Saturday, February 28, 2009

Slide Fun!

In all my new mom frustration last weekend, I forgot to mention the lovely time we had with Logan before the tantrum throwing.

Since the weather was actually fairly decent last Saturday, we spent a few hours that morning walking around the neighborhood. We visited Fry's, a nearby park for Logan to stretch his legs at, and then to a taqueria for lunch before heading home.

Logan LOVED the slide at the park - of course! It took a couple tries before he realized his superhuman abs could hold him up in a sitting position to slide down. :)

On Sunday it started to rain again but we were still itching to get out of the house, so we went to the mall, where we bought Logan a new chair of his own as well as his very own Cars telephone to play with. It's actually a real phone but we just don't have it plugged in. He loves it much better than the fake toy phones, being smart enough to know the difference.

In fact, the minute he saw it in the store, he actually picked it up, put it to his ear and started saying something that sounded like hello (without a single prompt from me).

What parent is going to resist buying it after that?? ;-)

(I also just uploaded the Mardi Gras pic series, if you wanna take a peek)

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Kim said...

Love the Batman chair. I was thinking about getting a little chair for Molly, but she seems content to hop in the chairs we already have and kick back.