Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Speaking Spanish

Jon met Logan and I at one of our favorite taquerias for dinner tonight. I was holding Logan while ordering our food - in Spanish - and he literally pulled back and stared at me long and hard the entire time I spoke. The look on his face was priceless. It said "who the fuck is this woman and what did you do to my mom?!?"

When I smiled at him he relaxed a bit, grabbing at my mouth (as if the words I was speaking did not belong there).

Guess it's time to start looking for a spanish class to put him in soon! ;)

Quick update to my post the other night: Logan's preschool fixed our dilemma and have made a spot available for him in the next classroom next month afterall. Yes! (I can't help but think my email the other night helped "persuade" them to make the right decision). ;)

And, his two bottom molars have finally broken through. Now we just have those pesky canines to wait for....


Diane R. Stewart said...

So what did this fabulously effective email say?


Choun Family said...

put me in that spanish class too ; )

Mama Bree said...

Nothing too fabulous really! :)

I told them I was disappointed with the news of Logan's advancement to the next classroom being delayed.

I reminded them one of the reasons we chose their school was because of their philosophy and focus on an *individual's* developmental schedule (not just of the child's age) and reminded them of how ready Logan really is to move on up.

I told them I felt uncomfortable keeping him in his current classroom for much longer and asked them to reconsider his advancement schedule and move him sooner rather than later.