Sunday, March 1, 2009

Workouts and Babysitting

Yesterday we had a couple more "firsts" that are blog-worthy.

I've finally been given the green light by my PT to start working out at the gym again, which is really exciting for me because I've just been so antsy at home and need an outlet to relieve the stress that builds up each day. I can't do anything as strenuous as Muay Thai (in fact, we just recently canceled my Muay Thai gym membership since I may never get to go back unfortunately), so it's still pretty low key stuff - mostly speed walking on the treadmill, or taking a ride on the stationary bikes, or participating in a couple classes like strength training or pilates. I am also allowed to do swimming - but I may wait till it warms up a bit before I get back into that. ;-) In any case, I made it to the gym and did a killer workout yesterday afternoon - which I paid for later last night (and this morning) with a really sore back. But it was still worth it! :) I'll just need to dial back on the workout next time around.

Logan also had his first "real" babysitter last night (i.e. the one where Mom and Dad shell out a lot of extra dough for the peace of mind that someone is caring and watching after him while we enjoy a few hours alone) and he LOVED it. Jon and I were invited to spend an adults-only night out with some friends to celebrate Jenn's birthday at Campo Di Bocce. Our default babysitters (my parents) happen to be out of town right now, so I asked Logan's teacher, Miss Kim, if she was available to babysit for us (almost all of the teachers at his school do babysitting on the side for some extra cash).

The minute she showed up last night, it was clear we weren't going to have a problem. Logan immediately forgot about Mommy and Daddy and just wanted to be held and carried around by Miss Kim (poor gal). He was very chatty and wanted to show her all of his toys which were scattered amongst the various rooms of the house. It was great! :) We were gone for about 4.5 hours and when we got back he was sound asleep. Kim said they had dinner and then just played all night long until bedtime. She was surprised at how easy it was to put him to bed for the night, saying "I wish he did that at school too!" (it's way more distracting and noisy at school so he always resists going down for naps during the day at school). After Logan was asleep, she even played with the dogs for a bit outside to let them stretch their legs and let out some pent up energy!

In any case, it was a great success and we had a wonderful night out. We probably won't use a babysitter that often, since it's expensive and my parents love watching him anyway, but it's really nice to know we have that option if we need it.


Cat Shipman said...

Hey, once I am 100% again, I can be option number 2. Plus, I don't cost a penny! *wink*

Leo said...

Logan is gonna be such the ladies man. "Come here, let me show you my toy!"