Monday, September 2, 2013

Early birthday celebrations!

Jon and Eric's birthdays are a couple of days apart (and in less than
2 wks) so we decided to spend the day yesterday hanging out and
celebrating together.

We all had donuts for breakfast, which the kids absolutely loved (as
always!). Jon and Eric went out golfing in the morning while Jill and
I took the kids to a nearby park to run off some of their energy. We
had plans to hit up a nearby mini golf spot after naps, but sadly,
they closed their doors a couple of weeks ago and there wasn't any
other mini golf options in the vicinity! :(

So, we just spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out and letting
the kids play to their hearts' content. :) Eric whipped up a delicious
dinner for everyone and then we all pigged out taste testing these
cute (and delicious) mini cupcakes for dessert!

What a fun day! Happy (early) birthday to the Daddys! :)

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