the activity at school during the day.

Logan's been pushing out his legs more and more these days, like he wants to jump jump jump. Particularly when he's sitting on your lap. So, tonight we decided to put up the jumper that Julie and Jeff gave us (thanks guys!!). I had to put a little table underneath his feet since he didn't quite reach the floor in the living room (that particular doorway is taller than the other ones in the house). He slowly got the hang of it and by the end of the night was swinging and swaying and jumping like crazy. It was pretty entertaining and gave both of us a rest -- Jon caught up on some tv while I made dinner. I'll have to catch a video of him jumping around next time....

The other, bad, news is that I somehow tweaked my lower back today and am in intense pain just sitting at the computer or lying down on the couch. :( I can't carry Logan around the house with me like I usually do (the other reason why we pulled out the jumper tonight) which is doubly frustrating knowing he had such a big day. So, I'm really hoping it's nothing serious and I get better soon. Go go gadget Darvocet!

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cabriana said...

WOW sounds like a lot in one day! Sorry to hear about your back. I hope you get better soon!!!