Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Day 2: I once knew a friend named sleep

Well it is day 2, and neither Bree nor I slept well. Little Logan, who was such an angel when people visited yesterday, decided he is a night owl and wanted to feeeeeeeeed. Well it is a good sign that he wants to eat. He also pooped a bunch and peed a couple of times. So he is doing well on the hospital's poop and pee curve.

Yesterday, our pediatrician examined Logan, and discovered, because of his folded in half / feet to face posture in the womb, his hip sockets will need some help in shaping. Logan will visit an orthopedic dr in the next week, and will have to wear a m&m shell diaper thingy, which will position his legs such that his hip sockets form correctly. He should only need to wear it for a short while, 2 - 3 months.

Bree naps quietly next to me, as we await the lactation consultant visit and Logan's next feeding.




Grandma Riedy said...

I knew that friend once, too. Never saw him again, not even when your children are adults.

Feeding, pooping, peeing, that poor child is overworked, no wonder he needs to sleep!

Your brother Curtis had those leag braces-he had to wear them longer than Logan will.
Wait until Logan figures out it is really funny to kick you with them while you are changing his diaper.

Welcome to pranthood, son.
Mama y Papa Riedy

Grandma Riedy said...

Sorry, it should read 'welcome to parenthood"